Newsletter 23 September 2019

From The Principal

Dear Parents & Friends of Thornlie Christian College


Over the past two weeks, the College has been a hive of activity as our students and teachers and staff have been preparing for and participating in, our three premier showcase events of the year.

I want to place on record my deep appreciation for every person involved in any way in these events.  From our Grounds and Maintenance Team to our Participants, and everyone in between, I can only say how proud I am of their efforts and the amazing outcomes that we have all enjoyed recently.  Over the years these events have grown and developed, and have now come of age, providing a truly remarkable snapshot of the richness and breadth of the broader College curriculum. If your child has been a contributor or participant in any way, please take some time to affirm them in their efforts!


Concurrent with the busy-ness of the past weeks, and to our great surprise, we received a certificate from the Director-General of the Department of Education Services, confirming our name change just a week before Open Day. This allowed us the opportunity to communicate the good news to our community in the lead-up to, and during, our Open Day and 35th Anniversary celebrations.

We truly believe that our new name, PROVIDENCE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, is a strong name that authentically reflects our Christian ethos and signals to the broader community, our deep faith in a loving God who both provides for us and guides us on life’s journey. 

While our name will change, our rich heritage as Thornlie Christian College will be treasured and will endure,  because our TCC heritage illustrates, so clearly, God’s providence over us throughout our thirty-five years of existence.

Equally, our past families and past students who lived and learned under the TCC banner and who played such a significant part in shaping who we are today will always be valued and respected for their contributions to our rich history.


God bless this very special school!

Bill Innes

General News

Primary News

Dear Parents,
It has been a wonderful term so far! The recent Open Day was a great day with so many people coming through the college. The Learning Activities outside each class were really fun to do and it was so good seeing everyone enjoying the time.
I am in Canberra now with the Year 6 Students. We are at the National Technology Centre this morning developing prototypes for different purposes. It is such a great experience for the students.

PS Assembly on Tuesday 24th September

The Year 2 Classes are hosting the PS Assembly this week. They have been working very hard preparing for the assembly. It is always wonderful seeing the students from the different year levels leading the assembly.

Year 6 eCommerce Project

The Year 6 students were tasked with creating their own small business where they will be selling handmade products. Instead of students selling the items in a traditional manner, we decided to add a digital and more real to life spin on the project. The students created their own websites where they will market their product with the intention of selling it through an online store. Customers then ordered their products and collected them on Open Day.

The quality of learning that occurred during the project was second to none. Students had to wrestle with real-world problems such as planning what they would sell, making it, testing it, finding the cost of their creations and then selling the items for a profit. They also had to handle the digital technology side as a group where they created their own websites, budgeted using Google Sheets and marketed using Canva.

The conversations between student groups and between myself were rich with questions relevant to what students were currently wrestling with. A common struggle for students was how much to mark up products so that their products were higher enough to make a good profit, whilst not so high that no one would buy them. A common misconception students had was how much it costs to create an item and what would be a good price to sell it at.

Part of the learning process was geared around success and failure. We discussed why some groups sold and others didn’t, and lastly, which group made the most money with the least amount of effort of the weeks. Students were surprised to find out that PayPal was the biggest benefactor for the least amount of effort. We discussed how clever businessmen and women create products that people rely on and they, in fact, are the smartest businesses.

If you would like to view some of their websites, please take a look here

Click here to view our TCC Year 6 business directory

Gus Southwood

Primary Digital Technologies

Last day of Term 3

The last day of Term 3 is on Friday 27th September. School recommences for Term 4 on Monday 14th October.

I hope that you have a wonderful time over the holidays with your family and friends, and I look forward to seeing you again in term 4.

Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

Once Again we have come to the end of another tem. It is always a good time to reflect and appreciate the many achievements and the great work that God is doing amongst the staff, the College community and the students. One of the highlights of the term would have been the  “showcasing” of work from all of our  learning areas last week at the College Open Day. I hope you  availed yourselves of the opportunity of sharing in this special event and visiting the different displays.  Thanks must be given to our very conscientious and hard working staff who continually strive to obtain the best results from your child to showcase to the community. 


