Newsletter 1 February 2019

From The Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of TCC


It is with a sense of anticipation that I welcome you to the new academic year of 2019.

I trust that you have enjoyed a wonderful break with family and friends and that your children are looking forward to a new year at TCC, with all the opportunities and experiences that are available to them in this exciting new year!

Beginning a new school year can be stressful for some children.

Beginning a new year at a new school, potentially even more so.

Please know that, whether your child is transitioning from one year to the next within the College, or joining us for the first time, we are committed to ensuring that your child’s transition is seamless, positive and enjoyable.

Remember, we are just a phone call away should you need to contact us for any reason. (9455-1607)


Thornlie Christian College offers a complete education from Kindergarten to Year 12.  This continuum allows us to invest in the development of each child’s worldview, life skills and academic skills that each of our students requires in order to be successful in the increasingly confusing and competitive world in which we live today.  

Here is a brief snapshot of the results achieved by our Year 12 students in 2018.

They attest to the ongoing quality of a TCC education:

  • We had a Year 12 cohort of 57 students.
  • 53 achieved WACE Certificates.  (92.98%)
  • 4 Students achieved an ATAR above 90.
  • 8 Students achieved Certificates of Merit.
  • 2 Students received a Certificate of Distinction.
  • 1 Student achieved an award for Excellence in VET.
  • 26 students (General Vocational Pathway) achieved a Certificate ll or higher.
  • 29 students achieved an ATAR
  • TCC’s median ATAR was 72.25%
  • 42 students applied for university entrance and, to date 40 have been offered a place at a University
  • 11 students applied to TAFE or Private Providers
  • Chosen areas of study include Criminology, Nursing, Chemical Science, Creative Media, Education, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Mechanical Engineering,  Biological Sciences, Medical Radiation Science, Commerce, Civil and Construction Engineering, Bio-Chemistry, Environmental Science, Health Science Pharmacy.


Thornlie Christian College is proud of our students who have used their God-given talents so effectively.  



We welcome the following new staff members onto our team this year:

Jason Wicks Yr 6 Teacher.

Lou-Ann Hesselman   Yr 5 Teacher.

Ruth Hanham Yr 5 part-time Teacher.

Steve Kennedy Yr 4 Teacher.  

Liz Scaffidi    Kindy Teacher (1 day) and Yr2 Teacher (2days)

Veronica Timpani Education Assistant – Primary School


A first for the Secondary School – we have no new staff joining us –  but we do have a number of changes in roles and responsibilities:

Madeline Lynam Middle Schooling Co-ordinator

Bronwyn Arcila Year 7 Year Co-ordinator

Angus Southwood Transitions the Primary/Secondary divide, teaching Technologies in both the

Primary School and Year 7 in the Middle School

Anita Nair Teacher-in-charge of Secondary Media and IT

Gareth  Barnard Coordinator of Extramural Sports Programmes in the Secondary School


Jess Judd Student Services Officer in a fulltime capacity while Deb Evensen is on maternity leave.  


Other Staffing news:

Isabella Thong joins us as Mrs D’Silva having married during the holidays.

Lou-Ann Anderson has been both a student teacher and a relief teacher with us in the past but returns in a

permanent capacity as Mrs Hesselman, having married during the holidays.

Wabo Majinda married Alison during the holidays

Melissa Ide is on maternity leave having given birth last term.

Adele Iwanowski is celebrating her second pregnancy.

Deb Evenson gave birth to her third child late last year and is on maternity leave


Joan Magno and Karien Sharp both celebrated their new Australian citizenship on Australia Day last weekend.



