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From The Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of TCC

Welcome back to Term Two!  

I do hope that you have been able to spend some quality time with your children over the Easter break.  

It was wonderful to see them all back again, bright and fresh, on Monday morning – the College is a very quiet place when the children are not here!


TCC excels… again:                 

This an excerpt from  a letter recently received from the CEO of ACARA:

(You may remember that we received a similar letter last year too.)

Dear Principal,

I am pleased to advise that ACARA has identified your school as having demonstrated substantially above average gain in reading and/or numeracy achievement, as measured by NAPLAN.

 On behalf of ACARA, I would like to extend my congratulations to you and your school community on this achievement. Improvement in student literacy and/or numeracy of this magnitude, as measured by NAPLAN, is significant and worthy of highlighting and acknowledging.



David de Carvalho

Chief Executive Officer


While opinions about NAPLAN may vary and can also be the stimulus for vigorous debate, the important aspect for you, as a parent of a child at TCC to be aware of, is that TCC does not teach to NAPLAN.  

TCC teachers teach well – and because they teach well, our students achieve well-above both State and Nationals averages – and have done so for many years.

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to all Staff at TCC for the significant contributions that they make towards your children’s education – their commitment to excellence is deeply God-honouring.


ANZAC Service

This morning the College held its annual ANZAC Service.  This is coordinated by Helen Balding and conducted by our students from both our Primary & Secondary Schools.

If you haven’t attended one of these services before, may I highly recommend that you attend next year?

Both the Mayor of the City of Gosnells and the visiting Naval Warrant Officer (our guests-of-honour today) commented on the levels of conduct and excellence of our student body in general, our choirs, our Head Boy and Head Girl, our Cadet who attended to the flag-raising and lowering ceremony, our readers and reciters and our soloist for the National Anthem.

While the ceremony honoured our ANZACs, our students’ excellence also honoured our Lord, God.

I felt truly proud to be a part of TCC today.



With reference to my last message of last term, may I take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of participating in your child’s goal-setting for the new term.  (If you have already done this, then please disregard.)


With Term Two off to such a positive start, we can all look forward to everything that lies ahead!


God bless

Bill Innes

General News






To be held on Thursday 30th May 2019 commencing at 6 pm in the Thornlie Christian College Staffroom at 19 Furley Road, Southern River WA

For further details, please open this link: Notice of Annual General Meeting of Thornlie Christian College (Inc).


Dear Parents & Friends in the Primary School

This morning I was informed of a near tragedy that occurred on campus during Drop Off time.

In this specific case, a parent had decided to drop their children off in the laneway behind the Primary School. (leading to the rear of the Multi-Purpose Hall)  One of the children ran out from behind their parent’s vehicle and nearly under the wheels of a staff member’s car.

Tragedy – was a split second away.


For a good reason, we ask parents not to park or even travel down that laneway. We have signs indicating that the laneway is for Staff Access only.


I understand that there is often pressure on the main car park but appeal to you for patience.


Of equal concern is the number of parents who do not use the designated crossings to escort their children from the main car park through the drop-off area to their classrooms.


May I appeal to you all, once again, to err on the side of safety while on campus.


Bill Innes


Primary News

Dear Parents,

It has been a wonderful start to the term, and it is always great to see the students returning to school after the holidays. The students have settled back into the routine of school life very well, and I know they have been working hard. Term 2 is a short term, so they got straight into work from day 1.

Marathon Kids Running Club

The Marathon Kids Running Club has commenced again for Term 2 on Wednesday between 8.00am and 8.30am.  The students all have a card with their code on it, so that each lap is recorded by the Ipad. The total number of laps are converted into distance ran, and this is added each week to both the House totals and the student’s individual totals. Last year, several students ran over 42 kilometres which is a great effort!



EduDance has begun for Term 2 on Wednesday & Friday. This is a fantastic way to help develop the students’ health & fitness plus their coordination including their gross motors skills, etc. It is a fun way to learn and work together as a group plus they need to use their listening skills when learning the song.