Open Day

This is always a wonderful day where the whole College is able to display to prospective families, ex students and current families, the works of  its students, staff and extended groups across the year groups and what the College stands for.  Not only were we blessed with beautiful weather, a sense of God’s presence and blessing with a wonderful crowd, we were also blessed to have so many of our own student body willing to contribute in some way to the success of the day.   I would like to thank sixty five students who represented the Student Council, Prefects, House and Vice House Captains, Leavers Jacket Committee, Choir leaders and Sound team who participated in some way, helping out on the fun activities, helping staff with their subject displays, in the Café, Musical and busking items, Dance performances and Fashion parades and also taking photos.  Their witness to the community I am sure would have left an impression.

The Governor’s Prayer Breakfast  (from the Head Girl and Head Boy perspective)

On Friday September 6, Lily and I were blessed to have the opportunity to partake in the annual Governor’s Breakfast with a number of staff and the Primary House Captains of the College. The event was held in the Crown Ballroom and around a thousand people attended altogether. The morning ran from 7 am to 9:30 am and consisted of various pieces including thought provoking bible readings from students, speeches from the Honourable Kim Beazley AC Governor of Western Australia, and keynote speaker, Mr Brian Pickering and closing with prayers directed at our community, businesses and the youth of today. 

It was incredible being surrounded by hundreds of individuals of faith and the highlight of the breakfast for me personally was definitely hearing the Governor’s speech. It was truly inspiring hearing from someone of such highly exalted authority who was surprisingly so down to earth and a strong Christian who displayed the values and beliefs of someone from a Christian faith. 

Furthermore, we thoroughly enjoyed Mr Brian Pickering’s speech that focused on his personal experiences throughout his life, specifically the low moments in his life where he truly needed God and at the point by which he no longer had faith in God, God provided and blessed him. Due to his occupation as a banker, he provided some comedic insight into some of his thoughts about the workings of God but through the eyes of a banker, stressing about money and the way that God would provide for him. 

All in all, it was an amazing morning having fellowship with the staff of the College and enjoying a delicious breakfast. Lily and I are forever grateful for the wonderful opportunity and it will be a memory that we will never forget.

Lachlan Wallis and Lily Smith (Head Boy and Head Girl)


Year 12 Drama Production

Last week members of the Year 12 Drama Class presented  Egyptian Lexicon, Half White to Parents and friends and also excerpts of the play at the Performing Arts Showcase.

The play was written for their final production by Year 12 students Hayley Bowling, Lily Smith, Serena Beacher and Kayla Lumsden under the guidance of Mr Willesee   Egyptian Lexicon Half White was initially a Year 11 assessment piece but was extended to meet the criteria for a final production presentation.

The story-line was centred around what Kayla organizes and gets up to when her parents go out for the evening and leave her alone in the house and the unusual parent reaction when they return. It was certainly an enjoyable evening with excellent acting and plenty of humour.

The cast – Chantal Kirkby, Reuben Fildes, Drew McKenzie, Malachi Sein Cho, Nathania Naidoo, Serena Beacher, Tegan Cikara, Kayla Lumsden, Lily Smith, Hayley Bowling and Rebekah Storer. Congratulations on an excellent performance.  

Digital Technologies Extension Class

Week Five  Drone Extension Club

Students have now built  their Airblock drone and programmed it to fly. Students will be using Python programming language and Micro Bits to fly the drones.  These were demonstrated on Opening Day and the visitors were also encouraged to participate in a drone activity.

Mrs Anita Nair

Teacher-in-Charge Technology

Indonesian – Education Perfect Language Championships Competition

This is the eighth year that the College has participated in the Education Perfect Language World Championship Competition since 2012.  Congratulations and thank you to all the students who have worked really hard to improve and maintain our status ranking amongst the schools’ categories and also in the category for the Indonesian Language.

