Newsletter 25 March 2019

From The Principal

Dear Parents & Friends of TCC

Love Thy Neighbour…

This past week may have been one of those times when you just had to stop to ask yourself what the world is coming to.

As we here in Perth got on with life – school, work, sport, kids, meals, eat, sleep, traffic… our neighbours – in this case, the people of New Zealand – had their society shaken to the roots.  Life has changed irrevocably for them. Their lifestyle has been torn apart, families have been broken. Trust has been shattered.

As I’ve arrived at the College each morning this week, a question that has been uppermost in my mind is, “How do I as a teacher – how do we, as parents – explain this to our children, our students?”

We live in a world that is constantly rent by hate and violence.

In this century, we, as never before in human history, have access to all of the human experience across the globe, at the press of a button.  Not only do we see the issues but we are then overwhelmed by the commentariat – media who not only report ‘the news’ but then offer commentary on the news – commentary shaped by many factors – public opinion, personal opinion, ratings, agendas. Truth?

The Word teaches us that God is the Word and The Word is Truth,

The Word teaches us that Jesus came to speak Truth and show us the Way.

Jesus taught us to Love our Neighbour.

We are blessed, at TCC, to be able to unpack issues within a Christian context, to illuminate them in the Light of the Word, and then to respond to them in a manner that is pleasing to God.  Last week’s Harmony Day celebration was a timely call to each of us to live in relationship, to love our neighbour and to respect the wonderful diversity that is our country, Australia.

As we begin a new week, may our thoughts, our words and our actions reflect Christ into every situation – into our families, into our friendships, into our relationships and into the society in which we live.

Bill Innes

General News

Mums & Bubs Morning

Any Student from TCC may enter the Competition

Thornlie Church of Christ invites all TCC Secondary students to the 2019 Youth & Young Adults camp. Our theme this year is Unity, with Kat Taylor (Kingdomcity Canning Vale) as our guest speaker. Camp runs from Friday 5th to Monday 8th July. Cost is $200 (including all food, activities, and accommodation), however, there are limited sponsorships available for those families who would benefit. Registration closes May 31st. Contact Chris Judd ( or check out the facebook page to keep updated.

Primary News

Dear Parents,

It has been another great week in the Primary School. The students are working hard and they are well and truly into the routine of school now. Staff are beginning to prepare for the Term 1 Interim Reports that will be sent out in Week 9 followed by the Parent/Teacher Interviews in Week 10. (You will receive the booking form this week so that you can schedule your interview with the class teacher.)

Year 6 Kings Park Education Centre Excursion

Last week, the Year 6 Classes visited the Kings Park Education Centre for an educational excursion. The ‘Kings Park Education Center School’s Program offers the opportunity for students to discover the plants of Western Australia with a focus on climate zones, vegetation types and ecosystems, as students examine the relationships between plants and animals. After investigating the threats and changes that face our local environment and habitats, students develop action plans to help conserve and protect them. With the focus for ART, and DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY on Sustainability and the Ecosystem, we believe this will be a good excursion to give the students insight into the Environment that we should be taking care of.

Year 5 Peninsula Farm (Tranby House) & East Perth Cemetery HASS Excursion

The Year 5 Classes recently visited Tranby House at the Peninsula Farm as part of their school work. Here is an example of how this excursion is presented to the students with links to the WA Curriculum plus pre-excursion and post-excursion activities:


Year 5 The Australian Colonies – Swan River Colony
TEACHER RESOURCE 3: PENINSULA FARM (TRANBY)How did the free settlers in the Swan River Colony spend their daily lives?  

A visit to Peninsula Farm (Tranby) by the Swan River at Maylands will engage students with the daily lives of the early settlers. Students are encouraged to understand how life would have been for the Hardey family who arrived in the settlement in 1830 and their ‘workers’.

At Peninsula Farm (Tranby), a National Trust Education Officer will meet the class and present a brief talk about the place and its heritage significance. The class will then undertake a tour of the house and hands-on activities to help them learn more about this period of Western Australian history. Suggested size per group 5 – 10 students with adult school supervisor for each group.