ANZAC Service

This week, we held a special ANZAC Service in honour of all those who have served our country in the military. It is such an important part of our culture and something that builds a deep appreciation of the values we have as a nation. The students were so well behaved during the service, and they honoured the occasion by being very quiet and respectful throughout the whole service.

Woolworths Earn & Learn Stickers

We are participating in the Woolworths Earn & Learn Program again this year, so that any stickers collected between 1st May and the 25th June will go towards raising funds for new equipment. Please bring in your stickers and drop them in the box at Parent Services or at the TCC Earn & Learn Sticker Collection box at Woolworths, Vale. Thank you so much for supporting the school in this way.


Coming up in the Primary School

PS Assembly (Health & Physical Education) – Tuesday 7th May

Next week, Mr Splatt will host the PS Assembly with the House Captains, and the focus will be on the learning area of ‘Health & Physical Education’. Each term, the first assembly focuses on one of the specialist learning areas, so that the students understand more about these subjects and how important they are.

School Photos

The School Photos for 2019 will be held on Thursday 9th May and Friday 10th May. Please check the run sheet sent out last week for details regarding what days your child’s photos will be on. Family photo sessions will be held before school from 8:00 am to 8:30 am. Times will be sent via SMS to families once we have received your photo order form. All students are required to be in uniform for their photos as outlined in the email reminder. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the college office on 08 9455 1607.


In Term Two, we have a number of exciting things happening such as Year 3 Outdoor Activities Afternoon/Evening, Year 4 Sleepover, Year 5 Camp, EduDance Concert, and of course, NAPLAN.

Thank you for your ongoing support and involvement in the college, and we value the relationship we have with parents.


Kind regards,


Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

Welcome to Term Two and a special welcome to new parents and students who are joining us this term.  The term is once again a very busy one. We have testings in NAPLAN and Externally Set Tasks, along with Semester One exams,  the Year 8 Camp, Cross Country Carnivals, Lightning Sporting Carnivals, Subject excursions, and over the holidays the College Senior Ball was held and last Thursday, our Annual ANZAC Commemorative Service.

The following is an update of happenings at the end of last term and to date.


We welcome back Doctor Reutens from her break to recover from a knee operation and congratulations to Mr Eikelboom and his wife Jodie, on the arrival of their third daughter Mila Emily.

On a sad note, we farewell Mrs Melanie Phipps at the end of this week. Mrs Phipps has been a member of the College Staff for just over two years. Throughout her time at the College, although a specialist in teaching Visual Arts from Year 7 -12, she has contributed to teaching in other learning areas as well.  Mel has mentored Year 12 students, Coached Netball teams, held extracurricular Art clubs, organised the Art Exhibitions and Open Day displays and has been a member of the staff that have attended the Year 8 and 10 Camps. Mrs Phipps leaves having made an enormous contribution to the fabric of TCC in the short time she has been here.  She will be sorely missed, but we wish her well as she moves to take up a teaching position in Queensland. Her replacement will be Mrs Sally Florisson and Mrs Wendy Turner who will share the position. Mrs Sally Florisson (nee Cathles) is an ex-student and Head Girl (2002) and was a member of Staff, teaching Visual Arts before leaving to have her family and Mrs Wendy Turner has just finished a stent of relieving for Dr Reutens. We welcome both of them to the College and look forward to what each of them has to bring to further develop and encourage students in the Arts.


College Senior Ball

On the last Thursday of the holidays, saw our Senior students turning out in their splendid finery for our annual College Senior Ball. What a magnificent sight! What an enjoyable evening! Even many staff looked like a million dollars.  It is always a pleasure and certainly very heartening to hear praise given about our students when out at a function in a public place.  The staff of the Fremantle Sailing Club, the DJ and the Photographer were amazed at the students’ courtesy, respect and the way they behaved and presented themselves throughout the whole evening.   This year we had 123 attend the Ball, which of course included staff and a number of invited guests and it was obvious that they too were young people of the same repute. The students have already been congratulated for doing both you and the College proud.  A special thanks to the twenty staff and partners who came along to celebrate this special night with the Year 12’s and also assist in the choosing of recipients for the awards.

