Newsletter 8 April 2019

From The Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of TCC

This will be my final communication for Term 1, 2019 – ten weeks of schooling are almost over!

This first term is so important for every one of our students because, during this term, they have been setting the foundation for the remainder of the year.

At the beginning of the year, your children will have been taken through a process of setting personal goals for the year.

Many of them, particularly our Secondary Students, will have recorded their goals in SEQTA, where they are available for viewing and revisiting.

The forthcoming holidays are an ideal time for review, reflection on and recalibration of these goals.

You, as a parent, should be involved in this process. As a parent, you know your child intimately, you know their strengths, and you know their weaknesses. You can help them in this process

We need to ensure that our students set realistic, achievable goals.

Setting unattainable goals is counter-productive.

Setting goals that don’t challenge us to extend ourselves is a futile exercise.

Discerning the sweet spot between these two extremes requires wisdom (our Theme for 2019) and honest appraisal.

Please take some time this holiday to devote to this important aspect of your child’s education.


In closing, I want to acknowledge the efforts of every student and every staff member this term.  It has been a glorious term with many pleasing achievements, both individual and corporate. It has also been a term of challenges, both corporate and individual.  

At TCC we choose to take Jesus Christ as our exemplar for how we live our lives, and His Word provides us with rich direction in all situations.

May I also take a moment to acknowledge your support and commitment to your children’s education here at TCC.


God bless

Bill Innes

General News

Parking – Love Thy Neighbour

To relieve congestion around the College, we asked that parents use the College provided parking. We are aware that the side streets off of Furley Rd, i.e. Jones Avenue and Heysen Parade when cluttered with parked cars, can make things awkward for the residents. It can be difficult for them to exit and enter their driveways.

Let’s love our neighbours by using College provided parking whenever possible.

Thank you for your kindness in this matter.

Uniform Shop

Remember, during terms 2 and 3 the students are required to wear winter uniform.
Please make sure you have the right uniform items.
Holiday Opening hours:
23 April 8:15 – 3:45
29 April 8:15 – 3:45
Happy days.

Primary News

Dear Parents,

As we come to the end of term 1, I want to say how much I enjoy working with the staff, students and parents at TCC! We are part of a wonderful community all working together to help the children. It has been a busy term, as expected, and the students have been working hard to complete all their assessments before the end of the term. There have been some exciting things happening over the last two weeks.

Here is a brief overview of what has been happening:

GRIP Year 6 Student Leadership Conference

Each year, over a thousand Year 6 Student Leaders from across Western Australia come together at the Perth Convention Centre for the GRIP Leadership Conference. This conference is a wonderful experience for the Year 6 Student Leaders to gain some input and training in order to help them become better leaders. We send a total of 20 Year 6 students. (4 Prefects, 8 House Captains, and 8 Service Team Monitors)

Pre-Primary Grandparent’s Day

As part of the Western Australian HASS Curriculum, the Pre-Primary students at Thornlie Christian College have been learning about families and the past. The students brought in photos of their grandparents to show their class. They talked about the stories their grandparents told them, the toys they played with and the things their grandparents did when they were children. The students investigated how things have changed from the past until now. The grandparents were then invited to come into Pre-Primary for a special morning of activities where they did painting, drawing, collage, play-dough, block play, and flower planting. Some of the grandparents brought in things from their past to share. The students and grandparents then went and had a morning tea picnic outside, where they shared the scones that the students had baked. Everyone had such a special time together building relationship and community which is an important part of the school culture at Thornlie Christian College!

WACSSA Primary Inter-school Swimming Carnival at HBF Stadium in Mt Claremont

Congratulations to our Primary Inter-school Swimming Team for coming equal 1st in the WACSSA Primary Inter-school Swimming Carnival Division One! Well done to Mr Splatt and all the students who competed. It was a great day, and the students performed so well in all of their races. It was a wonderful team effort, and it shows how important each person is when competing for the College. Thank you to those parents who helped out and came along to support our students. It was great to see so many of you there.

EPIC Final Outing

Last Friday, the Year 5 & 6 Students had their final double session for EPIC. Some groups went off campus for Community Service, Fishing, whereas other groups had their double session at school where they did Cooking Presentations, Fitness challenges, Leadership Training, etc. Each term, the students choose a different unit to work on that will help them develop new skills and become better people. EPIC is part of the Student Development Program led by Mr Splatt.

