Newsletter 4 November 2019

From The Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of TCC

This weekend saw South Africa victorious in the 2019 Rugby World Cup held in Japan over recent weeks. For obvious reasons, the Springboks win was a very special moment for me – and South Africans all over the world! However, the victory on the field, as exciting and exhilarating as it was, for me, paled in the face of the South African coach, Rassie Erasmus’s post-match speech, which really touched my heart.

To put this into context, Rassie Erasmus inherited an underperforming, disappointing team just over a year ago. Individually, most of the players were world-class – unfortunately, they just didn’t play well together as a team.  Erasmus was charged with reigniting the Springboks and returning them to their former glory. 

Erasmus told us that prior to the World Cup he met with the team and, at that meeting, he spoke to the players about the purpose behind their World Cup aspirations. He could have spoken about glory and status – instead, he spoke about the need for hope in their country – a country wracked by unemployment and crime. 

In doing so, he united his players in a common purpose – and the rest is history, as they say in the classics.

The Springboks took on the world’s best – they lost some, but they won the important matches on the way to the Final and there they played to bring hope to their fellow-countrymen and, in so doing, they brought glory upon their team. 

At TCC we strive to ensure that our students understand that they are called to live lives of purpose – our purpose is to make the world a better place through the things that we do and say on a daily basis. 

Erasmus’s approach to this World Cup reminds us of the ‘Power of Purpose.’


Bill Innes

General News

This event was postponed due to bad weather and will now be held on Thursday November 7.

Primary News

Dear Parents,

The last few weeks have been very busy and very exciting at the college. We came together as a whole school to celebrate the Year 12s final assembly in Week 2. To think that 14 years ago, they began their schooling journey as Kindy students. Consistency and continuity are two of the key factors in helping students achieve their best at school. As a Kindy to Year 12 College, our students are at an advantage as they progress from year to year where the staff collaborate together to improve student learning. According to research, ‘Collective Teacher Efficacy’ is the number one factor that influences student learning. Here is some information describing what ‘Collective Teacher Efficacy’ is: 

Collective Teacher Efficacy: The Effect Size Research and Six Enabling Conditions

By Jenni Donohoo | January 9, 2017

When teachers believe that together, they are capable of developing students’ critical thinking skills, creativity, and mastery of complex content, it happens! Collective teacher efficacy (CTE) refers to a staff’s shared belief that through their collective action, they can positively influence student outcomes, including those who are disengaged and/or disadvantaged. Educators with high efficacy show greater effort and persistence, a willingness to try new teaching approaches, set more challenging goals, and attend more closely to the needs of students who require extra assistance. In addition, when collective efficacy is present, staffs’ are better equipped to foster positive behaviour in students and in raising students’ expectations of themselves by convincing them that they can do well in school.

The Effect Size Research

With an effect size of 1.57, CTE is ranked as the number one factor influencing student achievement (Hattie, 2016). Collective teacher efficacy, as an influence on student achievement, is a contribution that comes from the school – not the home nor the students themselves. According to the Visible Learning Research (Table 1), CTE is beyond three times more powerful and predictive of student achievement than socio-economic status. It is more than double the effect of prior achievement and more than triple the effect of the home environment and parental involvement. It is also greater than three times more likely to influence student achievement than student motivation and concentration, persistence, and engagement.


Primary House Jumps & Throws and Athletics Carnival

We recently held the Primary House Jumps & Throws and Athletics Carnival in Week 3. Both days were a great success, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those parents who volunteered to help out during the carnivals. Mr Splatt did a great job organizing the program, and it was a wonderful team effort from all staff and the Year 6 House Captains in assisting in their various roles. Congratulations to all the students for participating with such a good attitude and special acknowledgement goes to the following students who were the Champions & Runners-up for each Year level! Well done!