Our Grounds & Maintenance Team has been hard at work over the holiday break ensuring that the campus is in tip-top condition for our students’ return. A summary of their efforts in preparation for 2019:

  • A major revamp of Student Services, the Sick Bay and Chaplain’s Office as well as new corporate signage and a bit of an external clean up outside Student Services and the Uniform Shop.
  • Five new Refrigerated Water Fountains across both the Primary and Secondary Campuses. (Generously funded by our hard-working and committed Parents-in-Action group)
  • Repainting the externals of Rooms D1-6
  • Scheduled repainting of a number of classroom internals.
  • Erection of two new sheds for storage in the Primary School.
  • Maintaining the Gardens and Ovals in pristine condition – despite the overly-warm weather.
  • The usual General Maintainance that can only be undertaken during holidays when the students are away.

In the pipeline:

  • A new Shelter on the Main Oval to replace the old one that we decommissioned last year due to its age and condition.


Uniform Shop: Jo van der Merwe, our Uniform Shop Manager, has done even more work in the Uniform Shop, streamlining the Shop-front Experience and Service to our families


The ICT Team has also been very busy over the holiday period:

  • Installing sixty new computers in our new Digital Media and Technologies Laboratories.  
  • Installing a number of new Interactive White Boards across the campus
  • Improving Wifi reception across the campus
  • Rolling out new staff laptops.


In the pipeline:

  • A new, vastly improved Public Address/Class Intercom system to be installed across the College by the start of Term Two.



Thornlie Christian College strives to be a place where Christ is front-and-centre in all of its endeavours.

At our recent pre-start Staff Retreat, we focussed both corporately and individually, on our commitment to actively seek God’s will in all aspects of College life and growth.  


We want our College to be a beacon of light and hope into our broader community.

Last year the College, in partnership with our two churches – Thornlie Church of Christ and Southern River Church of Christ – began conducting community events together. Our amazing Community Carol Service at the end of last year was one such successful initiative.  We plan to build on this platform again this year.


The Challenges of Successful Learning

As the challenges and complexities of preparing our students for the rapidly developing and changing the working environment of the future escalate, we recognise that there has to be an effective partnership between teachers and parents as we help our children to discover how they learn and then develop those skills.  This cannot be done in isolation – what is taught in the classrooms must be consolidated in the home.  Most students require some form of supervision and oversight at home if these habits are to gain any kind of permanent traction. I appeal to you to engage with your children’s teachers to ensure that you are working together for the benefit of your child.



As we begin every new year, it is important to have an understanding of our Core Drivers as they impact on your children’s learning environment, and I want to invite you to join with us as we do life together in Christian community.

Here’s what you need to know:


The College has a Core Purpose: Education Under the Lordship of Christ.

This answers the question: “Why do we Exist?”

By way of explanation, at Thornlie Christian College we regard our work as an act of worship to God.

Whether we are teaching, mowing lawns or balancing budgets, we acknowledge that we are doing it to

grow God’s Kingdom in this place.



The College has a set of Core Values:

 Learn for Eternity             

Grow in Christ

 Love Unconditionally               

Live in Relationship

Strive for Excellence                 

Equip for Service

These answer the question:   “How do we Behave?

By way of explanation, we as the TCC community, acknowledge and strive to ensure that everything we do and say is done in a manner that reflects Christ.

Being human, we do get it wrong from time to time. However, when we get it wrong we recognise our personal responsibility to seek to restore the situation in a manner that is good before God.



The College has a Vision Statement: Thornlie Christian College seeks to develop people of influence who engage life   from a Christian worldview, providing them with the skills to succeed in their life and calling.

 This answers the question:     “What do we do?”

By way of explanation, underpinning the academic education that we provide at Thornlie Christian College is our  intention to ensure that every student comes to understand that:

  • we are each a unique creation and that God has created us in His image,
  • He has created us with a purpose for our lives
  • in order to fulfil His purposes, He wants us to view the world as He views the world.  (He created the world and all that is in it. He gave mankind – us – dominion over His world. He entrusted it to us and He requires us to look after His Creation.)
  • His Son, Jesus, instructed us further, to Love God first and then to Love our Neighbour.  



2019 THEME

Our Theme, this year, calls upon each of us to grow in Wisdom.