Coming up in the Primary School

PS Assembly (Year 5LH) – Tuesday 9th April

The Year 5LH Class will be hosting the PS Assembly this week. It is great seeing each class take the assembly. It is a wonderful experience for the students because it develops their confidence in public speaking and presenting items to a large audience.

Parent/Teacher Interviews – Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th April

This week, we will be having the Parent-Teacher Interviews. These interviews are an opportunity to meet the teacher and talk about what your child is doing well and what they can improve in. Each interview is scheduled for 10 minutes, which is usually enough time for this type of meeting. If you have more significant issues that you would like to discuss with your teacher, then please make another appointment where you can spend more time together.

WS Easter Service – Thursday 11th April

We will come together at 9 am this Thursday 11th April for an Easter Service. Mr Yardley and the Worship Team will lead the college in a time of worship, sharing and celebration about the true meaning of Easter. As a Christian School, the Easter message is foundational to who we are as believers and what we stand for.

Last day of term for Students – Thursday 11th April

School finishes at the normal time of 3.15pm for the Primary students at TCC on Thursday 11th April. (The Secondary School finishes as per normal at 3.30pm on Thursday too.)

Staff PD Day & Pupil-free Day on Friday 12th April

This Friday is a Pupil-free Day because it is a Staff Professional Development (PD) Day. The staff will have a variety of PD Workshops happening such as:

  • ‘Moving on With Literacy’ PD (All day) – Kindy to Year 2 Teachers
  • NAPLAN PD – Year 3 to Year 6 Teachers
  • AITSL Standards PD – Year 3 to 6 Teachers
  • ‘WeVideo’ PD – Year 3 to 6 Teachers
  • Future Schools Conference Feedback Sessions – Year 3 to 6 Teachers

These PDs help us keep improving as a team and looking at the latest research and how it affects our teaching.

Term 1 Holidays

The Term 1 Holidays commence this Saturday 13th April for two weeks, and the students return to school on Monday 29th April for Term 2.

Enjoy the rest of the week, and I hope you have a wonderful time over the Term 1 holidays. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support.

Kind regards,


Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

Welcome to our final newsletter for Term One. Thank you to all families for your support of the many College happenings over the past nine weeks.  I wish you and your families a blessed celebration of Easter and over the holiday break may you all find some time to relax and enjoy time as a family.


Year 12 Interviews

Thank you to all of the Parents and the Year 12 students who were  a part of our three-way interviews, (parent, student and teachers)  If was a very encouraging to see so many take advantage of our invitation to speak with teachers and hear of the progress that your child has made over this first term.  It is so important that together both parent and student can hear the same comments from the teachers be it how well a child is progressing or how more effort is needed to be put into place to ensure success in this their final year. If you were not able to attend the interviews it is suggested that you contact your child’s teachers to arrange another time to meet together.

College Drama Productions

“Airline” and “The Agency”

On the  March 28 and 29 Senior Drama students performed the plays “Airline” and “The Agency” at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre.

The cast of this year’s College Productions was the largest of its kind, with 41 students involved either as Actors or part of the crew. Students were represented from Years 8 to 12, many of which from Drama classes in the Secondary School. 

The performances were funny, engaging and presented at a professional standard. Well done to all involved! Special thanks to Joey Stein and Steve Peek for helping with the costumes and set.

It really was a brilliant show, and one we will not soon forget.

Mr Christian Willesee

Teacher-in-Charge Drama


Student Wellbeing

Synergy Solar Car Challenge

The Solar Car Interschool races were intense. There is no other way to describe it. An hour to build a car from scratch, check that it works, find the best possible angle from the solar panels to squeeze the most power from them, hen test and be utterly shocked by how fast other groups were. What an amazing day. I couldn’t ask for more.

Brandon, Jolene, Ophelia and I arrived anxious and excited at the science block. After a few final preparations, we were ready. Although only having six people we took the luxury of the main College bus. Just to appreciate it I took up three rows — one for my bag, one for me and one for my books. We arrived at Rossmoyne Senior High School rearing to go. The sun was out, and there were no clouds in the sky. After being signed in, we attempted to find our table to work at. There wasn’t one. TCC is just so important they had to make one up for us.

