Newsletter 20 May 2019

From The Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of TCC

Well, the whole country has been in the grip of election fever and, by the time you read this, the elections will be pretty well over – and life will carry on.

As I contemplate the past months of political frenzy in this truly amazing country that we are so blessed to live in, I have to say that I am dismayed.

I am dismayed by the example that so many of our political leaders and political aspirants across the spectrum have modelled for our children.

In a country that sets such a high priority on mateship, community and honesty, the manner in which so many of our politicians have attacked one another, the bullying and denigration that has been the focus of so much of the political advertising, the selective imparting and withholding of truth to achieve party-political agendas, the personality assassinations, do not reflect well on our nation.  

If I might claim the title of a book written by South African author, Alan Paton, back in 1948,  and apply it to these past months, well, “Cry the Beloved Country.”

That said,

I take great encouragement from the fact that the people of Australia – the people that I come into contact with on a daily basis – restore my faith again.

I take great encouragement from the fact that schools such as ours offer a different worldview and example to the youth of Australia.

I take the greatest encouragement from observing our students doing life well, despite the many negative influences that impinge on their daily lives.


Bill Innes

General News






To be held on Thursday 30th May 2019 commencing at 6 pm in the Thornlie Christian College Staffroom at 19 Furley Road, Southern River WA

For further details, please open this link: Notice of Annual General Meeting of Thornlie Christian College (Inc).

PIA Family Disco

Dear Parents,

You are invited to the PIA’s Family Disco. Friday, 31 May, from 6.30 – 9 pm. Tickets (for children in kindy and above) can be purchased using the link below, or at the door on the night. Parents and younger children attend for free.
We will be having pizza from 5.30-6.30pm. Pizza is pre-order only. Please use the link provided below to order your pizza. There will be tea and coffee, cold drinks, and snacks available to purchase on the night.
To order your tickets, please use THIS LINK –

To order your pizzas, please use THIS LINK –  

We look forward to seeing you there!

Primary News

Dear Parents,

I hope you survived the cold weather last week. It was very cold at night, but pleasant during the day. It was a busy week for the school, because of the NAPLAN Testing that took place. I was delighted with how well the students applied themselves during NAPLAN. I know that the teachers have been preparing the students for the tests, and they seemed to go smoothly, and the students were confident that they did well.

Kindy/Pre-Primary Mother’s Day Morning Tea

It was great to see so many Mothers here on Monday enjoying a time of pampering and fun activities with their child. There were many activities set-up to do, and we all enjoyed a wonderful morning tea. Thank you for supporting this event and making it such a fun morning for all concerned!


In Week 3, the Year 3 & 5 Students completed the NAPLAN Tests. Here is some information from the National Assessment Program website that explains what NAPLAN is about:

The National Assessment Program is run at the direction of the Education Council (previously known as SCSEEC). It includes the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), the three-yearly sample assessments in science literacy, civics and citizenship, and information and communication technology (ICT) literacy, and participation in international sample assessments.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is the independent statutory authority responsible for the overall management of the Australian National Assessment Program, in collaboration with representatives from all states and territories and non-government school sectors.

NAPLAN is an annual assessment for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It tests the types of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life. The tests cover skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy. The assessments are undertaken every year in the second full week in May.

Thornlie Christian College has achieved above the State and National averages consistently across all subjects over the years, and we expect this year to be no different. Well done to the staff and students for their hard work in getting ready for NAPLAN and doing so well!

Year 4 Sleepover

The Year 4 Students had a sleepover at school last week on Thursday night. For some of the students, this is the first time that they have been on an overnight ‘camp’, so we felt that a good place to start is at school where they are already familiar with the environment, and they know the staff. Thank you to all the Parent Helpers who came along. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to run the rotation activities. The students made bush shelters, charcoal drawings, mapping codes, construction activities, etc. We had a campfire, where we cooked marshmallows plus we played a night game on the oval which was lots of fun. We finished the program about 8.30pm, then it was bedtime and lights out by 9 pm. The Thornlie Church of Christ cooked us a wonderful breakfast of eggs and bacon, and the Southern River Church of Christ provided some volunteer help to prepare our lunch. All in all, it was a great time, and I know that everyone slept well over the weekend!

