Newsletter 12 March 2019

From The Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of TCC

At this time, within our TCC community, we have a number of families who find themselves ‘in the valley’ while the majority of the rest of us find ourselves, if not on ‘the mountain top,’ then certainly way up on the slopes where the air is clear and the sun shines brightly.

We pray for all families and individuals who find themselves ‘in the valley’ at this time and we rejoice with those who find themselves on the mountain top.

At my church last week, we heard a message on the Transfiguration of Christ that really spoke to me about the complexity of life. I would like to share this article with you.

I pray that it will speak to you wherever you find yourself in life at this time.


The article is written by Debie Thomas and is entitled Lights and Shadows.  

It can be found online at


Bill Innes


Lights and Shadows

By Debie Thomas. Posted 24 February 2019.

For Sunday, March 3, 2019

Exodus 34:29-35

Psalm 99

2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2

Luke 9:28-36, (37-43a)

On the mountaintop, Jesus erupts in sudden light.  As his sleepy disciples cower in the grass, two figures appear out of time and space.  In solemn tones, they speak of Jerusalem, departure, and accomplishment. The disciples babble in response — “Let’s make tents!  Let’s stay here always! This is good!” A cloud descends, thick and impenetrable. As it envelops the disciples, they fall to their faces, anticipating death. But a Voice addresses them, tender and gentle.  The Voice hums with delight, and the disciples, a bit braver now, glance up. They gaze at Jesus — the Shining One — and a Father’s pure joy sings with the stars: “This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him.”

In the valley, a boy writhes in the dust.  He shrieks and drools, and his eyes — wide-open, feral — sees nothing but darkness.  Around him a crowd gathers and swells, eager for spectacle. Scribes jeer, and Jesus’s disciples wring their hands in embarrassment.  “Frauds!” someone yells into the night. “Where’s your Master? Why has he left you?” “We don’t know,” the disciples mutter, gesturing vaguely at the mountain. Fear wars with exhaustion as they watch the boy claw at his own face.  A voice — strangled, singular — rends the night. “This is my son!” a man cries out as he pushes through the crowd to gather the convulsing boy into his arms. Everyone stares as the father cradles the child against his chest. “Please,” he sobs to the stars.  “Please. This is my beloved son. Listen to him.”

It’s Transfiguration Sunday — the apex of the liturgical season we call Epiphany.  After weeks of hints and intimations — a star, a dove, an abundance of wine — today we stand in full sunlight, basking in the Beloved’s glory.  Today we hear the very voice of God.

All three Synoptic Gospels tell the story of the Transfiguration, underscoring its importance to the early church, and all three end their accounts with the narrative of the “demon-possessed” boy whom the disciples can’t heal.  It’s an odd pairing, to say the least, and it has always intrigued me. But this year, it commands my attention in a more pressing way, because I know what it’s like to be a parent seeking healing for my child. As I write these words, my son is entering month eighteen of a continuous — and thus far untreatable — post-concussive headache.  He hasn’t attended school since October 2017. Some days, the pain is so bad, he never makes it out of bed. At this point, it’s unclear when or if he’ll finish high school, or be able to return to his much-loved extracurricular activities. So, as much as we love and trust the glorious mountaintops of the Christian story, our family has been living in the valley.

Cue the Transfiguration.  Over the centuries, this singular event in Jesus’s life has accumulated many layers of theological meaning.  Growing up, I was taught that the Transfiguration is important because it reveals Christ’s divine nature, confirms his Sonship, foreshadows his death, secures his place in the stream of Israel’s history, exalts him above the Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah), and prefigures his Resurrection.

Weighty stuff, but here’s the thing: I rarely heard the sick boy’s story mentioned in this theologizing.  If it was named at all, it was only to underscore the spiritual point that we should not hoard our “mountaintop experiences.”  If the bumbling Peter thought it would be cool to pitch a tent on Mount Glory, then the sick boy’s narrative function was to correct him: “No, Peter, that’s actually not the divine plan.  You can’t stay up there in spiritual ecstasy land; the broken world down below needs you.”