Here are the results of the Primary House Athletics Carnival:

Runner Up / Champion

Year 3 Girl Sophie Sexton, Richelle Ho

Year 3 Boy Chase Caparn, Theophilus Marhungane

Year 4 Girl Zanneh Beukes, Emeila Warren

Year 4 Boy Tristan Kavanagh, Caleb Croxson

Year 5 Girl Akuel Dau, Manachimso Chukwu-ike

Year 5 Boy Ricardo Madden, Seth McGilivray

Year 6 Girl Sunny Wright, Sanjithasri Kandaseamy

Year 6 Boy Jess Swart & Ben Mostert, Stephanus van der Klashorts

Primary Athletics Carnival House Points

1st Joseph 3,293 points

2nd Reuben 3,131 points

3rd Levi 3,043 points

4th Judah 2,748 points

Coming up in the Primary School

  • PS Assembly – Year 1 Classes Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • WACSSA Inter-school Athletics Monday, November 11, 2019
  • Kindy to Year 2 Sports Carnival Friday, November 15, 2019

It is already Week 4, so the term is going by very quickly. This week, the staff will be analyzing the recent PAT Test data to help us further improve what we do at TCC. As we come into the report writing time of the year, it is really important for staff to consider where a child has come from at the commencement of the year and where they are now. The reports are a way of communicating with parents this progress. We will provide further information regarding reports in the coming weeks. Enjoy the rest of the week, and I look forward to seeing you at school.

Kind regards,


Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

Farewell, Year 12’s

Week Two witnessed the end of formal schooling for our Year 12 students and for some the beginning of their final revision programme for the forthcoming WACE examinations.  It was a lovely week of farewell activities and events that each of them, their family and friends experienced. The winding down of the normal classes, the Prefect and Student Council lunch, the final Senior School Assembly, the Senior School River Cruise, Year 12 Final Day and Whole College Assembly and finale, and  the traditional Valedictory Service and Dinner were all part of the memorable farewells.

Thank you to each one of the Year 12’s for the contribution they have made to so many facets of College life and for being a cohort that have been positive, enthusiastic and have demonstrated and respected the values of the College

It is a pleasure as staff to wish all of our Year 12’s every success, happiness and fulfillment in the future. Our thoughts and prayers go with them as they begin a very exciting phase in their lives.  Their future is filled with optimism, hope and adventure. We have enjoyed sharing this part of their journey with them.

Class of 2019 under the new Sports Shelter

Term Four Whole College Assembly

At the whole College assembly to commence the beginning of term, Mr Innes announced and showed the new College emblem/badge for 2020 when the College will take on the new name of Providence Christian College. This was followed by the announcement of the Prefects in Training who  take on their leadership role in a training capacity demonstrating their desire to be chosen as a Prefect in 2020. Twenty have nominated for Prefectship, and have submitted a written application, presented their speech at a whole of Secondary School Assembly, students and staff of the Secondary School have voted and now they are in training and have taken over from the Year 12’s who left last week. To complete the process an interview with Mr Innes and Mrs Balding will take place and the Prefects will be announced at the Senior School Awards evening in November. Congratulations to the following who have been selected  as a Prefect in Training:    

Ryan Castello, Jill Dutt, Ben Freeman, Jackson Halse, Kalani Kandegama, Sanjana Marri, Aleisha Meiselbach, Caleb McDonald, Llian McNamara Avnish Mohabeer,  Katie Mushaurwa, Lorato Obadmeji, Jessica Overs, Sarah Pfitzner, Misty Ross, Jaden Samuel, Lynelle Taylor, Mataeo van Niekerk, Amy Warren and Brian Yeong.

Prefects 2019

At this time  it is appropriate that we acknowledge the wonderful contribution of the departing Prefects, Lily, Lachlan, Serena, Hayley, Reuben, Jacob, Samuel, Kayla, Masimba, Nathania, Nicolene, Jordan, Tiger, Josiah,   and thank them for their commitment, efficiency, initiatives, relationships and approachability. They leave a strong foundation that has been established for our new Prefects to follow having made a positive and significant impact on the culture of the College.