The following are the final results for the competition and the Award Certificates will be presented to the recipients in due course. Bagus! Well done, participants!

Ibu Eliza Garnie

Teacher of Indonesian.

Rank - Second in the Indonesian Language category in WA
Rank - 11th in the Indonesian Language category out of 675 schools in Australia

HASS and  English Extension Class

The Hass and English Extension Class has now finished and the students should be very pleased with their achievements. The theme that was explored this year was Empathy, and over Term 2 and Term 3 with the help of the Computer Science Education Resources from Adelaide University and the Project Officer, Robin McKean for Western Australia; the students learnt how to code micro:bits and Kitronik Klaws so as to make a working prosthetic. In addition to this, Jolene George wrote a novella about a child in Syria and the empathy that arises during Wartime. This involved research into real victims of the Syrian War and then Jolene based her fictional story on a true person’s life. Lara Griffin, explored Empathy and created slides in News Report form. Anna Peace, Andrea Forrester and Kezia Kuriakose used WeVideo to create a movie that explored Empathy again with prosthetics for humans as well as animals. The character named Kris P Bacon ( Quite famous on Youtube) was a hit at Open Day, for all who viewed the video playing on the big screen in the Library.

The following fourteen students are the English and HASS Extension students that have been attending the classes for 2019.  


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Selina Norman Neil Becker
Josiah Kee Kezia Kuriakose
Matthew Ravanez Katelyn Soon Anna Peace
Niranjana Manoj Jolene George Lara Griffin
Kiriana Steven Andrea Forrester
Isaac Samuel

The following students have achieved excellence in the Extension Class this year.

Gold Certificates – High Distinction

Neil Becker for always thinking outside the box and demonstrating excellence in designing and coding a prosthetic Kitronik Klaw.Jolene George for writing an engaging novella exploring the concept of Empathy during Wartime.

Silver Certificates – Distinction

Selina Norman for demonstrating innovation in designing a prosthetic Kitronik Klaw.

Isaac Samuel for demonstrating innovation in designing and coding a prosthetic Kitronik Klaw.

Matthew Ravanez for demonstrating innovation in designing a prosthetic hand and showing patience in building and engineering skills when putting the Kitronik Klaws together. 

Bronze Certificates – High Commendation

Andrea Forrester, Anna Peace and Kezia Kuriakose for producing an engaging film which sensitively explores the theme of Empathy.


Mrs Madeline Lynham

Extension English and Hass Teacher


English Week Prizes

Congratulations to all of the winners of the different competitions held during English Week and the Spellathon  final held at the last Middle School Assembly. Certificates and prizes were awarded to each at the Secondary School Assembly last week.  



As part of Biblical Studies this term, Year 11s have been visiting the Primary School once a week to see how they can be of service. Each Year 11 student was given a Year 6 student to get to know, and they helped them complete an economics project on a small business. Everyone had a lot of fun and didn’t even realise they were working! The Year 11s learnt a lot about serving others, and the importance of praise and encouragement. They studied what the Bible says about serving others and were reminded about our Great God who sent Jesus to serve us. We trust this time has been an excellent experience for our Year 11s as they take on leadership in the school. Tt was also a great opportunity for our Year 6s to get to know our senior students, so that as they move into the secondary school next year there will be familiar, welcoming faces for them.


Mrs Michelle Underwood

Teacher in Charge of Biblical Studies


Candidates for the Student Leadership Team for 2020

Twenty  prospective candidates standing for a Prefect position are to be congratulated on the way they presented themselves and their speeches  to students, staff and parents at a combined Secondary School assembly last Thursday. These students have been nominated and applied for a position on the Student Leadership Team for 2020. It is quite a long process that takes place prior to the announcement of  the Prefects. Each has completed an application form answering a number of questions, followed by their speeches and voting by all students and staff in the Secondary School. All will have an interview with Mr Innes and Mrs Balding and at the whole College assembly on day of next term, the Prefects in Training will be  announced and presented with their Prefect in Training badges. They will now work closely with the current Prefects learning the ropes in preparation to take over their duties when they leave on October 23.