Of course, the night would not have been the success it was, without the hours of planning and preparation put in by the energetic Ball Committee of  Nathania Naidoo and Hayley Bowling, Chairpersons, and Lily Smith, Aicha Rider and Lynelle Taylor, committee members. The theme for the evening was Masquerade with the venue beautifully decorated depicting the theme. All of the year 12’s and staff were given a mask as a memento and to wear for the evening.  A special thank you to Mrs Sanet Strauss for providing many of the table decorations to create the atmosphere. One of the highlights of the evening was the announcement of Belle and Beau of the Ball which for 2019 was awarded to  Tegan Cikara and Calvin Moylan.

The Ball Committee
Mrs Sanet Strauss
Belle and Beau Of The Ball
The Year 12s At The Ball
Staff & Partners At The Ball

College ANZAC Service

What a great way to commence the term – a service where members of the whole College community gathered together to remember the servicemen and servicewomen who gave their lives or were handicapped during the war so that we could live peacefully in this great Country of ours.  Our Head Girl and Head Boy, Lily Smith and Lachlan Wallis led the service. Other representatives from the different schools and staff of the College took part in the service, Mr Godleman, Mr Innes, Mr Stanway and Mr Yardley, students, Ben Whalan, Reuben Fildes, Moses Tassell, Alex Rankine, Amy Warren and Rosa Tavao. The Secondary Choir and Primary Imole and Iyo Choirs combined to beautifully sing, “ I Am Australian” with Mrs Priscilla Chiew conducting. We were also honoured to have Mayor Glenn Dewhurst representing the Gosnells City Council lay a wreath on behalf of the wider community and our students Kalyb Arnold from Year 4 representing the Primary School and Elizabeth Lockwood Year 8,  representing the Secondary School laying a wreath on behalf of the College. We were also privileged to have a guest speaker bring to us the ANZAC message, Warrant Officer Allan Ferguson representing the Royal Australian Navy.

Students across the College were invited to represent any Service or Club they belong to and wear that uniform to the service and be part of the official party.  Thank you to the many parents who also came along and shared in this special service.

The Official Party At The ANZAC Service
The Primary & Secondary Choirs
Warrant Officer Ferguson & Mr Innes
Elizabeth Lockwood & Kalyb Arnold
Lily Smith, Mayor Dewhurst & Lachlan Wallis
Mr Godleman

Student Learning


Middle School Extension English and HASS Programme

TCC Empathy and Ethos in a Modern World

The Extension Class were given their micro:bit to take home over the holidays. Every student had loads of fun exploring the tutorials they were given which helped them learn how to code micro:bit for different purposes.

Building a Prosthetic

The following videos encapsulate the essence of the programme that the Middle School Extension students are working on.  This Lesson was in two parts. The first part was reflecting on the Micro:bits and the tutorials from a Padlet that they were encouraged to explore over the holidays. Every student did some of them, which was awesome. The second half of the lesson focussed on TED-Ed student talks, Exploration 1. We viewed some of the talks on Prosthetics and showed them links which they can look at which focus on other topics like ’empathy’, ‘including others’, ‘environment’, ‘new inventions helping humans live’ and ‘sustainability’. 

Microbit 1   Microbit 2   Microbit 3


Natural Ecological Hazards

Year 11 Geography Fieldwork – Reflections

The Semester One Geography fieldwork excursion to Perth Hills Discovery Centre was a fun and educational experience that assisted us in completing our Depth Study assessments. The opening powerpoint session with our guide was helpful and informative and allowed us to learn more about the damaging impacts of bushfires in Australia. After our time in the classroom, we were able to enter the field and learn firsthand about bushfires, the effects they have and how they can be prevented.