Prefects 2019 with Mr Innes and Mrs Balding

Year 12 Final Senior School Assembly

This assembly was the last that the Prefect team lead and organize so it is traditional that it be an assembly where certificates are given out for Academic Achievement and for recognition of Leadership responsibilities for the Year 12’s. The assembly concludes with a fun activity involving other members of the Senior School.  This year saw the Student Councillors represent their Form in a Kahoot Quiz on their knowledge of the College and events that have taken place over the year. There was a lot of fun and laughter as they cheered on their representatives. Abbi Ceniza was declared the winner and the prize – pizza for the Form 10E. 

Kahoot Quiz Student Council representatives
Recipient of Certificates
Year 12’s leaving the assembly for the last time

Year 12 Final Day and Assembly and Blessing Day

The traditional Year 12 Final Assembly as always was a very special assembly where the whole College community gathers together to celebrate with the 12’s their final day after fourteen years of formal schooling.

Thank you to everyone who had a part to play at the assembly which was lead by Heads of the Student Council Rebekah Storer and Sithum Fernando. and included messages from the different areas of the College, Talullah Upson and Braedon Turner representing the Primary School, Anna Peace representing the Middle School and Katie Mushaurwa representing the Senior School. The National Anthem was beautifully led by Rosa Tavao and accompanied by Samuel Hodgson, prayers of thanksgiving from Jordan Prosser and Caleb Wiebrands, messages from Head Girl and Boy, Lily Smith and Lachlan Wallis, and reflections of their time at the College from Serena Beacher, Reuben Fildes, Rosa Tavao and Jacob Freeman.  Three Year Six students, Sunny Wright, Elisabeth Helbusch and Thea Hartono sang a beautiful rendition of “Oceans”. Our Principal, Mr Innes gave his message to the 12’s and this was followed by the traditional Year 12’s play which was very humorous and a cleaver take off of staff, breaking into the Head of Secondary’s office to find out what was the new name of the College going to be. To conclude the assembly a touching moment was shared where representatives from the Pre-Primary and siblings from the Kindy presented the Year 12’s with a chocolate in the shape of a heart, indicating love and reminding us that we all share a common love – that being, God’s love.

Following the assembly, the whole College community gathered around the Year 12 students on the oval as the Chaplain Mr Yardley gave the final blessing and to witness a finale, where each released a container of confetti sending a beautiful display of colour into the air representing their true TCC colours Red, Blue and White and watched as the confetti drifted towards and out of  the boundaries of the College symbolising that their moments of glory and the many wonderful things that have happened while here at TCC had come to an end and it’s now time to move out of the boundaries of the College and leave a mark somewhere else. A special thank you must also go to the parents and friends who came along to once again to support their children on this special day.

The Final Year 12 Whole College Assembly and the Finale on the Oval

Parents and their child

Blessings Day

Senior School River Cruise

Over 145 students and staff danced the night away while cruising the river on the Crystal Cube.  It was an amazing evening organised by the Entertainment and Functions committee of Nathania, Hayley and Lynelle for the Senior School students. An opportunity for the Year 10,11,12 students to have a final social night together.  The theme for the evening was “A Night At the Oscars” dressing up as celebrities and each certainly did. It was once again encouraging to hear from the crew of the vessel, their appreciation and comment on how well behaved our students were and how it was a pleasure to have young people of this calibre on board.  So thank you to the Senior School students who were on board that night, you have done yourselves and the College proud. Thank you to the staff who gave up their night to share this evening with them and provide the necessary supervision.

