Newsletter 10 Dec 2018

From The Principal

Dear Parents & Friends of Thornlie Christian College

When you read this article there will be less than 14 shopping days to Christmas!  

The 2018 academic year is now almost at an end and, in less than a week’s time, you will be receiving your children’s final reports for the year.

In review, 2018 has been an amazing year full of significant personal achievements for our students.  

TCC has remained true to its Vision Statement and Core Values, endeavouring to place the love of Christ, made manifest in the strong, resilient relationships that staff strive to build with students, as the foundation for everything we do.  (I love this truism: “Get the relationships right and everything else falls into place!”)

As you will know from my recent emails, while we have been busily involved in the hustle and bustle of everyday school life, a significant political battle has been fought in the hallowed halls of Canberra.

Once again, I want to place on record my sincere appreciation for Christian Schools Australia and, in particular, Mark Spencer, who has been at the forefront in ensuring that the story of faith-based schools is told – and retold – among our parliamentarians, and in so doing, countering all the misinformation that is being purveyed while creating a deeper understanding of faith-based organisations’ needs.

Here is an excerpt from Mark’s email distributed today after the final sitting for the year of the House of Representatives:

“Moments ago the House of Representatives adjourned for the year.  We can now conclusively say that there will be no amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth) this year.

This was not an outcome we expected at various times over the last month, indeed at a couple of points, we seemed moments away from a vote that would have almost certainly resulted in the removal of protections for religious freedom.  We have seen both the hand of God at work, in some very mysterious ways, and the results of the work of His people – you and your school communities at the heart of these people.”

Mark goes on to speak of the significant impact that your emails and calls have had in Canberra – so, THANK YOU to each one of you who has taken the time to contact Senators and MPs in recent months!

In a couple of weeks time, we will be celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I trust that, as you and your family and your friends gather to eat and drink and be merry and share gifts that you will make time in your day to retell The Story and dwell on the love of a God who was prepared to create, and sacrifice, a son in order to redeem us! Amazing gift, amazing miracle!

As this year draws to a close, we bid farewell to a number of staff members:

      • Zoe Defrain leaves us to begin a year of maternity leave. We pray for a perfect birth in a perfect way and celebrate the miracle of new life.
      • Deb Everson leaves us to begin a year of maternity leave. We pray for a perfect birth in a perfect way and celebrate the miracle of life.
      • Joe Kennedy leaves TCC after a decade of great teaching to take up a position at Bethel Christian School in Albany where he will, once again, be closer to his family.
      • Selina Greenaway is moving to Sydney and then plans to travel and engage in international mission work.
      • Matt Caporn leaves TCC after a decade of great teaching to take up a position at Carey Forrestdale Campus.

Each of these wonderful people leaves having made an indelible impression on the lives of countless students during their years with us.  We give thanks for them. We give thanks that God saw fit to bring them to be a part of TCC and we give thanks for the new chapters that each begins in the coming months.

In closing, may I take this opportunity to thank you for journeying alongside us as we have engaged with your children over the course of this year?

To those students and families who leave us at the end of this year, we pray every blessing over you as you begin your new chapters.  It is our hope that you will take Christ away with you, and keep Him close to you, in the months and years to come.

To those students and families who will be returning next year, have a wonderful holiday, rest well, enjoy the blessing of family and we look forward to beginning a new and fresh journey with you next year.

God bless


General News

Last Day of Term 2018

Thursday 13 December

School finishes at 1:10 pm

Buses depart at 1:20 pm.

Parent Survey

Thank you to all of those parents that have already completed the online survey. Your feedback is valued.

If you have not done so, it is not too late as responses are due by Thursday, December 13. Here is the link Parent Survey 2018.

Term Dates 2019

Uniform Shop

Uniform shop opening days in Jan 2019

22,23,24                       Jan 8:15am – 3:45pm
29,30,31                       Jan 8:15 am – 3:45pm
4,5,6,7                           Feb 8:15am-3:45pm
Just a reminder: The new primary uniforms are only compulsory from 2020, so for next year, if they still have them, students can still wear their old uniforms.

Primary News

Dear Primary Parents,

It was a wonderful time on Friday night at the Primary Christmas Concert! Well done to Mrs Chiew and all the staff and students involved! It was a great evening! Every year, it is so special to sing and proclaim the true meaning of Christmas. We live in a world that may not understand that God loves the world. In John 3:16 the Bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have eternal life.” Wow! That is good news!

