Newsletter 29 July 2019

From The Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of Thornlie Christian College

Welcome back to Term 3 and the Second Semester of 2019.

I do hope that your children have enjoyed their holiday break – it is so good to see them back on campus again!

A special welcome to our new students and their families. We pray that their time with us at TCC will be everything that they have prayed for.

We welcome Donna Harrex, Sharon Bonnington, Wendy Brownhill, and Helen Weckman back from long-service leave, and Melissa Ide from maternity leave.

We welcome Daniell Erdeleyi onto the Staff Team in her capacity as an Education Assistant in the Primary School.

With one week down already, the College calendar is already very much on the go, with Term 3 promising to be especially busy and exciting as we prepare for our Open Day (and everything that goes with it!) in the weeks leading up to Saturday 14 September.

Please take some time to go through the College Calendar to ensure that all of the important dates pertaining to your children are on your home calendar too.

This term your children will be competing in the Inter-House and Inter-Schools Athletics carnivals. May I encourage you to encourage your children to dust off their runners and put in some regular training in preparation for giving their best on the day.

Term 3 is our Year 12 Students’ final term of their school years!  For them, time compresses dramatically in this final term, and before we know it we will be farewelling them at their Final Assembly, early in Term 4.

Please pray for our Year 12’s as they prepare themselves for this significant change in their lives.

In closing, and at the risk of repeating myself, by now you should have reviewed your children’s reports with them and assisted them to set realistic goals for the second half of the year.

The process of goal-setting cannot be over-emphasised as a valuable life-habit.

I know that I speak on behalf of all of our staff when I say that we are looking forward to catching up with you during the coming term.


God bless.

Bill Innes

General News

Canteen Menu Term 3

Canteen Menu Term 3

Open Day 2019

Brick Pavers Are Back

Celebrating 35 years! 

This year Thornlie Christian College celebrates 35 years of Christian Education.
The Parents-in-Action Committee invites families, past and present, to celebrate this milestone and their journey with the College with a personalised commemorative brick. The bricks will be laid alongside the pathways of the College and will be there for generations to come.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity!!!

Click here to order your single or dual bricks

Or through the TCC store on the College website.
Final orders must be in by 9 August 2019.
We look forward to seeing you at
Open Day on 14 September 2019.

Primary News

Dear Parents,

It has been a wonderful start to the term! The students came back from their holidays refreshed and ready to go for Semester Two. It is really noticeable how quickly the students settle back into the routine of school because it is the middle of the year. At the beginning of the year, they take more time to get acquainted with their new class and their new teacher, whereas in the middle of the year, they come back and just get on with their work.


CSA Conference

The 2019 Christian Schools Australia WA Conference was held on the 22nd July at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The theme for this year’s conference was:

‘I Can Only Imagine’

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.

According to His power that is at work within us.” Ephesians 3:2

If ever there was a time to stand united and face the nuances of a technologically advancing, post-modern and potentially post-work society, then it is now. This conference was designed to challenge our thinking, engage our imaginations and challenge us to be the best we can be for our students and our communities. There were four keynote speakers and two workshop sessions (28 workshops in total) for all members of the school community that were inspiring and relevant to where we are at now.

The staff really enjoyed having the time together receiving input and encouragement. It was an outstanding conference, and everyone I spoke to came away inspired and encouraged about what we are doing at TCC!

Reading Fluency

Each semester, the teachers test the students on their ‘Reading Fluency’. Fluency is an essential part of a child’s reading development, because it will often determine the level of comprehension they have of what they read.

Here is some information explaining what Reading Fluency is for the different year levels:

This sub-element describes how a student becomes increasingly faster, smoother, more accurate and expressive in their reading aloud of progressively complex print texts. At higher levels of the progression, students demonstrate comprehension of a text through confident use of intonation, pausing, accuracy and pace. The sub-element of Fluency provides the detailed progression in support of the sub-element Understanding texts.

In Kindy – Year 2, students become fluent as they develop skills in choosing appropriate procedures; and recalling factual knowledge and concepts readily.

In Years 3–6, students become fluent as they develop skills in choosing appropriate procedures; carrying out procedures flexibly and accurately; and recalling factual knowledge and concepts readily. Students are fluent when they calculate answers efficiently, when they recognise robust ways of answering questions, and when they recall definitions and regularly use facts.