I don’t have any arguments with Transfiguration theology, but I’ll be honest: it leaves me cold these days.  Yes, Jesus revealed his majesty on a mountaintop. Yes, it is essential for us to contemplate that amazing epiphany, and consider what it reveals about Jesus’s identity.  But here’s what I’d like to know: how does glory on the mountaintop speak to agony in the valley? What does it mean that the two experiences — fullness and emptiness, ecstasy and despair, light and shadow — share a landscape in this famous Gospel narrative? Aren’t there two beloved sons in this story?

I have no idea how the crowd at the base of the mountain experienced the Transfiguration — if they did at all.  Did Jesus’s otherworldly glow reach the valley as a tiny pinprick of light? Did the crowd glimpse the ominous cloud that descended over Peter, James, and John?  Did they hear a rumble — distant like thunder — when God spoke of his Chosen One? We don’t know.

What we know is that Jesus invited three disciples — only three — up the mountain.  What we know is that the remaining nine spent the night in anxious futility, trying to do their Master’s work as the stakes rose higher and higher.  What we know is that the scene in the valley became tense and ugly as a much-longed-for healing didn’t happen. What we know is that a father and a son suffered, even as the heavens broke open on the mountaintop.  What we know is that some people who really needed Jesus that night experienced the ache of his absence — even as a select few basked in his glory.

What if this story — like so many in the Bible — is simply telling us the truth about reality here on earth?  Describing what we already know about how life works, but fear to say aloud because we’re so invested in shiny, happy endings?

I tend to interpret the Bible as if its stories apply only to me – me, an individual.  My mountaintop experience.  My valley.  My relationship with my God.  But this is both misguided and dangerous.  The truth is that my mountain lies right next to your valley.  The truth is that your pain does not cancel out my joy. The truth is that it is entirely possible for you to sit in church on Sunday morning and bask in the sweet presence of God’s Spirit, while one pew over I cry my eyes out because the ache of His absence feels unbearable.

The same applies if I widen the lens.  Do we not — in the privileged West — occupy so many mountains, while our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world dwell in valleys of hunger, warfare, violence, and abuse?  Do we not at the same time experience valleys peculiar to “First World” 21st century life — isolation, anxiety, boredom, frenzy — while many who have less by way of material and technological comfort enjoy the mountaintops of more nourishing cultural traditions and communities?

To say this is all unfair is completely beside the point — it is the world we live in, as our Gospel story so honestly illustrates.  And so here’s the great challenge to the Christian life, the great challenge to the Church: can we speak glory to agony, and agony to glory?  Can we hold the mountain and the valley in faithful tension with each other — denying neither, embracing both? Can we do this hard work out of love and compassion for each other, so that no one among us  — not the joyous one, not the anguished one, not the beloved one, not the broken one — is ever abandoned or forgotten?  

Yes, Jesus came down from the mountain.  Yes, he healed the desperately sick boy. But let’s not forget the suffering that came first. Let’s not flatten the story to give our religion neat lines and soft edges.  The suffering was real, and it deserves honest witness. After all, the cry of that human father, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” is the most authentic and powerful description of the Christian life I know.  He didn’t find that testimony on a mountaintop; he forged it in the valley of his son’s pain. Right now, it’s the cry I cling to as I sit at my son’s bedside, praying and waiting.

With Transfiguration Sunday, we come to the end of another liturgical season.  Having seen the light of Epiphany, we prepare now for the long shadows of Lent.  I don’t know what voices will speak to us in the wilderness. Maybe you’ll hear glory.  Maybe I’ll hear agony. Maybe we’ll hear each other. Whatever you hear, don’t flinch. Don’t flee.  Don’t assume that one voice must drown out the other. Both voices need to speak.  Both voices have much to teach us.  So, listen. Listen.  Both voices are beloved of a Father.

General News

Any Student from TCC may enter the Competition
Thornlie Church of Christ invites all TCC Secondary students to the 2019 Youth & Young Adults camp. Our theme this year is Unity, with Kat Taylor (Kingdomcity Canning Vale) as our guest speaker. Camp runs from Friday 5th to Monday 8th July. Cost is $200 (including all food, activities, and accommodation), however, there are limited sponsorships available for those families who would benefit. Registration closes May 31st. Contact Chris Judd ( or check out the facebook page to keep updated.