As we come to the end of another year, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. Education is a partnership between parents and staff, so I want to let you know how much we appreciate the trust you place in us, the staff, as we work together to help your child reach their full potential and become all that God made them to be.

Here is a brief overview of what is coming up in the Primary School:

Year 6 Class of 2018 Special Assembly at 9 am on Tuesday 11th December in the MPH

We will come together as a Primary School for the final time to celebrate the end of Primary School for the Year 6 Class of 2018. This is a significant occasion in the schooling-life of a student, so we want to honour their achievements and growth throughout their Primary school years.

Year 6 Class of 2018 Special Luncheon at 12 noon onwards on Tuesday 11th December

The Year 6 Classes will be honoured at a Special Luncheon after the morning assembly and a photo-shoot. Following the assembly, they will have a photo-shoot before having a guest speaker take them for a motivational session. This will then lead into lunch which will be held in the MPH.

Semester Two Primary School Reports released via SEQTA on Wednesday 12th December

The Semester Two Primary School Reports will be released via SEQTA on Wednesday 12th December at 4 pm. Your child’s report/s for this Semester will be available on SEQTA Engage.  All assessable work for this semester will have a result, and with some of the assessments, there will also be a comment. The Class Teacher will also provide you with a separate comment summarising their overall performance in all areas of College life. Here is a general explanation of the Letter Grade Achievement Descriptors:

  • A – Excellent
    • The student is working at a very high standard for their year level and  demonstrates excellent achievement of what is expected for this year level
  • B – High
    • The student is working above average for their year level and demonstrates high achievement of what is expected for this year level.
  • C – Satisfactory
    • The student is working at their year level and demonstrates satisfactory achievement of what is expected for this year level.
  • D – Limited
    • The student is working below what is expected for their year level and demonstrates limited achievement of what is expected for this year level.
  • E – Very Low
    • The student demonstrates very low achievement of what is expected for this year level.

Please note: If your child is working at their year level, they should get a ‘C’ grade. Each year, as they move up to the next year level, and if they continue to work at their year level, they should continue to get a ‘C’ grade.

Remember, there will not be a hard copy of the 2018 Semester Two Report sent out to you via mail from the College; however, if you prefer to have a hard copy of the report, you will need to save a copy onto your own personal device and print a copy of the PDF file.

If you are having any trouble accessing the report on SEQTA, please do not hesitate to contact the College via an email to the SEQTA Support Team at

Kindy & Pre-primary Reports will be mailed out as in previous years, but the rest of the Primary School will receive their reports via SEQTA. (Also, please remember, that there are no Parent/Teacher Interviews at the end of Semester Two.)

Last Day for Students on Thursday 13th December

The last day for Term 4 is on Thursday 13th December and school finishes at 1.10pm for both Primary & Secondary students. Buses will depart at 1:20 pm. (Lunch Orders for Primary Students only can be made for Thursday. The students will have classes in the morning, then lunch as normal; however, at the end of lunch, they will return to their class to be dismissed by their teachers at 1.10pm.)

Class Lists for 2019

The Staff have been working together on the class lists over the last few weeks. We go through a very extensive process of selection of the Class Lists for the coming year. There any many different issues that are taken into consideration when developing the Class Lists. (Parental Input throughout the year is also included in the consideration of class lists whenever relevant to the factors listed below.)

Here are the factors that are taken into consideration when developing the class lists:

  • Gender
  • Academic Standards of Students
  • Education Support Requirements
  • Student Learning Styles
  • Special Needs Children
  • Friendships
  • Negative Relationships
  • Peer Groups
  • Pastoral Care Recommendations
  • Staff Teaching Approach/Personality
  • Family Issues

The Class Lists will be finalized at the commencement of Term One in 2019 when enrolments are completed and class sizes are determined. They will be posted on the doors of each classroom for the students when they arrive at school on Monday 4th February 2019. Thank you for your support with this matter, and if you have any questions regarding the procedures followed in order to make up the Class Lists, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Stanway.

School begins for Students on Monday 4th February 2019

(Admin returns on Monday 14th January and Teaching staff return on Wednesday 30th January 2019.)

I trust that you will have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. I pray that God will bless you abundantly during this time, and I look forward to seeing you again in 2019!

Kind Regards,

Mr Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

The final bell is about to sound for this year. It has been a very busy but productive year. May I congratulate all students who have achieved the goals that they had set themselves for the year and realized the grades comparable to their ability and are now ready for a new year in 2019

Thank you to our parents who have supported their child/ren and all of the happenings that have taken place over the year. We appreciate your input and look forward to working with you again in 2019 so that every child has a desire to be at school, to have a thirst for learning, and achieve to the best of their ability in all of their subjects.