PS Assembly on Tuesday – Creative Arts: Music

At the beginning of each term, one of the Specialist Teachers host the PS Assembly to give it some profile. This week, Mrs Chiew, the Creative Arts: Music Teacher will be hosting the assembly with the PS Choirs.

Here is some general information about the Arts: Music in the WA Curriculum:

In Foundation to Year 2, learning in The Arts builds on the Early Years Learning Framework. Students are engaged through purposeful and creative play in structured activities, fostering a strong sense of wellbeing and developing their connection with and contribution to the world.

In Pre-Primary to Year 2 Music, students:

  • become aware of rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture
  • explore sounds as they learn to listen to and make music
  • learn to discriminate between sounds and silence, and loud and soft sounds
  • learn to move and perform with beat and tempo
  • learn to listen as performers and as audience.

In Years 3 and 4, learning in The Arts builds on the experience of the previous band. It involves students making and responding to artworks independently and collaboratively with their classmates and teachers.

In Year 3 & 4 Music, students:

  • extend their understanding of the elements of music as they develop their aural skills
  • match pitch and show the direction of a tune with gestures or drawings
  • recognise difference between notes moving by step and by leap
  • recognise and discriminate between rhythm and beat
  • explore meaning and interpretation, forms, and elements including rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture as they make and respond to music
  • learn to listen as performers and as audience, extending their awareness of themselves and others as performers and as audience.

In Years 5 and 6, students draw on artworks from a range of cultures, times and locations. They explore the arts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and of the Asia region and learn that they are used for different purposes. While the arts in the local community should be the initial focus for learning, students are also aware of and interested in the arts from more distant locations and the curriculum provides opportunities to build on this curiosity.

In Year 5 & 6 Music, students:

  • further their understanding of rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture in music
  • extend their understanding and use of aural skills as they sing and play independent parts against contrasting parts and recognise instrumental, vocal and digitally generated sounds
  • explore and use rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture in music they perform and compose
  • explore meaning and interpretation, forms and elements of music as they make and respond to music.

Coming up in the Primary School

Week 4 – Primary House Cross Country Carnival


I am really looking forward to another great term, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your on-going support for the Primary School.

Kind regards,

Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

In a flash, the holidays are over. A warm welcome to all of you for Term Three and especially to the families of our five new students in the Secondary School.  From the outset, it is set to be another very busy term with many important events on the College Calendar. It is also an important term for the whole of the Secondary School with the Year 12’s contemplating “where to next” with their tertiary studies for next year and enrolling into the various courses at TAFE and University. It is important that they be well versed with the entry requirements and the alternative pathway of entry for 2020. Many of the 11’s will also have the opportunity to consider being part of the College Student Leadership Team for 2020 and make an application for Prefect positions. Others are in serious training for the Inter-House and Inter-School Athletics carnivals.  From a curriculum point of view,  Subject and Course selections are just around the corner for the Year 10 and Year 11’s with meetings for Parents and Students. For the Year 10’s they will experience a taste for one week of a “real” work situation in the Workplace. We also have the HASS State Conference where a few of our Middle School students will be presenting their Empathy and Ethics Project. We then have HASS, Science and English weeks and a few subject excursions thrown in.

On the Student Development and Community scene we have the Leukemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave for six of our Year 11 students, the Middle School Dance organised by Entertainment and Functions Committee, the annual  Performing Arts production with students performing from all facets of “The Ärts” and at the end of the term we have the Annual Senior School River Cruise and of course we must also mention the College Secondary School Art Exhibition and Textiles Fashion Parade and Open Day in September. What an exciting term to look forward to and I, along with the Secondary Staff look forward to catching up with you at some of these events. 


We welcome to the College five new students and their families, Joel Kenworthy, Year 11, Wenkiu Hao, Adich Makoi, Tristen Bell, Year 9 and Paige Willard, Year 8. We pray that your time at the College will be a very rewarding and happy one.  