Our verse is taken from the book of Proverbs 2:6   It is the Lord who gives Wisdom; from Him come knowledge and understanding.

We want our students to understand this and then seek to actively grow in Wisdom, something that can only be achieved when we are in deep relationship with Him.  


Together, our Core Purpose, Core Values and Vision Statement, along with our Annual Themes, provide us with a framework and focus for all of our efforts.

In as much as we hold ourselves accountable to these guidelines, we seek to see them reflected, and acted upon, within our Community. I commend them to you for your consideration.


In closing, do remember to consult the College Calendar online for forthcoming events.

Looking forward to an amazing year ahead!



Bill Innes


General News

Thornlie Christian College Commencement Service

9 am on Tuesday 5th February in the MPH

Our Commencement service is a significant event each year in the life of Thornlie Christian College.  It is a time when we worship together and pray together for the College, its families, students, leaders, staff and community.

Parents are most welcome to join us as we begin the year together as a whole-school community.


Biodegradable & Compostable

The Canteen is now using Biodegradable and Compostable cutlery, containers and straws for all our lunches.

I Owe You

We are implementing a new procedure for IOY’s this year.
We will not be sending notes out as a reminder for parents to pay the lunch that students received from the Canteen due to lunch bags or money left at home.  Parents will still receive a call from Student Services informing them about the situation and then be transferred to the Canteen for immediate payment with our EFTPOS facility.

Canteen Menu

The Canteen Menu for Term One is now available on SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn under Important Links.

Elizabeth Nel
Canteen Manager

Stephan Competing in National Rugby Competition

Congratulations to Stephan van der Klashorst on being selected to play in the Under 12s Touring team for WA.
The Beasts U12 Touring team for WA will compete in the southern hemispheres largest U12 union tournament in Armidale, NSW.  Teams from NSW and QLD compete in the tournament.
The boys take part in the TAS Rugby Carnival which includes 66 other teams from across the country.  The Beasts are the only WA team and ended up being Division 1 R/U in 2018.
Well done! Stephan.

Primary News

Dear Parents,

Welcome back for 2019!

I trust that you have had a wonderful time over the Christmas & New Year holiday season with your family and friends. It is so nice enjoying relaxing together over summer. We went down the coast near Bunbury in our caravan, and we also went to Albany to spend some time with our family. I feel refreshed and ready for the new year. The staff have been busy getting their classes ready, and we have been meeting together this week for planning and programming purposes.

Here is some information regarding the Primary School

School begins for students on Monday 4th February 2019

The first day of school for students is on Monday 4th February. (The class lists will be posted on the door of each classroom so that students know what class they are in.)

Primary School Staff for 2019

Kindy – Ms Tarryn Rankine & Mrs Elizabeth Scaffidi (Wed. DOTT)

Pre-Primary DM – Mrs Danelee Moller & Mrs Wen Halim (Wed.)

Pre-Primary KH – Mrs Kylie Halse & Mrs Adele Iwanowski (Wed./Thurs. DOTT)

Year 1IT – Mrs Isabella D’Sylva (Previously, Miss Thong, but now she is married!)

Year 1JC – Miss Jessica Coombe

Year 2BS – Mrs Marga Burton (M/T/W) & Mrs Elizabeth Scaffidi (T/F)

Year 2VN – Mrs Vari Ndlovu

Year 3ME – Mrs Michelle Evans

Year 3AC – Mrs Amy Chidzey

Year 4DH – Mrs Donna Harrex

Year 4SK – Mr Stephen Kennedy

Year 5FH – Mrs Andrea Flipse & Mrs Ruth Hanham (T/F)