First Game of the Season. Be a part of the team! TCC Branded Game 15 March @ Lakeside

Thornlie Christian College: Sponsors of Lakeside Lightning

Primary News

Dear Parents,

I trust that you are enjoying this beautiful Autumn weather. The rain over the weekend was great, and these clear days are so nice at this time of year. Everything is going well so far this term, and the Education Development Program has begun too. Students who need extra input in Numeracy & Literacy are given support by Mrs Thompson and our wonderful team in the Ed Development Centre. The staff and students have been working really hard, and later this term, we will send out the Term 1 Interim Reports plus you will be invited to attend a Parent/Teacher in Week 10. (More details will be made available later in the term.)

What’s been happening in the Primary School

Primary School Assembly

The Year 6MM Class hosted the assembly today, and they presented their items on the theme of creation and caring for the environment that we have been given. It was great seeing the different use of art, drama, media and oral reading in their presentations. Well done to Ms Martinz and the Year 6MM Students.

Following the assembly, the Year 6MM Parents were invited back to class for a Student-Learning Interview, where the parents asked the students questions about what they have been learning in class. This was followed by a wonderful morning tea provided by the team at Thornlie Church of Christ.

Here are the Primary Merit Award recipients for 12/3/2019:

Sean Kho Year PPDM
Obiora Chukwu-Ike Year PPDM
Teagan Timpany Year PPKH
Samuel Wright Year PPKH
Charelee Moller Year 1ID
Gabriel Thomas Year 1ID
Summer Caparn Year 1ID
Ella Chaplyn Year 1JC
Max Goiran Year 1JC
Mayson Currie Year 2BS
Alhasan Konneh Year 2BS
Demi Kavanagh Year 2BS
Aaron To Year 2VN
Elissa Procter Year 2VN
Nicolas Hammad Ramos Year 3AC
Can Yang Year 3AC
Andrew Nyashanu Year 3ME
Joram Lijaji Year 3ME
Isabelle Kuriakose Year 3ME
Ilerioluwa Mejiuni Year 4DH
Georgia Turner Year 4DH
Isabella Florisson Year 4DH
Kalyb Arnold Year 4SK
Canaan Rivers Year 4SK
Aoife van Heerden Year 4SK
Ruby York Year 4SK
Amber Benedict Year 5FH
Will Price Year 5FH
Nikhael Pramodh Year 5LH
Levi Pryce Year 5LH
Arianna Albi Year 6JW
Manish Koppula Year 6JW
Esiayo Alegbe Year 6MM
Alex Rankine Year 6MM

State Swim Swimming Lessons for Year 1 & 2

The Year 1 & 2 Classes are continuing their Swimming Lessons with State Swim every day during Week. The certificates will be available next week after the competition of the lessons.


Marathon Kids Running Club is on again

The Marathon Kids Running Club commenced last week. It was great to see so many students, parents and staff running/walking around the oval. The club is on again this week, so we look forward to seeing you there. Marathon Kids Running Club is on every Wednesday between 08:00 – 08:30 am on the Primary School Oval.


Primary House Swimming Carnival

The Primary House Swimming Carnival was held last week on Friday at Cockburn ARC: Aquatic and Recreation Centre. Thank you to all the parents who helped out on the day, and for Mr Splatt and the staff for making sure the day was a success. The venue is well set-out, so everyone could see the races from either side of the pool. It was fun watching the students arriving at the pool and their excitement as the races began. Congratulations to everyone who participated, and well done to all those who were the Champions & Runner-up in each age group!


Here are the results of the Champion/Runner-up for each age group plus the overall House points:

