Newsletter 25 February 2019

From The Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of TCC

With Week 3 behind us, it is a pleasure to note that our students are, by and large, now well-settled and fully immersed in their respective learning journeys.


By now your children will have been engaged, by their teachers, in a Goal-setting process.  Setting goals is a valuable strategy for providing much-needed motivation for your child/ren to engage with all the challenges that life at school can raise.  

May I encourage you to ask your child/ren to share their goals with you, if they haven’t done so already. When you know their goals, you are better able to support them more effectively in their efforts to achieve them.


Car Park Etiquette revisited

Earlier this term I shared with you a document outlining the strategies and expectations we have developed to minimise carpark risk and congestion.  Thank you to you all for contributing to a safer carpark environment.

This week I want to add another Carpark Expectation. It applies to parents who ONLY HAVE CHILDREN IN OUR SECONDARY SCHOOL.  (in other words, no Primary School children in the family.)

Mr Kingsford spoke to our Secondary Students about this issue at last week’s Assembly, too.

Parents with  Secondary School children only are required to use the Secondary Drop-off Zone situated between the College and the Lakey Street Oval drop-offs, but more importantly pick-ups in the afternoon when congestion is its greatest.

The Main Carpark is reserved for parents transporting Primary School students or both Primary & Secondary School children.

By adhering to this expectation you can help to reduce dangerous congestion, especially during the afternoon pick-up time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Parent Survey Feedback

As I mentioned last week, we are tremendously appreciative of the many parents who provided feedback in our Parent Survey at the end of last year and the Leadership Team has just completed a review of all the feedback received.

Each of the eighteen questions asked has provided us with feedback that we are going to use to improve our service to you and your children.

Of importance to note is the response to the last, and possibly most important, survey statement:

No 18: “Overall, I am satisfied with the education provided by TCC for my children.”

indicates that the vast majority of parents (87.5%) are either Highly Satisfied or Satisfied with a further 9% indicating that they are Neutral on this point. Four families were dissatisfied and one family was highly dissatisfied.

Our goal is to have one hundred per cent of our families Highly Satisfied with the education we provide and we are endeavouring to resolve the issues that have been raised.

For example:

  1. Last week I announced the provision of a link in SEQTA to a Parent feedback page called Parent Suggestions, Ideas and Comments.  

This is in response to comments in the survey regarding the lack of opportunity for parents to provide feedback to the College.  

Another such feedback vehicle, particularly for students, is the link to the Report Bullying page on SEQTA.

  1. An area receiving both immediate and ongoing attention relates to the Consistency of  communication from teachers to parents and students, particularly in the area of Feedback on work and assignments. All staff are aware of the need for greater consistency across all year groups and will be working to achieve this in the year ahead.

           I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the improvements you will notice in this area. (However, I would also remind parents of the obvious fact that teacher feedback in different parts of the College will look different because it caters to different age-groups and their needs. I.e. teacher feedback in the Early Years will be very different from feedback in Senior Primary classes or the Middle School)


As the year progresses we will be focusing on and reporting back to you on other areas of improvement.


Bill Innes

General News

House Competition


Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be closed on Thursday 7 March from 9:00 am -12:00 pm
It will be open from 8:00 am – 9:00 am, and then  at 1:00 pm as usual

KINDY  2020

If you have a child commencing Kindy in 2020 we urge you to lodge your application as a matter of urgency.  We need this documentation to enable us to hold a position for your child. If you have any queries in relation to this please call our registrars on 9455 1607.

Canteen Menu

The Canteen Menu for Term One is now available on SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn under Important Links.

Elizabeth Nel
Canteen Manager

Primary News

Dear Parents,

Can you believe that three weeks have already passed? Thank you for your attendance at the Primary Information Night last week. I trust that you were inspired and encouraged by the presentations on the night. It was a great night, and we are excited to be working in partnership with you, the parents.