Year 5LH – Mrs Lou-Ann Hesselman

Year 6MM – Ms Melissa Martinz

Year 6JW – Mr Jason Wicks

LOTE – Mrs Raj Pitts

Music – Mrs Priscilla Chiew

Technologies – Mr Angus Southwood

PE/Sport – Mr Matthew Splatt

Ed Development – Mrs Carol O’Sullivan

Ed Development – Mrs Clara Francis

Educational Assistants

Kindy – Danuta Swales
Kindy – Jenny Pin
Kindy – Natalie Stewart
PPDM – Jo van der Westhuizen
PPDM – Veronica Timpany
PPKH – Helen Weckman
Year 1 – Thersia Mostert
Year 1 – Ansie Swarts
Special Needs – Engela Du Toit
Special Needs – Barbara Baverstock

Primary Leadership Team

Head of Primary – Mr Neville Stanway

Early Learning Coordinator – Mrs Kylie Halse

Ed Development/Special Needs Coordinator – Mrs Lindley Thompson

Curriculum Coordinator/Christian Living – Miss Allison Williams

Curriculum Coordinator/Staff Development – Mrs Andrea Flipse

Student Development Coordinator – Mr Matthew Splatt

Whole School Commencement Service at 9 am on Tuesday 5th February in the MPH

To begin the year, the whole-school will come together for a Commencement Service. It is a time when we worship together, pray together and share the theme for 2019. Parents are most welcome to join us as we begin the year together as a whole-school community.

State Swim Swimming Forms

In Term 1, the students will be having Swimming Lessons with State Swim. We need to have the following forms filled out and returned to the classroom teacher so that they can be put into their current group. These forms are due by:

General Swimming Lesson Information

  • Year 3 to Year 6 to be held in Week 3/4 – Mon. 18th February to Fri. 1st March 2019
  • Year 1 & Year 2 to be held in Week 5/6 – Tues. 5th March to Fri. 15th March 2019


Primary Uniform Transition – To be completed by the end of Term 1 in 2020


  • All Primary students can wear their sports uniform, whether new or old or a combination of both, on any or every day of the week.


Students who have the current formal uniform and the current Sports uniform can continue to wear the formal uniform on non-sport days, and then the Sports uniform on their sports day until the end of Term 1 in 2020. Those who may have recently bought new items can still get over 1 year of use before the transition is completed by the end of Term 1 in 2020, so hopefully, this change will not inconvenience anyone.

(If you need any further clarification on these changes, please refer your question to either myself, Mr Stanway, or Jo, in the Uniform Shop.)


Primary Parent Information Night – Tuesday 12th February 2019

I would like to invite you to the Primary School Parent Information Night on Tuesday 12th February. We will commence the evening with a whole Primary School Meeting in the Multi-purpose Hall at 6 pm followed by Class Information Sessions in the various classrooms between 6.40pm & 7.10pm, and 7.15pm & 7.45pm respectively. (The teachers will repeat their session to accommodate those families with more than one child in the Primary School.)

The purpose of this evening is to gather together as a Parent Body, inform you of a number of new things that are happening and to give you an opportunity to meet with the staff. I encourage you to come along and hear about the exciting things that are happening this year, and to join us as we move forward together in 2019!

I am really excited about this year, and I know the staff are too. It is great watching the students arriving at school and meeting with their friends after the holidays. I trust that you have a great weekend, and I hope to see you on Monday!


Kind regards,


Neville Stanway

Head of Primary

Secondary News

A very warm welcome to the new academic year at Thornlie Christian College. I hope that you have all enjoyed a wonderful break and are excited about the new year ahead. We are looking forward to a smooth start to the term, and all preparation has been put into place to ensure students settle back into the school routine very quickly. We trust that at your end all making sure everything is just right before the term commencing.

We will commence the year with 396 students in the Secondary School. We welcome the many new students and their families and pray that their time at the College will be one of enrichment and fulfilment.

Staffing in the Secondary School basically remains the same. Mrs Zoe Defrain will be taking a year’s Maternity leave, and her position has been filled internally with Mrs Anita Nair teaching Media to the Year 12’s, Miss Tamara Britza teaching Creative Industries Media to the Year 11’s and Mr Angus Southwood taking on a Year 7 Form and IT with the Year 7’s. He will work across both the Primary and Secondary campus teaching Information Technology.