Year 6

Champion Boy – Ben Mostert

Champion Girl – Elisabeth Hellbusch

Runner-up Boy – Jesse Swart

Runner-up Girl – Talullah Upson

Year 5

Champion Boy – Sean Ng

Champion Girl – Caitlyn Devincentis

Runner-up Boy – Lucas Stagno

Runner-up Girl –  Sune Snyman

Year 4

Champion Boy – Tristan Kavanagh

Champion Girl – Jerusha Fok

Runner-up Boy – Nathan Manning

Runner-up Girl – Zanneh Beukes

Year 3

Champion Boy – Oliver Pattula

Champion Girl – Richelle Ho

Runner-up Boy – Chase Caparn

Runner-up Girl – Danaiya Jawanda

House Points

1st – Levi 1,396 points

2nd – Joseph 1,393 points

=3rd – Reuben 1,178 points

=3rd – Judah 1,178 points

Those students who placed in the top three positions in ‘A’ Division Races have been selected to be part of the Primary Inter-school Team to compete at WACSSA Primary Inter-school Swimming Carnival on Thursday 28th March at HBF Stadium in Mt Claremont. (Mr Splatt will be sending home a letter to those concerned with more details.)

Enjoy the rest of the week, and I look forward to seeing you again this week.


Kind regards,


Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

Who could believe that we are halfway through the first term for 2019?  All, I believe, have got into the rhythm of all of the happenings in the past fortnight and I am sure you will concur that life here at the College is a very busy one.

Let me share some of the things that have been happening over the past two weeks.


Middle School Eat  Meet and Greet Evening

Thank you to all of the parents and guardians who attended the recent Middle School Eat,  Meet and Greet evening. It was wonderful to meet so many of you and connect you with others in your child’s cohort.

The Middle School Eat, Meet and Greet, was held on Tuesday evening and we received a wonderful turnout of expectant parents and teachers full of energy. The Year 7 talk was held in the library this year, with Mrs Bronwyn Arcilla as Year 7 Coordinator, helping the parents navigate through our expectations of their children for 2019. Whilst this was happening, small groups of Year 8 and Year 9 parents were gathering around our grazing tables, partaking in a wide range of conversations with each other, and with our Middle School teachers. As the Year 7 talk completed more excited parents entered the area where the conversation was now in full swing. At around 6.00 pm, Mr Gareth Barnard the Year 8 Coordinator and Mrs Marguerite van der Klashorst, the Year 9 Coordinator, began their talks.

The teachers received some wonderful feedback from parents and the format seemed to be enjoyed by many. The weather had cooled which encouraged most to stay on and chat to each other in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. We are looking forward to seeing our Middle School students progress throughout the year in their various pursuits. We encourage all parents to continue the communication throughout the year with their child’s teachers via emails, phone calls or meetings to develop our relationship with you and to support you and your child.

Ms Madeline Lynam

Middle Schooling Co-ordinator

Year 7 Meeting Mrs Arcila
Year 8 Meeting Mr Barnard
Year 9 Meeting Mrs van der Klashorst

Clean up Australia Day and TCC Clean up Day

Clean Up Australia Day is held on the first Sunday of March every year and encourages people to take greater ownership of their environment by cleaning up their local areas. Thornlie Christian College, a member of the Waste Wise Schools, participated in this great initiative to reduce waste and keep our environment litter free.

On Friday morning during Form – time, students from both the Primary and Secondary Campus went around designated areas, picking up rubbish and litter. Through the Clean Up Australia Day event, we hope that students internalise waste – wise behaviours of the 3Rs: –  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The Social and Environmental Concerns Committee would like to thank all staff and students for participating in this event and ensuring that we continue to make TCC a clean, beautiful and safe place.

Nicolene,  Samuel and Mrs David

The Social Concerns and Environment  Chairpersons and Staff Liaison



Traditionally observed on March 21, the Secondary School will be celebrating Harmony Day on Thursday, March 21 2019. The following activities are being organised by the Social and Environmental Concerns Committee and the Worship Committee. These are the activities planned for the day.


  • Students are encouraged to wear cultural dress representative of their cultural background- if not, the normal school uniform applies.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a flag of their country of origin to be displayed in the hall.
  • A Special Chapel Service is to be held to celebrate the rich cultural diversity at TCC-  
  • Parents are invited to attend.
  • Special Food  will be sold at the Canteen during the week for both Primary and Secondary School   ( See the Order Form for details)
  • Games will be held on Thursday during Lunch -time.


Mrs David   Mr Soo and Mrs Greenaway  

Staff Liaisons Social Concerns and Environment

A Taste of Harmony

Rotary Scholarships  2019

Last week the Rotary Club of Southern Districts held a formal dinner to recognise the 2019 recipients of the Ron Sloan Endeavour Scholarships. The Scholarship includes a certificate and a monetary scholarship to assist them with their studies over Year 11 and 12.