The hour started and we hurriedly started arranging our car. By the time we had our wheels on the Year 6’s were already testing theirs. Despite taking longer, our car was still able to achieve a consistent eight seconds for 20m. It was shocking to hear that some of the other teams were achieving closer to 6 seconds. The competition started sooner than we thought. The Year 6’s went first completing their first round. Then the Year 8’s. Our first race was disastrous. Despite working perfectly during practice, our car crabbed sideways. Luckily for us, it was a best out of three. The next two rounds our car still crabbed but managed to stick in there.

When we reached the Grand Final, the sun was straight above. We desperately changed the angle of our solar panel to almost flat and tried to work out why we were crabbing. We adjusted the pins that held it to the track and moved them further down the body.

This was it. The Grand Final.

Despite our attempts to fix the crab bind it still occurred leaving us down at the bottom with two fourth places. Coming 4th out of nine schools was somewhat satisfying but disappointing. The top three schools would go to the Optus Stadium to verse the winners of the other three competitions. We missed it by one position.

After we headed to Mcdonalds to brainstorm what went wrong, we discovered that our front wheels were slightly too tight causing the crabbing. At least we now know to check all factors before a race.

Neil Becker (for the team)

Mrs Bronwyn Arcilla and Mr Gary Tjong

Science Teachers Extension Programme


Student Development

Module 0 and Module 8  Interschool Sporting Programme

This term saw the introduction of our new sporting initiative.  Students throughout the Secondary School had the opportunity of choosing a sport that they would like to trial for, for an Inter-School Team.  Teams have been chosen for Basketball, Girls and Boys teams, Netball, two Middle School teams and a Senior School team, Cheerleading, Middle School Soccer team and a Senior School Soccer team, Middle School Hockey team and an eSport team. The Basketball teams have completed their competition and although not placed in the top two the improvement shown since their first game has been amazing. The rest of the teams will commence their competition games between other  ACC schools at the beginning of Term Two.


Extension English and HASS

Congratulations to the following students on being selected for the Middle School Extension English and HASS class.

Year 7  Year 8  Year 9
Selina Norman  Neil Becker  Nimmi Thomas
Josiah Kee  Efe Osaghae  Kezia Kuriakose
Matthew Ravanez  Katelyn Soon  Anna Peace
Niranjana Manoj  Jolene George  Lara Griffin
Kiriana Steven  Andrea Forrester
Isaac Samuel
The exciting Project they are working on   – TCC Empathy and Ethos in a Modern World

Extension classes this year began with a TEDEd lesson that I had created showing five videos of different people who created prosthetics for themselves. The lego arm captured everyone’s imagination! This session was spent answering the questions – What is Empathy? What is Touch? Imagine not having a sense of touch? Lego Arms! What could you build to help humanity?

Ms Madeline Lynam

Teacher English and HASS Extension Programme


Children family and Community

CFC Host their first Mums and Bubs for 2019

The students were able to relate on a personal level to the complexities of mothering a young infant. Our visiting Mums shared their beautiful babies and stories about the first year of life for their little one and fielded questions from the students. Students referred to their own short experience of mothering the virtual babies and conceded that maybe it was not exactly like the real thing. Discussion ranged from different birth plans and experiences to different theories on crying and training babies.

The little ones delighted in the unexpected attention and our Year 11 students all enjoyed a cuddle or two and playful interaction with the babies. The babies were perfect examples of the individuality of human development gradually mastering the same skills but on their own timeline. Both nature and nurture play a part in early child development. The first five years of a child’s life is the most formative and important and will influence the child for the rest of their life. Thank you, Mums, for joining us.

Mrs Patricia Greenaway

Teacher – Children, Family and Community


HASS    Year 7

Economics and Business: Shark Tank Project-based Learning

The Year 7s have been creating their own invention or business idea and pitching it to “would be” Sharks, just like those from the television show, Shark Tank. In Economics and Business, we have been studying entrepreneurs and business models. Students have worked in groups to design and appraise their ideas and have marketed their products in an in-class simulation. All students have designed some wonderful new inventions, from a machine which keeps cut flowers alive for longer periods of time; to lollies made without any sugar but are sweet! All students have been involved and assessed and have thoroughly enjoyed this kind of flipped-learning approach.