Digital Technology Extension Programme in the Middle School

Robin McKean, Project Officer from the Computer Science Education Research team at the University of Adelaide, has been facilitating a Drone Pilot project in conjunction with Thornlie Christian College. Students were selected to be a part of this specialised programme and are working towards earning their Thornlie Christian College Drone Pilot Wings after passing through the squadron ranks and completing a range of Safety, Operations, Action Learning and Research tasks with a digital solution for environmental sustainability focus. They will be working with micro:bit technology to programme these drones to enable flying to begin in Term Three.

Mrs Anita Nair 

Teacher In-Charge of Information Technology


English and HASS Extension Programme in the Middle School – update

Empathy and Ethics in a Modern World

We are coming to the end of this program which looked at using micro:bit technology and Kitronik Klaws to create a moving prosthetic.

This came about when I was looking at a topic for my Extension HASS/English program.

Empathy, which is one of the seven concepts of History was the focus of all the work that we have done in this unit. It needed to provide for gender equality and where both genders could succeed equally. Throughout the project, the class worked through Robin McKean’s steps using Padlet to make their micro:bit work and to code the Klaw. The micro:bit was coded by everyone but the Klaw became more difficult. The coding used was more advanced and this is when the group split into Coders and Engineers, again a mixed group and then the newsreaders, researchers and bloggers which were essentially a group of Year Nine girls. 

By splitting the group it enabled us to focus not only on designing, producing and refining two working prosthetic prototypes but also to research into Cambodia, the Central African Republic and Australia to see why children in these countries could be in need of prosthetics, which groups and businesses are making them and what charities are involved. Students are creating blogs, poetry, WeVideo documentaries and monologues as a means of exploring the global use of prosthetics and where and how empathy abounds.

The project has enabled the students to develop a deeper sense of empathy for others and for the situation that they find themselves in. The Sustainable Development Goal Eight has been at the forefront of the project which requires societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs. Students are looking at videos and TEDEd talks and resources that through prosthetics enable people to be to live and work like everybody else by equipping them with the needs they have to be successful in the workplace. The Sustainable Development Goal Five looks at the need for gender equality and women’s empowerment. Throughout the project, both boys and girls were able to succeed in the digital technologies coding and designing phases. Then, when the groups diversified the designers which were mixed genders collaborated successfully with the coders and engineers; again originally mixed genders. Later in the unit, students naturally moved into groups where they felt they had the most strengths. The Year Nine girl’s group are passionate about children being cared for in Cambodia and being given the means in which the children’s self-esteem could thrive. Their powerful words and authentic student voice was evident in the work that they are continuing to produce. Sustainable Development Goal Twelve which promotes recycling of paper, plastic, glass and aluminium was also evident in the project in the design and production phases; where many of the pieces used to complete the prosthetic were recycled, reused, repurposed or borrowed. 

Many thanks to Robin McKean and CSER Lending Kits from Adelaide University.

The following video is showing that the students have now created two complete, working prosthetics which have been coded using micro :bits and Kitronik Klaw kits.


Mrs Madeline Lynam  – Extension English and HASS teacher

Click here for video



OLNA assessments

The second round of the assessments will be sat on, September 3,4,5 for students in Year 10,11, or 12 that are required to sit one or more of the areas of, Writing, Reading and Numeracy components. Further information will be forwarded to both students and parents closer to these dates.

Year Nine Electives

The Year Nine Electives are once again in full swing for Semester Two where students have chosen from a variety of electives to suit their interest and taste. The Arts include Dance, Drama, Media, Ceramics, Painting and Drawing, and Music and the Technologies,  Hospitality, Textiles, Jewelry making, CAD, Design and Technology and Production and Design. Added to these is the Triathlon elective, With all of these electives, students will gain valuable skills to equip them for further studies in Year 10.


Parent and Teacher Interviews

Tuesday Week Three, August 6, the Parent, Student and Teacher interviews will be held and these will be for the Years 10-12 Parents and Students whose report indicated that an interview had been requested. The following week, August 13 the Middle School three-way interviews will be held. Both will be held in the Multi-Purpose Hall commencing at 3.45 pm. If an interview has been requested the parents have been informed and advised to book an appointment time online. 