Two students from the College were successful in being awarded a scholarship;  Jill Dutt and Amy Warren, They were joined at the dinner by their parents, and friends, Mr Innes and Mrs Balding.

We congratulate them once again.  This is a reward for their consistent effort to achieve to the best of their ability, and demonstrating a desire to serve both in the College and the wider community.  We wish them all the best as they work towards completing their studies in Year 11 and 12 and following, Tertiary studies and pursue their dream career.

We would also like to thank the Rotary Club of Southern Districts for their generosity over many years in assisting students financially in their final years.

Rotary President Simon Dutt, Jill Dutt, Amy Warren and fellow Rotarian
TCC Staff, Parents, Jill and Amy


Children Family and Community 2019

Our CFC students are enthusiastic as they embark on a learning journey to investigate the big questions such as “where do babies come from?”. The pumpkin patch had to be checked… and they were delighted to find some… pumpkin babies.  The wonder and miracle of conception has impacted each one and given an even deeper meaning to the words “fearfully and wonderfully made; Even in your mother’s womb, I knew you”.

We will continue to learn about a child’s development in the womb and the many factors that influence this development. Families are Gods idea and His design to surround a child in love and protection. Family types are varied and serve a very important function in our society. I’m sure the students gained a greater appreciation and respect for their families from our discussions.

The students look forward to experiencing some of the demands of parenthood by taking home their Real Care Baby. Of Course, they have some practice sessions in class before the big step of bringing baby home.

The year will be packed with many practical and hands-on activities as well as learning child development theory. We look forward to our Mums and Bubs Days.

This year we plan to have three  Mums and Bubs play dates. They will be sequenced and organised so that each one represents a particular developmental phase. These groups will be: Infants 0 -1,  Little Bubs 1- 2  years old, and Toddlers 3- 4 years old.  If you have children in these ages we would love to invite you to our classroom for a playtime, chat and a cuppa. We will post the dates soon. We hope to see you there. The students will provide an enriching and fun environment for the little ones.

Mrs Patricia Greenaway

CFC Teacher

College Drama Production

The College Drama Production is to be held on Thursday and Friday Evening March 28 and 29 at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre.  All students have been rehearsing for weeks and this augers to be a magnificent show. An invitation is extended to all parents and students to go along and enjoy an evening at the theatre and in turn support the many students who have an interest in Drama.

Online Literacy and Numeracy Testing  (OLNA)

The OLNA assessments were sat last week for the students who were listed to sit on or more of the testings.  The results will be out at the end of Term Two. The next testing will take place in September.


Student  Development

Student Leadership Team 2019

Another important group to be welcomed into the College Student Leadership Team took place last week with the election of the Student Councillors.  It was very encouraging to see so many students nominating to be elected. Each presented a short speech to their Form class on why they would like to be elected and represent their Form on the Council. The following are to be congratulated on being elected as representatives and will join the Prefects, House and Vice House Captains, The Choir Leaders, Sound Representative and Music Captains on the Student Leadership Team. Students were presented with their badges at a combined assembly this week. A special thank you to the parents who came along to support their child and be included in the celebrations.

Congratulations to the following Student Councillors for 2019


FORMStudent CouncillorStudent Councillor
7EIsaac SamuelArjun Uresh Kumar
7HNicola JoubertJosiah Kee
7SJamie BryceRakiah Kellahan
8DBrandon DidsmanKatelyn Soon
8MAmelia CoxYiran Ma
8PKevin BainbridgeLiyanda Mpofu
9CManasi Pradeep PillauAlexandra Nwelue
9NCharles DarwinAndrea Forrester
9PRichard MathewNya Tassell
9WSamantha KingsfordKezia Kuriakose
10EMicaela HillAbbi Ceniza
10GRJoshua PaizeeLily Anderson
10STAnton KharukErina Hong
11BAlexander SolomonAleisha Meiselbach
11GJill DuttKirk Deocampo
11SOAvnish MohabeerJessica Overs
11STDante RamirezKatie Mushaurwa
12MACaleb KnightAicha Rida
12MMChantal KirkbySai Uresh Kumar
12JCarissa AntonelloWael Saade

Tutoring by Staff

As mentioned at the recent Parent Information evenings, the College staff offer to students in all subject areas extra assistance and tutoring. We encourage students to avail themselves of the opportunities that our staff are offering to assist them with their studies and therefore attain the goals they are hoping to achieve in their respective subjects.  We thank the staff for making themselves available to assist the students and the generosity of their time. The tutoring timetable is accessible on SEQTA should you wish your child to be tutored.