We visited three sites, one that had been unburnt for a large period of time and two others that had undergone recent prescribed burns (2014 and 2017). Using unique tools we were able to measure the fuel load of an area, the canopy cover, and slope and how these factors impacted the nature of bushfires. We found these fieldwork activities highly beneficial in learning more about the impacts of bushfires and enjoyed applying practical measures to different sites. Finally, we assessed the safety of buildings within the discovery centre, gauging their levels of safety and what made them more/less susceptible to bushfire damage. From this, we learned how buildings and infrastructure can be better protected from bushfires and the ways in which we can prepare for potential fire hazards. We learned a lot from this excursion and found that the practical experiences of fieldwork were highly beneficial in gaining a better understanding of the dangerous, sometimes deadly implications of bushfires.   Written by Jessica Overs.

Languages:  Indonesian

Year 10 students   Lunch at an Indonesian Restaurant and visit to the Art Gallery of WA – AGWA

Lunch for students of Indonesian in Year 10 this year was at an Indonesian restaurant called “Rumah Makan Manise” – the Manise Eating House located in Northbridge which specialises in the ethnic Ambonese cuisine. The restaurant is owned by parents of one of the students and in addition to the usual popular fare of “ Nasi goreng”, “Sate” “Rendang Sapi” and “Ayam Goreng”- fried rice, sate, rendang beef and fried chicken. These were enjoyed with ice lemon tea and for dessert, “Chendol”, a sweet, coconut milk and brown sugar drink with green sweet rice jelly which many of them found rather too sweet. Nevertheless, students enjoyed their meal heartily and were even adventurous enough to try the “sambal”, chilli sauce, an Ambonese speciality which I found was very hot!

After lunch, we walked to the Art Gallery of WA at the Cultural Centre, where a guided tour of the exhibition has been arranged. The current exhibits feature the works of Indigenous artists of WA, from paintings to various installations mainly from the Kimberly regions sponsored by Rio Tinto – “Desert River Sea” – the following quote explains the nature of the exhibition:

“Experimental in both intent and form, the installations range from leather cow hides to video and animation, to paintings in sand, ochre and acrylic, to glass works, drawing and photography, as well as small and large-scale geometric designs on pearl shell and steel. These works capture the creativity, imagination and texture of Kimberley art and culture.”

The voluntary guides from AGWA were passionate and full of information and we ran out of time to explore the exhibits on our own as we would have like to do. It was well worth our time there though and certainly, the excursion was an informative cultural experience for the students.


Mrs Eliza Garnie,

Teacher of Indonesian.

Other Notes For Your Diary

Middle School Lightning Carnivals

Many students that were selected for Inter-school Teams will be involved in competing at the Middle School Lightning Carnivals this week.  We wish them all the best as they compete in these carnivals.

Year 7 Boys Soccer –  Monday May 6

Year 8/9  Soccer       – Wednesday May 8

Girls Netball              – Wednesday May 8


College Photos

College photos will be taken in Week Two on Thursday and Friday, May 9 and 10.  An email has been sent to all parents informing them of the correct uniform (full College Winter uniform) that is to be worn on those days and information about Family Photos. Please refer to the information regarding the uniform requirements in that email.

NAPLAN  2019

The NAPLAN Assessment will take place for all students in Year 7 and 9 in Week 3 of Term 2. May 14 – 17.   Information has been emailed to all parents.

Externally Set Tasks

Students in Year 12 that are studying General subjects will be required to sit an Externally Set Task in each subject at designated times in Week Three and Four.  Students have been advised of the modules and days of the testing. The tasks are set by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

Inter-House Cross Country

This is to be held on Friday, May 17.  Further information will be emailed home to parents re the times the different year groups will be running.

Year 8 Camp

Planning is fully underway for the Year 8 Camp to be held in Week 4 of this term, May 20 – 24.  The camp is to be held at Camp Quaranup in Albany.

ACC Inter-School Cross Country  – May 30
Examinations in Term Two

Year 12             Week Four (Friday) and Week Five  

Year 11             Week Five (Friday) and Week Six

Year 11 & 12     Workplace Learning  Week Five and Six

Year 10             Week Six

Middle School   Week 7


Mrs Helen Balding

Head of Secondary

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