Student Wellbeing/Community

TCC Career Expo

This is an annual event at the College providing all students in Year 10,11, and 12 and their parents the exposure to  Universities, TAFE, Employment Providers, Local and Private Providers and Ex-students. The Expo provided students with the opportunity to explore Tertiary and VET course options, as they are now in the process of planning beyond Secondary School, career planning and subject selections.  There were twenty exhibits with representatives from the universities of  Curtin, Notre Dame, UWA, Murdoch, Edith Cowan CQ University, Sheridan College. South Metropolitan TAFE, Mount Pleasant College, Apprenticeship and Traineeship Services, MPA Skills Training and Apprentice Employment, Apprenticeship Support Australia, DNA Kingston Training, Health Careers International, Perth Bible College, VOSE, Trinity Theological College, Royal Aero Club, and the Australian Defense Force. The afternoon commenced with an ex-student as the guest speaker and has been noted as one of the highlights of the afternoon.   Lennon Smartt, 2008 Graduate, Head Boy and College Board member, addressed the students about his time at the College, his journey since leaving the College, making the right choices, having a purpose for what you want to do, and to make the best of every opportunity as life passes you by so quickly. This will include giving up something to pursue and achieve your goals and dreams. Lennon mentioned his many places of employment and opportunities and is now on the move again having last week been offered and has accepted a position to be an Assistant Coach of the Cairns (Taipans) NBL Basketball Team. Something he has worked hard for and a dream come true.

The exhibitors once again commented that they were delighted to be invited and amazed at the students’ engagement, interest, the intelligent questions asked and the respect they had for each of them.  Many ranked this among the best they have attended and have been involved in. I think by having our own expo, enabled the students to focus on the reason for the afternoon, their future and the opportunity to gather as much information as possible to help them make some wise and informative decisions. It was wonderful to see so many parents present to support their child in planning for their future.  A very successful event.

Lennon Smartt Guest Speaker
Students and parents visiting the different exhibitions
Students and parents visiting the different exhibitions

World Head Shave

Six Year 11 students,  Avnish Mohabeer, Dante Ramierz, Amy van der Klashorst, Jaden Samuel,  Ben Freeman, and Jackson Halse have offered to shave their heads to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation. These six students have a passion to help beat blood cancer.  The College is supporting their cause and students have been asked to donate a coin or their pocket money to sponsor this very worthy event. The shave will take place on Thursday, August 1 in the Multi-Purpose Hall commencing at 9.00 am.  The students have acknowledged the College Hair Policy and will have their hair cut to a number two haircut. Their hair will be donated to be used for other purposes. Parents are very welcome to attend and if you would like to make a donation to support the cause, collection tins have been placed in Parent and Student Services.

Work Experience

The Year 10 students are in the final stages with their preparation before heading off to work on August 5. Essentially it involves them observing the various tasks performed by their employers and trying to put themselves in their shoes. It will be interesting to see and hear of their experiences when they return and whether or not they want to pursue that pathway, or, that’s not for me!. Staff will visit each of the students while on their work placement.  I would like to thank those parents who were able to assist in finding a placement for their child. It has certainly been appreciated.

Success Stories of our Students

Joshua Meyer  was very fortunate to have been selected, as one of only five candidates per program to be given the opportunity, to attend the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and Lotterywest BioDiscovery Centre’s Immersion ProgramThis was held  during the recent school holidays.

If you are interested in what this was all about have a look at the website below  

We congratulate Joshua on his selection and on his achievement in the programme..

Josh thoroughly enjoyed this experience and has now a very keen desire to attend future programs at the Institute.