Student Wellbeing


Happy Birthday SPROUTS GARDEN  – 1-Year-old last week

The Sprouts Garden celebrated its first birthday last Tuesday.  It was an “Open Garden” for students to come and enjoy the progress, the bounty of some veggies growing and the prize of all THE WATERMELON! Yes, we grew a watermelon over the school break. The watermelon was a welcome treat on a hot day. Many Year 7 and 8 students came over to have a look and some have indicated interest in joining us this year.

Our Sprouts garden activities will take place on Tuesday and Thursday at lunchtime. We will embark on seed planting, trimming back growth and planting some seedlings. We were very pleased with the way the garden survived over the Christmas break. Thank you to all who helped to water the garden.

Welcome to all new members and welcome back to our faithful helpers.

Let’s make 2019 a bumper year!  With your help and enthusiasm, we can do it. We now have many tools and a beautiful new shed, compost bins and worm farms, seedling houses and wagons for moving things around.

If you would like to donate plants, seeds or cuttings please feel free. This is a great place for children to learn about nature and how to grow and nurture as well as the concepts of conservation and sustainability.  

We welcome parent and grandparent support.

If you are interested, please contact Mrs Greenaway at the school or email


Mrs Patricia Greenaway   SPROUTS STAFF LIAISON

Inter-House Swimming Carnival

Our 2019 Secondary School Inter-House Swimming Carnival was a great success with the Levi House taking the honours of the Champion House, three years in a row.  Well done, Levi Rams. Even the Rams horn could be heard following the announcement.

All students are to be congratulated on putting in a fantastic effort to earn points for their House.   There was a lot of excitement and the atmosphere was great, lots of team spirit. The Novelty events were overfilled as it seemed the students could not get enough.

The carnival ran very smoothly all due to the very careful planning and preparation by the Physical Education Staff, and on the day, the Staff and the House Captains all very proficiently looking after their allocated tasks. It was also great to see so many parents come along and support their child at the carnival and of course, cheer them on and get very excited at the finish line.   

Congratulations to the  King and Queen of the pool,  Individual Age Champions and the Champion House, Levi.  

Individual Age Champions

Levi Rams House Captains Jackson and Tegan
King & Queen of the Pool Talbot and Julia
Winning House - Levi Rams

The ACC Interschool Swimming Carnival

The ACC Interschool Swimming Carnival will be held next week on Wednesday, March 20. Please download the ACC app to keep up with current scores and updates. We wish our squad all the best and will keep them all in our prayers.

The results from the House Carnival

King of the Pool:     Talbolt Renyard  – 29.68s

Queen of the Pool: Julia Messier       – 31.21s


U/13GIRLSLillian DevincentisMarissa Victor
U/13BOYSAndrew HellbuschCael Kavanagh
U/14GIRLSSarah NgViktoria Vranyak
U/14BOYSNeil BeckerJames Prosser
U/15GIRLSKaylee ArnoldJodi McNamara
U/15BOYSDomenic RossiDylan Pfitzner
U/16GIRLSJulia MessierStephanie Devincentis
U/16BOYSZander MostertKyle Lumsden
U/17GIRLSSarah SkeltonMisty Ross
U/17BOYSJohann De WetRyan Castello
U/19GIRLSHayley BowlingJordan Prosser
U/19BOYSTalbolt RenyardTiger Ross


Broken Records

U1450m FreestyleSarah Ng32.08Levi
SS4 x50m Medley RelayLEVI02:43.0LEVI
U14 Girls4 x50m Freestyle RelayLEVI02:43.0LEVI
U16 Boys4 x50m Freestyle RelayJOSEPH02:43.0JOSEPH
U16 Girls4 x50m Freestyle RelayLEVI02:43.0LEVI
U19 Girls4 x50m Freestyle RelayLEVI02:43.0LEVI