Resources in this inquiry include:

1.    Links to Year 5 Achievement Standards

2.    Peninsula Farm (Tranby): Location.

Land belonging to the Hardey and Clarkson families

3.    Peninsula Farm (Tranby): Daily Life.

Joseph Hardey’s daily routine on Peninsula Farm (Tranby) and the houses

4.    Peninsula Farm (Tranby): Hardey Family.

Information about the Hardey family, their religious beliefs and the farm

5.    Peninsula Farm (Tranby): The Role of Women.

A farmer’s wife. Ann Hardey’s role

6.    Peninsula Farm (Tranby): Using Heat to Cool.

The Coolgardie Safe and the Cellar with instructions on how to make a safe

Student Activities include:


  •  Vocabulary Review
  •  Peninsula Farm (Tranby) – the Children
  •  A visit to Peninsula Farm (Tranby)


  •  Heritage Detectives


  •  Joseph Hardey’s Superstore was in his backyard
  •  Life on the Farm, Crafts and Christmas
  •  National Trust Photography and Story Competition

1.    Links to Achievement Standards

  • Record information from a range of sources and identify points of view and attitudes from the time.
  • Understand the cause and impact of developments as well as motivations and feelings of individuals and groups from the 1800s.
  • Write narratives using appropriate historical source material.
  • Use appropriate terms and concepts (such as empathy) in communication.
  • Use a range of formats to present historical findings.

During their visit to Peninsula Farm (Tranby) students may:

  • empathise with the challenges of living at that time and consider the changes between then and now;
  • explore the property as a Heritage Detective looking for evidence of how the Hardey family lived in the 1840s. Please read the National Trust Teacher/Parent Guide Tranby, Heritage Detective as preparation for the excursion.   This includes Themes to reinforce features of life in the early colony; Questions and Discussion points for each room in the house; Clues to determine mystery objects that the student “detectives” will locate.
  • find information about the lives of Joseph and Ann Hardey and their children as well as others associated with the farm;
  • consider the different historical perspectives of the place e.g. free settlers, women and children, Aboriginal;
  • find out about the rules Joseph Hardey expected people to live by and his religious beliefs;
  • play games such as quoits, hoops and knucklebones;
  • participate in activities to give them a better understanding of how early settlers lived and worked during the mid 1800s;
  • see and touch some of the artefacts similar to those used by the family and work out what they were used for;
  • consider the significance of the place and its heritage values.


See TEACHER RESOURCE 3: Historical Vocabulary

Prepare students with the historical language they may encounter during their visit.

See STUDENT ACTIVITY 3:  Children of Peninsula Farm (Tranby)

Students read the chart showing birth dates of the Hardey children and answer questions. Teachers lead a discussion about:

  • why families had so many children
  • why babies died
  • why there was so little time between the birth of children
  • what would their daily lives have been like? etc.

See STUDENT ACTIVITY 3: A Visit to Peninsula Farm (Tranby) to prepare for your visit. Students consider historical questions to ask and rules for visiting a heritage site.


Suggested STUDENT ACTIVITY: Joseph Hardey’s Superstore was in his backyard

We visit a supermarket to buy our food (or a fresh farmers’ market if we are lucky!). In this activity, students imagine they were one of the Hardey children living on the farm in 1845. Ann, the oldest daughter who was named after her mother, would have been 15 years old by then, but your students would have been closer in age to Suzannah who was 11.

Students write a list of all the food that could be collected from the farm to make three meals in a day.

Either   Write a menu remembering that all you had to keep food cool was a cellar under the kitchen. (See TEACHER RESOURCE 3: Peninsula Farm (Tranby) – Using Heat to Cool).

Or        Ask students to “pack a lunch” to take to Mr Hardey working in the fields.

See TEACHER RESOURCE 3: Peninsula Farm (Tranby) Post-Visit Activities include Life on the Farm, Crafts and Christmas at the Farm

After their visit, students look at these questions again to consider aspects of daily life for early settlers and families. Present their findings in a short play format to the rest of the class.


Year 4 Kings’ Park Nature Excursion

The Year 4 Classes visited Kings Park last week where they were invited on a journey through time and a changing landscape to learn about the historical and cultural significance of Kings Park which is special for the Nyoongar people. The students were in two groups, and one group went on a nature walk with a guide helping them understand about the native plants, whilst the other group did activities in the NatureScape area such as building bush shelters, exploring the river bed plus enjoying the adventure playground area. It was great day, and thank you to all the Parent Helpers who came on the day.

Coming up in the Primary School

  • GRIP Year 6 Student Leadership Conference – Wednesday 27th March
  • Secondary Drama ‘Airline & the Agency’ – Thursday 28th March
  • Pre-Primary Grandparent’s day – Thursday 28th & Friday 29th March
  • WACSSA Primary Inter-school Swimming Carnival – Thursday 28th March at HBF Stadium in Mt Claremont


Enjoy the rest of the day, and I look forward to partnering together with you.