The College Sound Team  plays a very important part in the College setting up the sound for all Assemblies and Events.  Under the guidance and instruction of Mr Gareth Barnard, Sound Staff Liaison, they have become a very proficient team. Members consist of both Middle School and Senior School students. They were recently  presented with their special shirts to wear at College events.

Running the Sound on Open Day Michael Bowling, Dillon Pftzner and Yushael Haripersad


As we come to the end of the Term we say farewell until Term Four 2020 to Mrs Bronwyn Arcila  while she has some time off on Maternity Leave to look after her little one once she arrives. We wish both Mrs Arcila and her husband our best wishes on the arrival of their new baby girl..  


College Internal Final WACE examinations. (Mock exams)

The Year 12 students studying ATAR  Courses will sit their final internal examinations in the second week of the holidays commencing on October 7. These will be held at the College.  Students studying Physical Education Studies ATAR will also sit their final WACE external practical examinations in the first week of the holidays.  We ask all of the College community to continue to pray for all of the Year 12’s as they prepare for the exams, the many assignments that need to be completed and the many farewell events that take place between now and the end of the year.

Senior School River Cruise

The annual Senior School River Cruise has once again been organized by the Entertainment and Functions committee of Nathania Naidoo, Hayley Bowling, Aicha Rida and Lynelle Taylor.  This is to be held on Saturday October 19. Payment and parent permission is now due for the River Cruise which promises to once again be a fantastic evening with all the discussion at the moment centered around what to wear to be in tune with the theme “ A Night at the Oscars”.

Year 12 Final Assembly

The whole College community will come together to farewell the 2019 Year 12’s at their final assembly on Wednesday October 23 at 11.00 am in the Multi Purpose Hall.  There will be items and farewell messages from the different schools and the Year 12’s will have the opportunity of saying farewell. An invitation is extended to all of the College community to join them at this important assembly, witness a memorable finale and to share in a cup of tea after the assembly.

Year 12 Valedictory Service and Dinner

The Valedictory Service and Dinner is to be held on Friday October 25 and will be held at the Mills Park Function Centre, Beckenham..  The service will commence at 6.15 pm and following, a dinner. The waitpersons will be our Year 10 and 11 Hospitality students. An invitation is extended to all of the Year 12’s, their parents/guardians, College staff and College Board members.  Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to assist with the preparations for the evening.

Uniform for Term Four

Thank you to all students who have made a concerted effort over the term to wear the correct College uniform.  A reminder that the Summer uniform is to be worn next term and part of the uniform requirement is the hat. We look forward to your continued support of the wearing of the correct uniform. Please refer to the College Uniform Policy if you are unsure of the complete uniform.

Dates For Your Diary

September 27     Last day for Term 3

September 28     Oct 4   WACE  Practical Exams  – (Physical Ed Studies)

October 7-11        Year 12 ATAR Subjects Internal Final Examinations

October 14           Term 4 commences

October 19           Senior School River Cruise

October 23           Year 12 Final Day and whole College assembly

October 25           Year 12 Valedictory Service and Dinner

October 30           WACE Examinations commence

November  15-17      Year 12 Leavers Retreat

November 20            Year 11 Final Day

November 20-22      Year 10 Adventure Camp

November  25            Year 10 Rotary Ryder Driver Safety programme

November 26             Year 10 Final Day

November 27             Senior School Awards and Year 12 Presentations evening

December 10              Final Day for Middle School

                                      Middle School Awards Evening

No doubt both students and staff are looking forward to a well earned break.

May I take this opportunity to say thank you to the parents for your continued support throughout the term and I look forward to us working together again in Term Four.  I would like to wish you all a wonderful break from the school routine with your children and a time to refresh in preparation for the all important final term.


Helen Balding

Head of Secondary

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