House Points

1st Place: LEVI 4013

2nd place: JOSEPH 3835

3rd Place: JUDAH 3522

4th place: REUBEN 3511

Year Eight Camp

Preparations are in full swing organising the Year 8 Camp.  A meeting of all of the Year Eight parents and students is to be held on Thursday, March 21 in the MPH. The meeting will commence at 6.00 pm and it is envisaged that it will be over within the hour.  The meeting is to provide parents with a little more information about the camp and explain some of the paperwork that is required in order for a child to attend the camp. All parents will have received a letter of invitation via an email. It is great to see the students getting excited about this exciting adventure. (staff are too

College Senior Ball  

This will be held on Friday, April 26 (during the school holidays)  and an invitation has been sent to all students in Year 11 and 12 and a letter to parents explaining in a little more detail the College stance on such an event.

There are several special events that are held for our Year 12’s throughout the year and the TCC Ball is one of those that all students in Year 11 and 12 look forward to, and from this exciting evening create many memories.  Deposits for the Ball are now due and payment is to be made online. If you need further clarification on any aspect of the Ball please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Balding, who is the Staff Liaison for the Ball.

Year Nine Personal Development Day

A few weeks ago all parents of students in Year Nine will have received a letter via an email with details of the Personal Development Day to be held Tuesday, March 19 (next Tuesday).  As mentioned in the letter the day is considered the same as a normal school day so students are expected to attend. Please read the information carefully so that your child is attired correctly and brings with them what has been requested.  The day will be held at Woodman Point and it is hoped that by the end of the day it has not only been an enjoyable time with lots of fun, but that the objectives have been achieved in the bonding of relationships both with staff and students through the many activities of teamwork and co-operation.

TCC Has Talent

 The annual College TCC Has Talent evening is to be held  at the College in the Multi Purpose Hall on Thursday, April 11  This is always a wonderful evening giving students from the Primary and Secondary school the opportunity of displaying their God given talents to an audience. Auditions are being held at the moment and parents are asked to encourage their child/children to audition. If they are chosen for the finals, the performances are judged by a selected panel of judges and at the end of the evening, the winners of the different categories are announced.  The evening is being organised by the Chairpersons of Fundraising Serena Beacher and Tiger Ross and their committee under the guidance of the staff liaisons Ms Lynam, Mr Holloway and Mrs Francis. All of the College families are invited to come along and witness the amazing talent throughout the College and tickets are available at the door. The evening commences at 6.30 pm


Senior Boys & Girls Basketball

Congratulations to the following students on making it into TCC’s Senior School Basketball Squad for 2019.


Jackson Halse
Wapa Majinda
Joshua Paizee
Jazariah Tavao
Dante Ramirez
Jaden Samuel
Ryan Costello
Levi Chelliah
Jonathan Lucio
Malachi Sein Cho


Angelina Benedict
Merrylhe Reyes
Alexandra Nwelue
Hannah Kingsford
Samantha Kingsford
Skye Meiselbach
Alessia Schmiedgen


This year ACC (Associated and Catholic Colleges of WA) launched the Inaugural Basketball Competition for four schools in the South Eastern suburbs. The teams for TCC were selected early in February. Since then, they have both played two games with one loss and one win, against Rehoboth and Southern Hills respectively. Their hard work in training has meant that they have improved from week to week.


Helping with training has been Mr Lennon Smart and Mr Matt Splat. Mr Smart is the Assistant Coach for the Lakeside Lightning Men’s team and Mr Splatt, our Primary Phys. Ed Teacher is a former SBL (State Basketball League) player and longtime coach of many teams. Their input has been very helpful and is appreciated. All players have improved their skills and their ability to work with the team.


We’re excited about our next game this afternoon against Dale. The girls will be playing at home today and the boys at Dale. Both games start at 4 pm, so come along and cheer them on.


Mike Kingsford

Deputy Principal – Head Coach

Girls Basketball Team 2019
Boys Basketball Team 2019

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