Kind regards,


Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

Let’s update you with what has been happening over the past couple of weeks in the Secondary School


Lakeside  Basketball SBL competition

Last Friday evening saw the commencement of the SBL Basketball competition where because of our sponsorship with Lakeside Basketball some of our students were involved in different aspects throughout the evening. Lakeside Lightning was playing the Mandurah Magic teams. Lakeside Lightning won both games. Some of our students were invited to contribute in some way to the evening. Rosa Tavao sang beautifully the National Anthem before both the Ladies game and the Men’s game. Drummers, Alexander Solomon, Benjamin Freeman, Danica Clinch, Jackson Halse and Teacher, Mrs Leesa Steele encouraged the crowd to chant “Defence, Defence” to the rhythm of their drum beats.  They did a great job and their willingness to give hours of their time to practice to improve on their skills, to give something new a go and their enthusiasm on the night was something they could all be proud of. They were certainly excellent representatives for the College. Special thanks to Teacher-in-Charge of Music, Mrs Leesa Steele for her contribution in making sure they reached the professional standard required for the performance.

Year 8 Camp Parent and Student Information Evening

Thank you to those Year Eight Parents and Students who were able to join with staff at our information evening last week. It was great to be able to share with you some of the highlights of our very successful camp last year and speak to you about some important information relative to the camp this year.  Hopefully, there is a lot of excitement growing amongst the Year 8 cohort as we continue to plan for an exciting time together. For parents that were not able to attend you can obtain your folder from Parent Services with all of the information in it.

Traditionally observed on March 21, and TCC did just that, celebrating with a memorable service in the MPH.  Chairpersons of Social Concerns Nicolene and Samuel led the service and there were contributions from the Chapel Band, an Indian cultural dance, five Year 7 Boys performed the dance,  Zorba the Greek, Rosa Tavao sang a Polynesian Cultural song and the Yr 11and 12 Music students and Mrs Steele performed an African percussion piece on the Bongo Drums. The guest speaker for the Service was one of the College parents, Mr Osaghae who spoke to the students on how important it is to have harmony amongst each other and to live in harmony irrespective of race or colour.  Chaplain Mr Yardley, the Staff Liaisons of the Social Concerns committee and Worship worked together to plan this special celebration. The final song “This is our Land” was a lovely ending to a beautiful service.

The following activities were organised throughout the week. These are some of the activities that the staff and students enjoyed.

  • Cultural Dress Day. Students were encouraged to wear Cultural Dress representative of their cultural background or something orange  (Colour of Harmony)
  • A Service- to celebrate the rich cultural diversity at TCC –  (coordinated by the Worship Team and Social Concerns Committee)
  • Students were encouraged to bring a flag from their country of origin to be displayed in the hall.
  • Special Cultural Food at the Canteen was available during the week  
  • Lunchtime games were organised.


Year 11 Physical Education Studies

The Year 11 PE Studies students had their first taste of what practical examinations are liked.  They participated in the Badminton WA Live Lighter tournament held at Kingsway Indoor Stadium last Friday.

Performing against State players and Specialist schools including Applecross, Perth Modern, Mercedes College and Willetton Senior High, our students did themselves proud winning a few sets despite falling short on the overall sets. Some point differences were as low as 1 point. Amy Warren was recognised for her great umpiring skills and received a little prize.  Our students will continue working on their Badminton skills as we hope for better outcomes at the next Inter-School Tournament.  

Senior School Music Students

On March 9, the Senior School Music students had the opportunity to see a live music concert at the Perth Concert Hall. The concert featured multi-award winning vocalists Lucy Durack and Simon Gleeson backed by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. The audience were treated to songs from well-known musicals and Disney movies: Frozen, Beauty & the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, Les Miserables and more. Many of the students had never seen a live orchestra before and they really enjoyed the experience and the beautiful concert venue. We hope that this will encourage students to broaden their musical tastes and provide inspiration for the Term 3 Performing Arts Showcase for which they are beginning to prepare for.

Children Family and Community

The Children Family and Community class (Year 11) explored human development. As part of their study about pregnancy and birth, they had a modified/birth experience!  Which resulted in six healthy eggy babies. Once the baby is born, parents welcome the infant into their family and take responsibility and care for the child’s every need. This has also been the natural sequence in our CFC class. Students will take home a simulated “baby” which they care for to feed, change, burp and comfort. Each student will have the baby for two nights.