The Year 3 to 6 Classes have completed one week of their Swimming Lessons, and they will continue those this week. The State Swim Centre provides a thorough and professional service for our students, so we are thankful for the way they are helping our students progress in their swimming. (The Year 1 & 2 Classes have their lessons in Week 5 & 6)

Coming up in the Primary School

Primary School Assembly at 9 am on Tuesday 26th February in the MPH

We invite you to join us for our first PS Assembly for the year. The Year 6 Student Leaders will be hosting the assembly, and we will be introducing the new Service Team Monitors for 2019. I hope to see you there.

Labour Day Holiday on Monday 4th March

Reminder: There will be no school on Monday 4th March due to the Labour Day Holiday.

State Swim Swimming Lessons for Year 1 & 2

The Year 1 & 2 Classes will have Swimming Lessons with State Swim every day during Week 5/6 (Tues. 5th March to Fri. 15th March 2019) More details will be provided this week.

Marathon Kids Running Club is starting again

The Marathon Kids Running Club will commence again in Week 5 on Wednesday 6th March. It is important to instil in children the significance of regular exercise. It is so good seeing everyone come together to run laps around the oval.

Here are some details about the club:

  • Every Wednesday between 08:00 – 08:30 am, we will be doing Marathon kids (Running Club) on the Primary School Oval. (If you come late, just join in.)
  • Every lap your child does counts as 1 point to their House.
  • Laps are recorded, and the distance your child runs is tracked (we can’t track parents, unfortunately)
  • The laps that parents/grandparents/guardians run count toward points for your child’s House.
  • All Primary School students are welcome to run, but only years 2-6 will be tracked on our system

Last year, we ran a total of 22,693 laps

  • Joseph – 6537 laps
  • Levi – 6058 laps
  • Reuben – 5738 laps
  • Judah – 4360 laps

For more information about ‘Kids Run Free’ go to

Primary House Swimming Carnival on Friday 8th March at Cockburn ARC Aquatic & Recreation Centre

The Primary House Swimming Carnival will be held on Friday 8th March at Cockburn ARC: Aquatic and Recreation Centre, 31 Veterans Parade, Cockburn Central.

This year, the carnival will involve students from Year 3 to Year 6. The carnival will be held from approximately 9:15 am to 2:30 pm.  Students will travel by bus to and from the carnival. Students MUST come to school and not go directly to the venue. Please ensure that your child arrives at school before 8.40am, as the buses will leave at 8.50am at the latest.

Students in Year 4 to 6 will be involved in races in the 50m pool and have accordingly been placed in divisions based on time trials held earlier this term. The Year 3 students will be competing in 25m races in the shallow end of the pool according to the level they have attained at swimming lessons. (More information will be sent out by Mr Splatt.)

Parent Helpers are needed for the Swimming Carnival, so if you are available to help, please contact Mr Splatt by email on <>

Enjoy the rest of the day, and I look forward to seeing again this week.

Kind regards,


Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

It is wonderful to report that we have had a great start to the year in the Secondary School and all is running smoothly. I hope, from your perspective, that you feel the same way. Life has been extremely busy, so I encourage you to read on about some exciting things that have been happening.


Year 10 and 11 Parent Information and Meet the Teacher evenings

Many thanks to the parents of our Year 10 & 11 students who attended our Parent Information and Meet the Teacher evening held last week. We hope the information given has assisted you in understanding the procedures and expectations that are required in the Senior School. It is always encouraging to see the parental support at these meetings, giving affirmation that we are working together in partnership for the betterment of your child’s education. It is understandable that when a night is chosen for a meeting such as this, that it will not suit everyone, so I really appreciated the parents who took the time to email or ring with their apologies. A copy of the power point presentation was given out to those present at the meeting, and if you were not able to be there and would like a copy emailed to you, please let us know.

Middle School Eat Meet and Greet evening

All parents of the Middle School students are invited to our special get together on Tuesday evening giving you an opportunity of meeting the new parents and chatting to previous acquaintances. The teachers and Co-ordinators are certainly looking forward to meeting you. You will have all received your special initiation via an email. The evening commences at 5. 00 pm with the information session for the 7’s and for the Year 8 & 9’s some refreshments first followed by the information sessions. If for some reason you have not received your invitation, please phone the College and speak to Mrs Bonnington.