Presentation, Awards, Graduation and Completing of Middle School Evenings

It was so encouraging to see a “packed” house at the Senior School Awards and Yr 12 Presentation evening.  Thank you for your support, attendance and having your child in the correct uniform for the evening. It certainly assisted us to make sure we uphold the professional standard set for all of our students.

May I once again congratulate all of the students who received Highest Achiever, Commendation and the other major awards on the evening. While we congratulate and celebrate with those students who have achieved significant success  through hard work even if it is assisted by natural talent, and deserves praise, we also recognise that respect, honour, integrity and love, hope and faith are lived out among our College students and all people in the world in ways that will not win awards, but which will make a profound difference to this world and its people.

Middle School Awards and Presentation Evening  – Thursday, December 13

This is the final event for the year and a very important one where we celebrate excellence for all our students, not just those fortunate enough to receive an award. All students in the Middle School (Years 7, 8, 9) are required to attend. An invitation is extended to all parents and it is our hope that this event will be given a high priority. The evening is to commence at 7:00 pm and is to be held in the College Multi-Purpose Hall. All students are required to wear the full College Summer uniform including correct socks and shoes.

The night will feature presentations to the highest achievers in all areas of College life, a few important speeches, and one of the highlights of the evening will be the whole Middle School item where all students in the Middle School will come together on stage and present a message in song. Our Middle School Bands Choir and Dance students will also be performing. This performance is always spectacular to watch and to listen to over 200 students praising God together. There will also be the announcement and induction of the 2019 Prefects, Head Girl and Head Boy.

If for some reason, your child is not able to attend the Awards night, it would be appreciated if you could contact me at the College prior to the evening to register an apology.

Students in the Middle School will be released on Thursday at 1.10 pm so that they can have a rest and be back for the Awards Evening.  There will be a brief assembly prior to them leaving where achievements certificates and English week prizes will be given out.

Rotary Scholarships

The Rotary Club of Southern Districts has for some time offered educational scholarships for our Year 10 students that will be continuing on with their education into Year 11 and 12 at the College. The scholarships were presented by Ms Julie Ninnis, Director Vocational Services to two students in Year 10.  We thank the Rotary Club of Southern Districts for their generous scholarships recognizing outstanding academic achievement and to those who have shown leadership within the College and the wider community. We congratulate Jull Dutt and Amy Warren as the recipients of this Educational Scholarship for 2019.

Year 10 Adventure Camp

The Year 10’s have just returned from their outdoor adventure experience sleeping under the stars at Wellington Dam near Collie, living close to nature, deep in the dense old-growth jarrah forest.  The camp provided all of them with some challenges to overcome, sleeping in tents, cooking their own meals from ingredients provided and attempting activities that they may never have experienced before, including Abseiling, Rafting, Croc rafting and  Bush walking. The camp was very successful with the objectives being achieved and many overcoming the challenges that they were presented with. (Photos and a video of the camp will be put on the Year 10 portal.

Middle School English Week

English Week 2019 has come and gone. Students’ skills were once again challenged with the variety of word games selected by the English teachers and with teamwork and cooperation, they have had fun garnering points for their house factions. For those who are highly competitive, the game of Word Twist (similar to Scrabble) provided them with an opportunity to flaunt their extensive and impressive vocabulary. All in all, students have enjoyed the break from the routine of the term.

A new initiative this year was the selection of the colour Blue (one of the College’s colours) to represent English Week and Middle School English classrooms were swathed in blue streamers, blue balloons, blue party hats and even the English teachers came dressed in blue! Another addition to English Week was the interesting literature quiz questions put up each day in the respective classrooms to pique students’ interests in things literary. Our aim is to inspire our students to read these works of literature which have helped shaped the world we live in.

The Spellathon Championship and the Writers’ Awards were among two of the highlights in English Week. Congratulations to all the Spellathon finalists as it was no mean feat to stand in front of an attentive audience and spell many challenging words under stress and time constraints. They are Caroline Hartono, Neil Becker, Efe Osaghae, Lauren Vardy, Jessica Sharma, Joshua Choi, Naomi Becker and Jeremiah Chin. After a gruelling competition, Jessica Sharma emerged as the 2019 Spellathon Champion. The winners and runners-up of the Writers’ Awards will be announced next week at the Middle School final assembly – so stay tuned.

And before you know it, English Week 2019 will come around all too soon and we look forward to more fun and excitement in the next year.