Coming up in the Primary School

PS Assembly (Year 6JW) – Tuesday 21st May

This week, Mr Wicks and the Year 6JW Class will host the assembly. The Year 6s have been practising hard and preparing their items, so I know it will be great to see them present them on Tuesday.

Here are the Merit Award receipts from the last assembly:


Student’s Name Class
Zuriel Abraham Year PPDM
Heaven Rejo Year PPDM
Bradley Carlsson Year PPKH
Hailey Snyman Year PPKH
Raghnall Surendra Rajkishan Year 1ID
Violet Arnold Year 1ID
Archer Turner Year 1JC
Theo Kruining Year 1JC
Gabriele Schmiedgen Year 2BS
Liam Jenkyn Year 2BS
Evelin Wu Year 2BS
Hezekiah Senanayake Year 2VN
Alisha Hartnett Year 2VN
Jade Teo Year 2VN
Anushka Bharadwaj Year 3AC
Oliver Pattula Year 3AC
Triston Tse Year 3ME
Gabrielle Survepalli Year 3ME
Isabella Florisson Year 4DH
Samuel Mashua Year 4DH
Emanuella Karrang Year 4SK
Christian Matthew Year 4SK
Caryn Sushil Year 5FH
Akuel Dau Year 5FH
Martin Dickerson Year 5LH
Sean Ng Year 5LH
Joshua Dean Year 6JW
Luke Hunter Year 6JW
Edrian Mwenda Year 6MM
Drew Reid Rowling Year 6MM


Year 3 Outdoor Activities Afternoon/Evening

The Year 3 Classes will have an Outdoor Activities Afternoon/Evening on Friday 24th May.


I trust you enjoy the rest of the week and thank you for helping support the school in many different ways. Your partnership makes it so much easier when we work together to help make TCC a great school!


Kind regards,


Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

Another two weeks have passed and once again we would like to keep our community informed of what has been happening in the Secondary School.



NAPLAN Testing

This week our  Year Seven’s and Year Nine’s have completed their NAPLAN testing.  There has recently been a lot of focus regarding NAPLAN online in the Media, reporting some significant issues with the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority’s online platform with many schools experiencing problems with remaining connected throughout the testing.  TCC was fortunate to not be involved in the online testing this year and all testing was hard copy testing and I am happy to report that in each year group the testing ran very smoothly.

Externally Set  Tasks (EST)

Externally Set  Tasks (EST) began last week and will continue this week for all of our Year 12 students studying subjects in the General Pathway. The EST forms part of the school-based assessment and is included as a separate assessment type with a weighting of 15% of their final mark in each of their General subjects. The tasks are set by the State Curriculum and Standards Authority.

Middle School Extension English and HASS Programme

In the Extension Class in Lesson 5, students explored coding using the micro: bit, Servo and Klaw Gripper! This Cross-Curricular learning was met with great enthusiasm. Mrs McKean, the Project Officer from Adelaide University brought in the Klaw Gripper kits which required assembly and coding. This was a huge challenge and will continue over to next week but some students had success already in the very first lesson!  The following videos have helped students express what they are learning in this project.

Mrs Madeline Lynam

Extension Class Teacher

KLAW Bits 1

KLAW  Bits 2

KLAW Bits 3


Shadow Puppetry Performance & Workshop

Puppetry as a form of theatrical expression has been part of tradition and culture of our human civilisation, depicting stories often embedded in the history of our socio-cultural heritage, and nowadays is viewed mainly as entertainment. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the skill of the puppeteer, in presenting the story and mimicking many voices of the characters manipulated in the show or the intricate artistry involved in making the exaggerated features of the puppets.