Student Development

Student Leadership Team

The Prefects are raring to go and to put into practice all they have learned from the Prefect Retreat held on Saturday 16th of February. This was a one-day event preparing them for their year ahead as leaders of the College. The day included guest speakers, Mr Innes speaking on their roles as leaders of the College, Mr Yardley who conducted a workshop on the importance of Teamwork, Being Organised and Leadership from a Christian perspective. Mr Kingsford spoke to them all on Effective Communication.

The Prefects were then given their Chairperson roles and met with their Staff Liaisons to plan for 2019. The day concluded with some fun and fellowship over a very competitive game of Ten Pin Bowling and then down to Kailis Fishing Harbour for dinner.

Breakfast at the Dome
Workshop on Leadership
Working as a Team
Ten Pin Bowling
Dinner at Kallis Fishing Habour
Dinner at Hallis Fishing Harbour

Election of House and Vice House Captains

All Secondary students and staff met in their House groups to elect their House and Vice House Captains for 2019. The elected students were announced last week at a combined assembly of the Middle and Senior students where they were presented with their badges. Thank you to all students whether successful or not who considered and nominated for the positions. It was very encouraging to see the increased number of our Senior students nominating for these positions and willing to take on the added responsibilities as leaders of their House.  It was a very closely contested election, and the following are to be congratulated on their election to the Student Leadership Team for 2019

                    House Captain           Vice Captain

Judah          Talbot Renyard             Sarah Skelton

Reuben       Rosa Tavao                    Hannah Stewart

Joseph        Amy Warren                  Llain McNamara

Levi             Teagan Cikara               Jackson Halse

House Captains 2019

Year 12 Senior Status


Year 12’s at the College are the Senior Students and in their own right leaders of the College and as such are given the opportunity to work towards earning and maintaining Senior Status.  A major goal of the Senior Status is to develop independent and responsible young people who are striving to succeed and are willing to be involved in College life. They act as ambassadors for the College in the wider community and display the love of Christ at every opportunity.

Each student is given the opportunity of wearing a Senior Badge, recognising that they have been given and accepted the responsibility of Senior Status and will continually demonstrate “Good Standing”. Their Senior Badge was presented to them at last weeks Secondary Assembly.  With Senior Status several privileges are given and one is the Common Room for them to use at lunch-times and to “chill out” with one another.

College Senior Ball

Invitations to all Year 11 & 12 students inviting them to the College Senior Ball will be given out next week.   Parents of the Year 12’s will also be invited to share in this memorable evening.

Letters explaining the various expectations with regard to the Ball will be posted home to parents.  Each student is permitted to invite a friend. If the friend is not a student at the College it will be necessary for them to complete a Partner Application Form.  The Ball will be held in the second week of the holidays on Friday, April 26 at the Fremantle Sailing Club



All students in the Secondary School are attending Swimming as their “sport” for Phys Ed and Sport and Recreation.  This is to give them five weeks of practice in preparation for the Inter-House Carnival on March 8. This year the carnival will be held at Bold Park. At the carnival, every student is to compete in at least one event for their House be it a race or a novelty event. We are asking parents to support the programme by making sure that your child comes prepared each week to swim.  Parents are very welcome to join the students of the Secondary School at the carnival.

Online Literacy & Numeracy Assessments   (OLNA)

Correspondence has been sent to Parents and students with the dates and times of the relevant tests.

Literacy Writing  Tuesday, March 5, Reading  Wednesday, March 6 and Numeracy Thursday, March 7.  Staff teaching these students are assisting them with some extra help and there will be a practice session prior to the testing.


The Year 12 and the Year 7  Buddy programme

On Tuesday morning last week, the Year 7’s had their first session with their Year 12 buddies. Although the students had already met their buddies last year, we dedicated this time to get to know one another. The activity was to ‘get to know your smartie.’ Each pair was given a box of smarties, each colour representing a different topic question. By the end of the session, all pairs had learnt a great deal about their buddy while also getting to enjoy some delicious chocolate together. Year 7’s are really treasuring the relationships they’re developing with the Year 12’s.  They are very excited about their future Tuesday mornings together.