Josh Harry Perkins Certificate

Student Development

Student Council Workshop

On Thursday,  June 27, Lily and I with the guidance of Mrs Balding and the Prefects’ assistance, organised and ran a Student Council Workshop (SCW) for all of the Student Councillors, House and Vice House Captains, Sound Team, and Choir Leaders. The SCW is an event run by the Prefects of the College to assist the Student Leadership Team by introducing them to some new aspects of leadership and also building on the aspects of leadership that they may already have. Six aspects of leadership were chosen to focus on, including Teamwork, Communicating effectively, Organisation and attention to detail, Patience and adapting to circumstances, Confidence and Initiative – each of these aspects was assigned to a Prefect committee. The committees then brainstormed ideas of games/activities which would reflect and teach a valuable lesson on that particular aspect. Prior to the workshop commencing, Lily and I spoke about what it means to be a leader of the College and some challenging but important topics to understand as a leader. Following, the 56 or so Student Leaders were broken up into six groups and rotated through each activity. Afternoon tea was provided where all students of varying years sat together and discussed the workshop while enjoying some delicious food. To end the workshop, we ran a game which involved all of them together, Chinese Whispers to demonstrate how important it is to have good communication skills as a leader. That was a very interesting game which certainly proved that you need to not only communicate effectively but to listen very carefully to what is said so that the right message is given and received.  The event ran very smoothly and the feedback received from those who attended the workshop was overwhelmingly positive. (Lily, Lachlan and the Prefects are to be congratulated on their planning, organisation and the professional way they went about running the workshop. Mrs Balding) 

Lily and Lachlan

Head Girl and Head Boy 

Inter-House Chess Competition

At the end of last Term students throughout the Secondary College were invited to participate in the Inter-House Chess competition.  Students represented their House competing against each other for points. It was a very close competition with a thrilling finish.

Joseph and Levi  TIED FOR FIRST!       Reuben 3rd            Judah 4th

Congratulation to all competitors

 Mr Chris Willesee  

Students participating in the House Chess Competition

TCC recognizes and celebrates National Tree Planting Day

The Social Concerns and Environment Committee celebrated this important day by launching “The Greening of TCC”.   Shrubs were planted just inside the boundaries of the College near the Uniform Shop. There were fourteen Viburnum Tinus shrubs planted. These will serve to raise awareness of the importance of trees and shrubs to the environment and an opportunity for students to be proactive in greening WA’s urban space and our College.  

The Social Concerns and Environment Chairpersons, Nicolene and Samuel and their committee, Student Councillors from each Form Class, Student Council Heads,  and the Prefects were involved in planting the shrubs. Mr Innes and Mrs Balding also attended the ceremony. 

The College Grounds Staff purchased the shrubs and prepared the ground for planting.  Mrs Greenaway, organizer and one of the Staff Liaisons for the Social Concerns and Environment Committee opened the ceremony by speaking to the students about the significance of planting trees in the environment and the part that the students are, and need to continue doing, in improving the College environment. 


Chairpersons Social Concerns and Environment Nicolene & Samuel,

Mrs Greenaway, Student Councillors and Prefects planting the shrubs.

Dates For Your Diary

August  1 World’s Greatest Head Shave

August 5 Year 10 Work Experience

HASS  Week

August 6 Year 10-12 Parent Interviews

August 13 Year 7-9 Parent Interviews

August 8 Middle School Dance

August 12 Science Week

August 15 Senior School Assembly

August 19 English Week

August 20 Course Selection and Information Evening for year 10 Parents and Students

August 22 Chapel  – Endless Praise performance

August 29 Middle School Assembly – Spellathon competition

August 30 Inter-House Athletics Carnival

September 3-5  OLNA testing

September 9     Inter-School ACC Athletics Carnival

September 10 Performing Arts Showcase

September 12 Visual Art and Fashion Parade Opening Night

September 14   College Open Day 

A day where the whole  College is open to both College families and to the wider community. The Secondary School will be having exhibitions/displays/items in all subject areas. The displays will be in the Multi Purpose Hall, in the Library, the Media Centre, Theatrette, the Science Labs and out on the oval.  The Hospitality students will be running the Café in E2 and College Tours for prospective families and College families will be held on the hour. Many of the students will be involved in some way with the exhibitions and displays, performing in the Music, Drama and Dance performances and in the Applied Fashion parade. All of the Student Leadership Team will be on duty for the day. There will also be a special exhibition of the K-12 Student Leadership Programme and the Outdoor Learning Programme. This is always an amazing day where we can truly showcase what TCC is all about and what it has to offer for families contemplating an education for their child.

September 16   College Holiday

A reminder that the Study Café runs weekly afterschool on a Wednesday.

Chapel runs fortnightly on the odd weeks at 9.00 am in the Multi Purpose Hall. Parents are very welcome to attend.

Please refer to the College Calendar for more information related to events and excursions.


Helen Balding

Head of Secondary

Community News

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