“Wayang Kulit” or Shadow Puppetry Play is an ancient art form of storytelling and entertainment predominantly practised in the islands of Java and Bali, in Indonesia. In the villages where they are still being performed, though infrequently, these usually go on all night till the early hours of the morning. The iconography of these intricately carved flat leather puppet characters base on the historical epics of the Ramayana/Mahabratha is played out as shadows on the screen by a highly skilled puppeteer known as ‘dalang’ and is usually accompanied by the Gamelan (percussion) orchestra.

Students at TCC were able to watch the adventures of Arjuna a superhero character with his friends Petruk, Jogo and his brother, as he fought off bandits or rescued an escaped Sumatran tiger as dramatised on-screen shadow puppetry performance. Afterwards, they were able to examine these puppets and meet the ‘dalang’ behind the screen. The performers, who are sponsored by the Indonesian Consulate are Sofari, the puppeteer accompanied by the musicians Donna and Tom who are from the Southeast Asian Dept at Murdoch University.


Mrs Eliza Garnie

Teacher- in-Charge Languages Indonesian

Biblical Studies

As part of their Biblical Studies program, TCC Year 12 students study one unit of a theological certificate through Moore Theological College in Sydney, NSW.  This year we had a number of students with outstanding results. Congratulations go especially to Tiger Ross who scored 100% in the external exam. Other students who achieved 90% or above were Josiah Fok, Hannah Gibson, Michaela Lumsden, Tyler Marlow, Joshua Ngai, Joel Siau, Ranil Thomas and Lachlan Wallis. Many of those who sit the Moore College exam around Australia and the world are university and mature age students, which makes our Year 12 achievements even more impressive. It is wonderful to see so many of our students showing wonderful Bible knowledge and acquiring the ability to think theologically. We pray that God will use them for His glory in the future.

The Moore College certificate is an online course which we hope many of our students will choose to complete after their schooling. This year there are a number of staff who have started studying the certificate together in order to deepen their Bible knowledge. For more information about the course go to

Michelle Underwood

Teacher in Charge Biblical Studies


Year Seven Dance

The Year 7’s completed 12 weeks of Dance culminating in their own original performances. Throughout the course, the students were exposed to different dance styles, including Hip Hop, Bollywood, Greek and K-Pop!. The final performance styles were chosen by each student group. In the attached videos both Hip Hop and K-Pop styles have been explored.

Mrs Madeline Lynam

Year 7 Dance Teacher

Dance 1

Dance 2



Middle School  ACC Lightning Carnivals

Over the course of the last two months, a number of Middle School students have been trying out and training under our new imitative this year of the Module 0 and Module 8 sporting programmes. Students were then selected in the Middle School, Inter-School Soccer and Netball teams. Under the auspices of their coaches, Mr Tjong (Boys Soccer) and Mrs Arcila (Girls Netball), two teams in each sport were selected.

Last week, Monday and Wednesday produced the first opportunity for these teams to compete in the ACC competition and all of our teams did us proud in their performances.

On Monday, our Seven-a-Side Boys’ Soccer team competed against other Year 7 Soccer teams from around Perth. These boys did exceptionally well, winning all six of the games played.

Wednesday saw our Year 8/9 Boys’ Seven-a-Side Soccer team and two Year 8/9 Girls’ Netball teams participating. Once again our boys performed well, winning five of their six games with the remaining game ending in a draw.

Not to be outdone, our Girls’ Netball teams played extremely well, producing an equally good result. The Year 9 Netball team played against five schools, and despite some very aggressive play on the part of the opposition teams, they beat four of the five teams they played. The first team they competed against put up a good fight with them only missing out on a win by one point. The Year 8 team also performed well, winning four of their five games too.

We were also privileged to have had two of our Senior Netball students umpiring the games and a sincere thank you to both Tegan Cikara and Hayley Bowling. Both coaches were very pleased with their performances and made special mention of the way our students conducted themselves and represented TCC.