Outdoor Learning Programme

Year 7 Camp  – Reflections from the Students

In the last newsletter, we reported on the inaugural Year Seven Camp.  The following are a few comments from the students on how they enjoyed the experience.

I was quite surprised, because the camp was nothing I imagined. It exceeded my expectations a lot, especially the food. The one I enjoyed to most, is the zip-lining, or high ropes. I love high things so i was really excited to try both of them. Thankyou.   Jennie

My favourite thing of the camp was the flying fox because it was so fast and was so fun and it was fun to hear Mr Southwood scream so we could here him screaming when climbing back. The only thing I didn’t like about the flying fox was the walk back.   Cameron Burlinson

I loved the year 7 camp that we had on the first week of school.   I wanted to say that my favorite activity was the Tunnels, because i got to learn a lot about my class mates in the main chamber with the truth, truth or truth game that we played, I also conquered  my fear of small spaces with the first tunnel. Thank you for encouraging me to give it a try.   Ameleigh

The Year 7 Camp was truly delightful. I cannot decide if my favourite part was the Laser Tag or the High-Ropes course. The Laser Tag was fun because it was very advanced with laser-sights and different weapon modes. The High-Ropes were fun because I overcame my fear. I enjoyed the camp very much.   Jamie Bryce

Student Wellbeing

Change to the Electronic Devices/Mobile Phone Policy

Many of you will  have seen and heard  different discussions taking place in the Media re the usage of mobile phone in schools.

Over the past number of years, our policy has been that students had the option of handing your phone into Student Services, put it in your locker or carry it on you turned off.

Unfortunately many of our students while carrying it on them have been tempted to use their phone and often this has been in class.

As teachers and leaders of the College, we would like to take this temptation away from them so that their focus while at school and in class is fully focussed on what is being taught and what is happing in class.  We want to take away any possible distraction and give them every opportunity of enhancing their learning.

There are many statistics to support this:

  • Their academic performance improves
  • Students are more focussed in class and less distracted
  • Students are more attentive in class and more engaged
  • Results have improved and in some cases as much as 10%
  • From a safety point of view, it cuts down on screen times and gives reprieve on the eyes and mind.
  • It also reduces cyber bullying

Therefore we as staff and leaders want to assist and help them in your learning and want to provide for them the best environment for this to happen. We would also like to support parents as they try to help their child/children find a balance in their use of technology. For this reason, the Electronic Devices/Mobile Phone Policy has been changed.

As from Monday, February 25 the new policy will be implemented in the Secondary School

The following is the new policy (this is also on SEQTA)


Thornlie Christian College embraces the use of electronic devices for educational purposes.

Thornlie Christian College recognises that personal mobile phones are valuable when used to ensure the safety of students travelling unsupervised to and from College.

However, Thornlie Christian College also recognises that electronic devices can be subject to unacceptable use, particularly in regard to cyber-bullying, invasion of privacy and cheating and they can also be a source of distraction and disruption during class time.

Therefore students at Thornlie Christian College are not permitted to use these devices during College hours.


Secondary:  All secondary students must place their mobile phones securely in their lockers before 8:40am  where they are to remain until 3:30pm. Students may not have their mobile phones on their person or in their school bags during school hours. Students may not use their mobile phones at any time during school hours without specific permission from a teacher. Students are responsible for the security of their mobile phones in their lockers and the College takes no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred.

Under no circumstances, should students be recording anything at any time on any device without staff permission.     

Ex student success stories  

Curtin Scholarships  were awarded this week to three of our 2018 Year 12 students.

Congratulations to:

Shalom Kee – Health Science Excellence Scholarship

Dustin Tadawan – Science and Engineering – Principals Recommendation Scholarship.

Ben Jones – Science and Engineering – Principals Recommendation Scholarship

We wish them all the best as they commence their studies at University.

Dustin Tadawan and Shalom Kee

Georgia Wallis  2014 College Graduate has just graduated from Curtin University as a Registered Nurse. In addition to this Georgia received her degree with distinction earning her a place in the top 5% of her cohort doing the course.  Congratulations Georgia.

Georgia Wallis

Mrs Helen Balding

Head of Secondary School

Community News

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