Their joy and excitement are evident as the students  take a walk with the bubs in our class  training day. Students had the opportunity to change, feed, comfort and tend to the baby’s needs and get used to recognising the infant’s cries.  

The babies come equipped with clothing, warm cuddly  blankets. Babies are transported by pram or baby carrier.

Training Babies

Middle School Science

This term in Science, we are focusing on Biology and have been studying the types of Cells. In recent lessons, the students had to create a 3D model of an animal and plant cell using the materials provided to them. They had to ensure that they worked together and the organelles matched in each cell. Once finished their models, they had to verbally explain why they created it that way and describe the functions of each of the parts. This was a great way to apply the content we have been learning into a fun and authentic experience!

Hospitality Department

El Modo Café

As many of you are aware, students in the Senior School have the opportunity to study and complete a Certificate ll in Hospitality. As such our students need to practice their skills in the Chef, Waiter,  and the Barista sides of the courses and therefore run a Café on a Wednesday. This is open to Staff and students in Year 12. However, there is an open invitation to all Parents and Staff in the College on a Wednesday morning to purchase a coffee and a muffin from the Café.  The café is open from 8.00 am through to 8.45 am in E2.

Student Wellbeing

Year Nine Personal Development Day

As part of the College Outdoor Learning Programme, the Year Nines had an amazing time together at Woodman Point last week. It was great to see the Year Nines working effectively together, not in their usual peer groups and Form classes, but in their House groups. They accepted each challenge with a smile and they certainly became very competitive. (as did some of the teachers) They tackled each challenge together as a team to achieve a common goal. The day allowed the students to have fun, form a strong bond with new friends in their House and cohort and spend time with staff in a social environment. Each learning some valuable skills about what achievements can be gained by working together as a team, how to communicate with one another, how to problem solve, plan and use initiative to achieve a set goal. The activities included Pipes – collecting water in a pipe full of holes and emptying the water collected into a bucket,  Skeetas, a relay team of four walking on two planks together to a designated marker, Tug-o-war in their House teams and building a bunker deep enough to hold all of their House group.

Interschool ACC  Swimming Carnival

We are very proud of all the Secondary School students who were chosen to represent our College at the ACC Interschool Carnival last week.  While it is an honour to be selected to represent their College, we also thank these students for their commitment and dedication. Carnivals such as these, along with our carefully planned co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes, our cultural and service programmes, leadership programmes, our outdoor learning programmes are all part of the holistic education we endeavour to provide at Thornlie Christian College. All of these provide a great opportunity for our students to better their skills of leadership, collaboration and teamwork, commitment and responsibility, resilience, problem-solving, and persistence. Well done, to all students on an amazing result for the carnival. TCC placed second in the F division.  Unfortunately, this result does not entitle us to move up, to a higher division, but we are confident we could do that next year. Congratulations to all who were selected in the TCC Swim Team and for attending the many hours of early morning training. Special congratulations to all, as each of you, swam personal bests.

Despite not winning overall, the team came home with a couple of shields: Junior Girls  1st Place,  Senior Girls  1st Place.

Special mention to the Senior Boys  for receiving 2nd place and  the Junior Boys a 4th Place


Congratulations to the following on their personal achievements in their age groups at the carnival.


U/13 Girls Lillian Devincentis    3rd Place

U/14 Girls Sarah Ng  – Runner Up Champion

U/14 Boys   Neil Becker    4th Place

U/16 Girls Julia Messier  4th Place

Thank you to the many parents who sat poolside to cheer not only their child on but to the whole TCC team. The Health and Physical Education Staff must also be recognised for the many hours they have each put in, to coaching the swimmers assisting them in performing at their best.

Student Achievements Outside of School

KAYAKING NATIONALS  – Congratulations Hunter Florisson  (Year 8)
This is Hunter’s account of his experience

On  March 6-10  the Australian Canoe Sprint Kayaking Championships were held at Champion Lakes in Perth. I was lucky enough to be able to compete at this regatta. Athletes from all over Australia had trained incredibly hard for the last year and were ready to perform at their best.  The weather wasn’t fantastic, actually, it was very humid and hot, but the water conditions were almost perfect.