Year 12 Valedictory Service and Dinner

Who could have believed that a function centre could be transformed into looking like a five star restaurant. Well, with the vision, talent and creativeness of seven Year 12 mothers, Cheryl Bowling, Sam Brown, Virginia Cikara, Julie Mullins, Rachelle Prosser, Lisa Smith, Natalie Stewart and Sanet Strauss for her assistance, it certainly was.  The feature decorations, table decorations and arrangements that depicted the colours of the 2019 Leavers Jacket and the confetti colours released created a magnificent spectacle. The special lighting effects and sound were the efforts of Dave Yardley and Gareth Barnard. Over one hundred and ninety five, parents, friends and staff, came to celebrate the end of 14 years of schooling for our Year 12’s. Prior to the dinner, the Valedictory Service was led by Jordan Prosser and the Year 12 Worship Team and a final message given by our Chaplain, Mr Yardley. The Dinner was led by House Captains Tegan Cikara and Talbot Reynard. Every student and parent will have taken away memories of a wonderful evening with reflections from Mr Stanway, who has had an association with the College as a Parent, Staff member and Head of Primary, messages in song by some of the Year 12 students, guest speaker, Mrs Andrea Flipps, teacher of some of the students in Year Two reflecting on some of the happenings way back then at TCC. A special tribute for Mrs Rose Edwards who passed away while teaching them in Year Two,  was given by Lily Smith and a candle lit in her memory. Form Teachers then reflected on their years with their Form class and then it was time for a little fun with students and staff exchanging certificates highlighting certain characteristics that had been recognised over the year. Students that had continuous attendance at the College since Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Year One and those that had served the College in a leadership capacity were recognised for their contribution along with some memorabilia for each Year 12 to keep. The final blessing was given by Mr Geoff Edwards, who was our guest from Geraldton and all were invited to then view the final “SWITCH” programme put together by the Year 12 Media students and Media teacher Mrs Nair. The beautiful three course meal was once again served by the Year 10 and 11’s Hospitality students under the watchful eye of Mrs Greenaway and three Year 11 students were in charge of the photography and videoing for the evening under the guidance of Miss Britza.                                                    

WACE Examinations

Year 12 students sitting the WACE examinations are sitting them at Carey Baptist College. These commenced last Wednesday and will continue for our students until November 15. We ask the College community to remember our students in prayer as they prepare and sit for these next week.

 Ignite Outing

On October 19 , Ignite had a very special outing to ZONE Bowling in Cannington.  Seven students went to the outing including various students from Years 6-12 as well as the Staff Liaison of Worship, Mr Majinda,  We had an amazing time of bonding with the younger students and learning more about them and their hobbies and seeing our competitive side come to the fore.  There were lots of cheering and laughter with some friendly competition to see who would score the most points in Bowling. Overall, it was a very memorable time for all of us. We would like to especially thank the parents for providing the transport for their children and also to Mr Majinda for coming along and joining us in our outing. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Ignite this year.  We have loved sharing this time with you.

Jordan Ash-Prosser and Reuben Fildes.

Chairpersons of Worship 2019

Elite Sports Basketball

Our TCC Year Nine Basketball Girls played some tough games at our very first Elite Sports Tournament at Warwick Stadium on Friday November 1. The girls had a rusty start in their first game but it wasn’t long before their aggressive defence started to slow down our opposition. The girls were playing against much more established Basketball school teams and unfortunately couldn’t bring a win home. But this didn’t slow down their focus or aggressive skill and they made me very proud as their Coach for the day. They won in team play, enthusiasm and good sportsmanship. Thank you Angelina Benedict, Luyanda Sibanda , Alexandra Nwelue, Alessia Schmidgen, Merrylhey Reyes, Skye Meiselbach, Samantha and Hannah Kingsford for representing TCC with pride and grace.

Tamara Britza

Health and Phys Ed Teacher and Coach

The Year 8 boys enjoyed great success too. They showed great teamwork, spirit and sportsmanship and worked together as a well oiled machine. The boys showed this consistently in all games and went through undefeated winning the championship game. The boys championship win did not come easy and they showed great determination, skill and discipline and fought back after being down at half time. They finished clear winners in their division and where rewarded for their hard work. All the boys who played where outstanding and special mention went to Michael Chigumbu, who received the most votes in his division and received an All Star nomination. The boys have a bright future ahead of them and where a pleasure to Coach. Thank you Shaeyen Haripersad, Michael Chigumbu, Meareg Abraha, Rohan John, Cyrus Lie, Simba Mawire, James Prosser, Owen Virimai, Gurbaz Singh for their efforts and achievement.