Mrs Joan Lee      Learning Area Coordinator – English

Ryder Driver Safety and Awareness Programme 

On Monday, November 26  the whole Year 10 cohort were involved in the Ryder Driver Safety and Awareness Programme organised by the Southern Districts Rotary Club. This was held on the College Campus.  The Ryder programme is designed to reduce the trauma on our roads by encouraging our Year 10 students to take a more responsible attitude to motoring. The programme included educational activities on road safety. It was developed by Rotarians and is delivered by Road safety Education Limited.  This was a first for the College and from the success of the programme, it is envisaged that it will become an annual event.  Our thanks to Mr Dutt, President of the Rotary Club of Southern River and other members of the club for sponsoring this very worthwhile programme for our students.

HASS  Year 8 Enterprise Day

On Wednesday,  December 5, the Year 8s participated in the Enterprise Day. Our market stalls each had something unique to offer, which resulted in a successful day filled with fun!

There were many exciting and clever stalls. For instance, some groups decided to sell either slime, playdough or even Orbeez at their stall, while others put together a variety of enjoyable games that included water balloons or chalk bombs, etc. A very successful stall was the face painting one, as that group consisted of a variety of talented artists! There was a Jar Raffle Competition, a Photo Booth and even a PlayStation stall which drew in lots of students ready to compete against each other.

The Year 8s all learnt to work in a team, which for some, was a bit of a struggle, but in most groups, everyone pulled their weight. We also learnt about appropriate pricing, catering to our target market via the principles of demand and supply.

Overall, the Market Day Stalls were very successful and it was indeed a steep learning curve for all of us. We are super happy to have been given the opportunity to provide this experience to the Year 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 classes. Let me just mention that we are even more pleased to have raised $989.35  profit to be sent to farmers over East who are currently in a very difficult situation due to continuing years of drought. In conclusion, we would like to thank the TCC community for your advice, encouragement and support and for making this event a success.

By Lauryn Heath

Year 7 Cohort  Breakfast

The Year 7 cohort all gathered together for one last time in unity to share a breakfast signifying the end of the year. All students eagerly tucked into the delights on offer and enjoyed talking and eating with each other, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. A big thank you to the Year 7 Form teachers, Mrs Arcila, Mr Eicker and Mr Holloway who have been instrumental in creating exciting and interesting activities for their students as well as shared experiences with the current Year 6 classes throughout this year.

Mrs Madeline Lynam  Yr 7 Year Co-ordinator

Year 8 visit to the Year 2  Primary School Students

This year in Biblical Studies, Year 8s have been looking at how the Old Testament points to Jesus. Their assignment was to create an Illustrated Children’s Bible, summarising the stories they had studied in class and how each story helps us understand Jesus better.

This week the students read their completed work to the year 2 students. It was a great opportunity to have students teaching other students God’s Word. The Year 2s were very impressed with how clever the Year 8s were, and the Year 8s were very impressed at how well the Year 2s could read! It was a lovely time spent making new friendships across the school.  Mrs Michelle Underwood  Teacher in Charge Biblical Studies

Primary  Fun Day

The Prefects and the Prefects in Training as their first joint venture together was to plan, organise and run a Primary School Fun Day.  The day included all of the year groups participating in five different activities on a rotational programme.  It was wonderful to see not only the brilliant teamwork and planning of the Prefects but the enjoyment on the faces of the students from Year 1-6 in the Primary School as it was their turn to have some fun.  Well done to the 2019 Prefects and Prefects in Training.

Year Nine Completion of Middle School  Luncheon

The Year Nines will celebrate the completion of Middle School with a luncheon at Sizzlers on Wednesday.  This will provide the opportunity for all three Form classes to come together as a whole year group and share a meal together with their Form Teachers, Mrs Stryder, Mrs Greenaway and Mr Eikelboom.

Prefects of 2018

HEAD GIRL  –  Tara Ramirez         HEAD BOY   Dani John Cherian

Karl  Bien                 Ben Jones               Shalom Kee                 Romaine Pavey

Mikayla Erdelyi       Krichelle Peries      Hayley Pfitzner            Justin Raji

Zachary Halse         Pamela Sibanda    Dustin Tadawan         Timothy Higgins

I would like to take this opportunity to thank publically the Prefects for 2018.  It has been my privilege to work along side them and watch them grow as leaders as they have planned, and introduced many worthwhile new initiatives and continued with others  These Prefects have worked hard to make a difference in the College and they certainly have. Not only in the Secondary but across the whole College community.  This team has been a very cohesive team. No challenge given to any of you have you walked away from and not followed through with it and given it a go.  They planned with their Liaisons what they wanted to achieve at the very beginning of the year at the Prefect Retreat and they have gone all out to make it all happen and more. Tara and Dani Head Girl and Head Boy, have been true leaders. They have worked together and complement each other within the role.