We are looking forward to seeing more exciting exhibitions of talent and skill on the sports field from these students before the end of the season.

Mr Gareth Barnard

Co-ordinator of Inter-School Extra-Curricular Sports

Middle School Inter-School Netball Teams, Coach and Umpires

Middle School Assembly

Last Thursday, the Middle School Assembly was very confidently led by one group of the Year Nine Student Councillors, Richard Matthew, Nya Tassell, Samantha Kingsford and Kezia Kurakose. The Middle School Worship Band opened the assembly with a song ‘Eye of the Tiger’.  It was amazing to see the overall improvement in the band, all testimony to their commitment to practice. It is always great to see the many students using their God-given talents, singing and playing a variety of instruments. We were also privileged to have two members from Gideons International join us to present Bibles to all of the Year 8’s. This is an annual presentation to the Year 8’s. The Form Teachers also presented students with Achievement Certificates recognising achievement in any facet of College life. Merit Certificates were also presented by the Year Co-ordinators for students who had received ten or more merits and the Students of the Month were announced and were presented with their badges to wear for the next month.  Last year’s winner of the overall annual award for achieving the most merits in the Middle School, Neil Becker, reflected on his prize and the amazing helicopter ride he experienced over the Perth beaches and city. This will certainly encourage the rest of the Middle School students to work hard and achieve merits.

Year Nine Student Councillors
Neill Becker
Gideons International representatives presenting Bible to the Year 8 Student Councillors
Middle School Band


College Twilight Tour

The second College Twilight Tour was held last week for Prospective Parents giving them a glimpse of what TCC is all about.  The Senior School Jazz Band provided a repertoire of music as the guests enjoyed Hot Beef Rolls and cooking Marshmallows. This was followed by a tour of both the Primary School and the Secondary School showcasing some student work in some of the Learning Areas, Textiles, Jewelry making, Information Technology, Media, Visual Arts, Design and Technology, Hospitality,  Science and a demonstration from members of the Middle School Extension English and HASS class assembling and coding their Klaw Gripper to eventually make prosthetic limbs for people in third world countries.

Cooking the marshmallows

Rotary Club Anzac Service

On  April 23, two Thornlie Christian College Prefects, Jordan Prosser and Reuben Fildes, were invited to attend the Southern Districts Rotary Club Anzac Service held at the Gosnells Golf Club.

As Chairpersons of  Worship we both joyfully accepted the invitation; attending their meeting, Anzac Service, and dinner. I, (Jordan) dressed for the formal occasion in my full College Winter uniform, and Reuben dressed in his formal Boys Brigade uniform; representing the Boys Brigade.

We were served with a lovely three-course meal as we listened to the Rotary Club President and teacher at Thornlie Christian College, Mr Simon Dutt, address the many official representatives of our country. These officials gave presentations about what it was like to give up everything they knew to protect our country and fight in the war.

After the speeches, we all stood in silence as they commemorated the Anzacs with the playing of the Last Post. During this, both Reuben and I had the privilege of holding the Australian Flag.

To conclude the service,  I had the pleasure of singing the Australian National Anthem while Reuben held the Australian flag. It was a great honour for both of us, and a marvellous opportunity to learn more about our country.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we socialised with the other attendees, as well as the highly honoured Anzac representatives.


Jordan Prosser & Reuben Fildes

Chairpersons of  Worship

Rotary ANZAC Service
Reuben and Jordan


Year 8 Camp

Week 4  May 20 – 24.  The camp is to be held at Camp Quaranup in Albany.

ACC Inter-School Cross Country  

May 30

Examinations in Term Two

Year 12             Week Four (Friday) and  Week Five

Year 11             Week Five (Friday) Week Six, Monday Week  Seven

Year 11 & 12     Workplace Learning  Week Five and Six

Year 10             Week Six

Middle School   Week 7


Mrs Helen Balding

Head of Secondary

Community News

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