Ben Tucker

Releif Teacher & Coach

The Year 9/10 boys teams made it through to the Grand Final  after being undefeated in the Round- Robin. They played well but fell short by of winning the Championship by 2 points. All the boys worked together like a team machine and learned so much on the day. Special mention was made of Jericho Lucio who recieved an All Star nomination in the division. The team consisted of Jericho Lucio, Joshua Choi, Johan Samuel, Joshua Paizee, Kero Bekheet, Ming Kuang, Liyang Gu, Levi Chelliah and Levin Francis.
Charles Darwin Year 9 and Jackson Halse Year 11 supported the teams and Coaches on the day and worked as scorers for the competition.
Mike Kingsford
Deputy Principal & Coach


All-Star Nominees Michael Chigumbu & Jericho Lucio

Student Success Stories

Chanelle Piipponen  – National Youth Wrestling Champion  (Year 8)

Congratulations to Chanelle Piipponen on firstly being selected to be part of the WA Wrestling Squad and represent WA Wrestling in the 2019 Youth Wrestling Championships.  Channelle performed so well that she achieved GOLD for her category giving her the honour of National Champion for 2019 in the 14-15, 52 kg Female category.  This title has also presented her with some sponsorship which is in recognition for her many hours of hard work and training and for her National achievement.  Well done, Chanelle.

Dates for Your Diary

October 30 – Nov 15      WACE Examinations at Carey Baptist College

November 4                     Year 11 Examinations commence

November 4                     Year 11 Workplace Learning

November 7                      Year Nine and Ten Interschool Triathlon competition

November 7                      Twilight Tour for Prospective Parents

November 11                     Year 10 and  Middle School Examinations commence

November 14                    Chapel  9.00 am in the MPH

November  15-17              Year 12 Leavers Retreat. 

This has always been a great time of fellowship and fun for both staff and student and a time for the 12’s to unwind after a very busy and in some cases a stressful year.

November 19                     Free Dress Day and Sausage Sizzle

November 20                    Year 11 Final Day finishing at 3.30 pm and presentation of certificates. 

November 21                     Middle School Drama Production

November 20-22   Year 10 Adventure Camp. Wellington Dam We are in the final stage of preparation and  information packs have been given to all Year 10 students to give to their parents and need to be completed and returned to the College by the nominated dates.  

November 22 Middle School Orientation Day (note change from November 8) This is a day set aside for new students to the College in 2020 to have a taste of what goes on at TCC and meet our current Year 6 students over lunch.

November  25                   Year 10 Rotary Ryder Driver Safety programme

November 26                    Year 10 Final Day finishing at 3.30 pm and presentation of Certificates

November 27                    Senior School Awards and Year 12 Presentations evening for all Year 10,11,12’s.

It is considered a compulsory event. Parents, please refer to an email sent  informing you of all of the events happening for Year 10 and 11’s as we approach the end of the year.

December 2                      Year 8 Science Excursion to SciTech

December 4                     HASS  Enterprise Day

December 5                     Year Nine Completion of Middle School Luncheon

December 6                    Carol Evening 

December 10                  Final Day for Middle School finishing at 1.10 pm and presentation of certificates. 

    Middle School Awards Evening.  The night is a celebration of excellence and achievement for all of our students, not just for those fortunate enough to receive awards and for the Year 9’s as they move from the Middle School into the next phase of their educational journey within the College. All students are required to attend as all are involved in a musical presentation. It is hoped that parents will also consider these important evenings as a priority and an event that they agreed to support  when they enrolled their child at the College. Middle School  – students will be required to wear their full College Summer uniform.

December 11                   Second Hand Book and Uniform sale


Helen Balding

Head of Secondary

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