Mrs Madeline Lynam

HASS Teacher


HASS  Year 9

Parliament House and Old Court House Excursion

In Week Seven, the Year 9s went on a HASS. excursion to Parliament House, the Old Court  House and to the Magistrate’s Court on  March 18 and 20. At Parliament House, we embarked on a tour which explains the background story to different paintings, statues and how things work in Parliament House. While we were there, we also got to see the Upper and Lower House. In the Lower House, we witnessed question time and, well, let’s just say things got a bit heated. Then we had lunch in the Supreme Court Gardens. Moving on, we went to the Magistrate’s Court to watch a case about a man who had broken into a house, supposedly, for ‘a glass of water’. Next, we got to act out a court case that happened in 1844 where we could wear itchy wigs, heavy cloaks and oversized police hats. Overall, it was an enjoyable day where we learnt something new. I’m sure we can all agree that it was an experience we probably will never forget.

Jessica Sharma (Student)

Mrs Kylie Stryder

Year 9 HASS Teacher  

College Easter Service  

Thursday, April 11  will be the last day of school for all students.  There will be a whole College Easter Service to be held in the MPH at 9.00 am. This is a special  time where together we can remember Jesus’ death and burial, and celebrate his resurrection. Special guests and many of our students will be taking part in the service.   A special invitation is extended to all parents who would like to join us.

TCC Has Talent

For many years TCC has provided an opportunity for students to display their God given talents to the rest of the Community. Throughout this term, students have auditioned to perform in the final in many Performing Arts categories.   The TCC Has Talent evening wil be held on Thursday evening April 11 in the MPH where all of the finalists will have the opportunity to perform and earn the title of the most talented Primary School student or group and the most talented Secondary School student or group. The evening will be compared by the Fundraising Chairpersons Serena and Tiger assisted by the Fundraising Staff Liaisons.  This is always an amazing evening and an invitation is extended to all families of the College community to come along and witness the talent of so many students here at the College. The monies raised from this event go to the College Mission Project.

What’s happening in Term Two?

School Resumes   – Monday, April 29

College Senior Ball

Final preparations are being made for the Ball which is to be held in the holidays on Friday, April 26 at the Fremantle Sailing club.  All students in Year 11 and 12 are invited to the Ball. Final payment for the Ball is now due and this can be paid on line. It is the topic of conversation at the moment and all are looking forward  to a night to remember.

ANZAC  Service

Once again the whole College will come together to celebrate ANZAC Day with a service on Thursday, May 2 in the MPH. Both students and special guests will take part in the service along with special items from the College Choirs. Students who belong to a Serivce organisation  or a club and would like to wear their uniform and join the official party are encouraged to do so. The service will commence at 9.00 am and a special invitation is extended to all of our parents both in the Primary School and the Secondary School. A morning tea will follow the service.

Uniform Term 2

The uniform for Term 2 is the College Winter Uniform.  If you are unsure as to the uniform, please refer to the College Uniform Policy on SEQTA.

Performing Arts Camp

This year it has been decided to hold not only a camp for the Music students but to extend that to all students who are involved in any of the the Performing Arts.  The camp will be held at Point Peron commencing on Friday, May 3 through to Sunday, May 5. An email with all of the detail about the camp and the paperwork that needs to be signed and returned, has been sent to parents last week.  If you require any further information please email Mrs Leesa Steele, Teacher-in-Charge of Music and the Camp Co-ordinator.

College Photos

College photos wil be taken in Week Two on Thursday and Friday.  An email has been sent to all parents informing them of the correct uniform that is to be worn on those days and information about Family Photos. Please refer to the information regarding the uniform requirements in that email.

NAPLAN  2019

The NAPLAN Assessment will take place for all students in Year 7 and 9 in Week 3 of Term 2. May 14 – 17.   Further information will be forthcoming to all parents in Week 1 next Term. If your child has a medically diagnosed  disability or specific learning difficulty, they may be entitled to special arrangements. Parents of students in 7 & 9  who have a recent diagnosis are encouraged to contact the Learning Support Co-ordinator Mrs Marilyn Marlow for further information.

Externally Set Tasks

Students in Year 12 that are studying General subjects will be required to sit an Extenaly Set Task in each subject at designated times in Week Three and Four.  The tasks are set by the School Curiculum and Standards Authority.

Year 8 Camp

A reminder to all parents of our Year 8’s that all of the signed paperwork related to the camp is due on the first day back at school, April 29.  Please hand the paperwork into Parent Services.

Examinations in Term Two

Year 12             Week Four (Friday) and Week Five  

Year 11             Week Five (Friday) and Week Six

Year 11 & 12     Work Place Learning  Week Five and Six

Year 10             Week Six

Middle School   Week 7


Mrs Helen Balding

Head of Secondary

Community News

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