To the House and Vice House Captains, Heads of the Student Council, Student Councillors, Sound Team leaders and Leavers Jacket thank you for your contribution to the many other facets of College life.

I hope that each one of you will continue to accept new leadership challenges in whatever you do in the future and continue to lead and serve God.

Prefects for 2019

At both of the Awards evenings, the 2019 Prefects were announced. Congratulations to the following students who have been selected and we look forward to their leadership next year.

HEAD GIRL     Lily Smith

HEAD BOY      Lachlan Walli

Confirmation of Subjects

By now you will have received a letter confirming the subjects/courses that your child has chosen for next year and in some cases there may have been a request for re-choosing a subject/course.  If you would like to further discuss these choices, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at the College before the last day on Friday or after January 23.


Reports are in the process of being completed and will be released on SEQTA on Wednesday of next week (December 12) after 4.00 pm

Farewell to staff

Unfortunately, it is always sad to farewell staff who have made a significant contribution to TCC.  This year we farewell Mrs Zoe Defrain who will be taking Maternity Leave for the next 12 months. I would like to thank her sincerely for the professional way she has gone about her teaching and for her love and care of all those who have been in her classes throughout her time at the College.  We wish her well as she leaves to have her little one and wish her every blessing for their future.

Year Seven  2019

The Year 7’s next year will be experiencing something new in the first week of the term.  They will be involved in an overnight camp to be held at Majedal Activity Centre with the purpose of creating a great start and the tone to their Middle Schooling. This will be held on Thursday and Friday of the first week back.  Information packs are at Parent Services for the current Year 6 Parents to pick up.  The objective of the camp is to create a corporate identity,  build community, build strong teacher and student relationships, create a sense of purpose and create a sense of thriving together.  Students will be involved in various activities to encourage them to work as a team and overcome some challenges that will be presented to them and to bring the cohort together as a united team.  It augers to be a great time together to start the next journey of their educational career.

As we come to the end of 2018:

We praise and thank God for:

  • the year that has passed and the many achievements that have been attained
  • His wisdom and guidance in all that we strive to do at the College
  • parents and other family members who have made such significant financial and time commitment to have their children educated at TCC
  • dedicated staff who give of themselves way beyond the call of duty – they give of their personal time and energy to ensure that they are making a difference and that their students are achieving their personal best.
  • all of the new families commencing in 2019

May I thank you all once again for your loyal support over the year in all facets of College Life and I hope that the College has continued to operate smoothly in meeting the needs of all member of the community.

To those students and families that will not be returning, I hope that your connections with the College remain strong and that there is much to look back on with satisfaction and enjoyment.  God’s peace, wisdom and guidance to all of you as you commence on a new journey.

May I take this opportunity of wishing every member of the College family a blessed holy season and holiday as we celebrate the great Christian festival of Christmas and may the message of Christmas be evident in our lives and in the College community in 2019.

Mrs Helen Balding

Head of Secondary

Community News

Canning Districts Hockey Club inc.

Are you looking for a new team sport to play in 2019?

Canning Cougars have a team for you. We have vacancies in all of our teams for the 2019 season.

Our Hookin2Hockey Program for pre-primary to year 4’s starts early May 2019 at Ferndale Reserve on our mini turf on Wednesdays from 4.30-5.30pm.

Our junior teams for year 5 and up train Wednesday nights starting late March 2019 and play Saturday morning starting May 2019.

For more information on our junior and senior teams check out our website or contact Elaine Foote, club president on 0417 954 414 or

Registrations open early 2019

School Holiday Cheerleading Program

January School Holiday Cheerleading Classes are being run for students of all ages and abilities by Edge Flight Allstars.

 For $40 students can take part in four classes and learn the basics of tumbling, stunting, jumps and dance. The classes are designed to be fun, encouraging and welcoming for all participants.

 As part of the holiday program, Edge Flight Allstars will donate part of the proceeds back to our school so it would be appreciated if you can select Thornlie Christian College when you make a booking.

 For class times and further information on the classes, you can book through try bookings

 You can also find out more about Edge Flight Allstars on their webpage or by calling 93259471

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