I competed in the Under 14 K1 200m, K1 500m, K1 1000m and K1 2500m events and while I didn’t medal in these events I broke a few previous PB’s. The other competitors were amazing athletes and were just to good for me on the day. I also competed in the Under 14 K2 200m, K2 500m and K2 1000m events. My partner and I worked really well together and we received a bronze medal in all these events. I got a call late Friday night to ask if I could fill in a seat in the K4 500m event the next day, even though I hadn’t paddled together with them before we still managed another bronze position.

I also had the honour of having one of my medals presented by Curtis Mcgrath, who is an Australian Paralympic athlete, who unfortunately lost both his legs in the Afghanistan war. I’m glad I had the opportunity of being able to compete against some amazing athletes and watching our future 2020 Tokyo Olympic team.

In January this year, I also had the opportunity of competing at the Australian Canoe Slalom Kayaking Championships which was held in Eildon, Victoria. It was pretty tough conditions as it was over 40 degrees most days and the water temperature was 11 degrees (which felt freezing!).

After a few days of competing it was time to start the serious competition. I competed in both the K1 and C1 events. The course designer had set a tricky course but my runs were good enough to place in 2nd and 3rd which meant that I came home with a silver medal for the Under 14 K1 and a bronze medal for the Under 14 C1. I was also in a Under 14 K1 teams event which we won but unfortunately couldn’t medal because our team was made up of people from different states.

Year 12 Parent/Student and Teacher Information and Interviews evening.

A reminder to all of the Year 12 Parents and students that the Information and Interview evening is to be held on April 2 commencing at 5.00 pm in the MMulti-PurposeHall

Entertainment and functions Committee

College Senior Ball  

This will be held on Friday, April 26 (during the school holidays)  and an invitation has been sent to all students in Year 11 and 12 and a letter to parents explaining in a little more detail the College stance on such an event.

There are several special events that are held for our Year 12’s throughout the year and the TCC Ball is one of those that all students in Year 11 and 12 looks forward to and from this exciting evening creates many memories.  Deposits for the Ball are now due. These can be paid online. If you need further clarification on any aspect of the Ball please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Balding, who is the Staff Liaison for the Ball.


” Pride of Workmanship Award”  presented to a TCC Staff member

The Rotary Club of Southern River was very honoured to present Mrs Marilyn Marlow from Thornlie Christian  College with a Pride of Workmanship Award.  President Simon (Dutt) gave a glowing insight into all of the work she does and has done at the College since her commencement in 1996. (an excerpt  of what he said)

“Marilyn is the Co-ordinator of Learning Support and the Enrichment Centre in the Secondary School. Marilyn has never given up on any of the students in her care and followed their progress right to them leaving the College. It is not uncommon for her to give up her allocated preparation time to provide additional assistance to these students in other practical classes and when they have assignments due. A positive outcome has been evident with students who initially commenced in the Enrichment Centre with a learning difficulty, later, completing Year 12 and in most cases graduating from  Year 12 with a College Graduation Certificate and a West Australian Certificate of Education.

Marilyn is a valued and valuable member of the College staff.  She is an outstanding and dedicated teacher who has always had the students well-being at heart and has always gone out of your way to support, encourage and motivate all students that have crossed your path. Her work ethic is beyond reproach and all that is ever required of her has a rating of excellence.

She is a woman of Godly principles and integrity, unassuming, always patient, caring, obliging and cheerful and this why people enjoy being around her. The students absolutely love her, her name is often mentioned in the Year 12 end of year speeches as one who has made a difference in their lives while at the College and many keep in touch with her long after leaving the College.”    

Marilyn is one who all at Thornlie Christian College say thank you too, for the enormous contribution she has made in so many ways to the fabric of TCC, the students, staff and wider community. We also say congratulations, Marilyn Marlow.

The award was presented to her by the Vocational Director Julie Ninnis. 


Helen Balding

Head of Secondary

Community News

BRICKS 4 KIDZ®. This Autumn School Holidays

My name is Rachel from BRICKS 4 KIDZ®. This Autumn School Holidays we are running Workshops with LEGO® and Coding with Robotics. Our holiday programs are designed for kids ages 5 -12. We have many themes to inspire creativity and fun.

Please select the following link to make an online booking.

Our Autumn School Holiday Workshops are located at the following locations:

  • Lollipop’s Playland Bayswater
  • St Columba’s Catholic Primary School @ South Perth
  • Victoria Park Community Centre @ East Victoria Park
  • Thornlie Christian College @ Southern River

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