There have been a few promotional changes. Mrs Madeline Lynam is moving into the position of Middle Schooling Co-ordinator looking after areas of the curriculum. Mrs Bronwyn Arcila, the Year 7 Co-ordinator, Mrs Anita Nair, Teacher in Charge of Information Technology and Media, Mr Gareth Barnard, Co-ordinator of a new initiative, Module 0 and 8 Sport and Shan Tee has increased her hours working now all day on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mr Damian Cochrane will be in charge of the new subject of Permaculture, introduced as an Elective in Year 10.

Day One

New students to the College are asked to report to the tents outside Administration. Our Prefects will then escort them and their parents if they wish to their Form room and introduce them to their Form Teacher. All new students will have a student mentor to look after them for the first week. As a parent, if you have any concerns over this transition period, please do not hesitate to contact either your child’s Form teacher, the Year co-ordinator or myself to discuss your concern.
Current students can access their timetables on SEQTA to confirm which room they are in for their Form Class. Form Class information will also be available on a whiteboard near administration.

Uniform Term One

Just a reminder that the full College Summer uniform is to be worn which includes the College Hat or Cap. For Sport, all students must have the correct Sports uniform. This includes the correct, predominately white shoes, and for swimming the correct swimming attire. If you need clarification, please refer to the College Uniform Policy.

Year 7 Camp

A new initiative this year will be an overnight camp for the Year 7’s. The Camp will be held on Thursday and Friday of Week One at the Manjedal Activity Centre in Byford. An exciting programme has been put together, so we hope that all of the students will have a great time building relationships between staff and their peers, create an identity as a Year 7 cohort and accept and master challenges that they will be faced with while participating in the carefully organised activities.

Parent Information Evenings

Parent Information and Meet The Teacher Evenings in the Senior School
Eat Greet and Meet in the Middle School evenings.
(not to be missed)
Our Parent Information Evenings, held during Weeks 3 and 4 of Term One, provide an opportunity for the College to share important and relevant information with families and for parents to get to meet staff and to meet parents in their child’s cohort. There are two such information evenings.

Year 10 February 12 at in the Multi-Purpose Hall.
Year 11 February 12 at 6.30 pm in the Multi-Purpose Hall
Year 7, 8 9, February 19 will be holding an Eat Greet and Meet evening.

We will provide further details very shortly via an email, giving you all of the information relative to each of the meetings and get-togethers.
The Staff are looking forward to meeting you at these important meetings.

Student Leadership Team for 2019

It is always exciting to see a new group of students excited about taking on their new roles in Leadership. The following students are to be congratulated on their election to their position on the Student Leadership Team for 2019. We wish them every success for the coming year.

Prefects 2019

Head Girl Lily Smith
Head Boy Lachlan Wallis

Serena Beacher
Hayley Bowling
Reuben Fildes
Jacob Freeman
Samuel Hodgson
Michaela Lumsden
Masimba Mbetu
Nathania Naidoo
Nicolene Prinsloo
Jordan Prosser
Tiger Ross
Josiah Wong

A Prefect Retreat will be held on Saturday February 16 where the Prefects will be allocated their Chairperson Roles. They will also have an opportunity to listen to some guest speakers speaking to them on what is required of a leader, effective communication, how to lead from a Biblical perspective, how to use the gifts and talents that God has given to each of them and how best to develop these skills to be a dynamic leader.
The Staff Liaison’s will join them in the afternoon to work with them as they plan some exciting events for the year. We look forward to seeing all of the knowledge attained, put into practice.

Over the next couple of weeks, our House and Vice House Captains will present speeches at House meetings and will then be elected by the students and staff. They will be presented with their badge of office at a whole Secondary School Assembly on Thursday, February 21 at 9.00 am. Parents are very welcome to join us.

Study Cafe

The Study Café has now been running for a number of years and many students have since taken advantage of the opportunity to attend on a Wednesday after school to do their homework, study, or obtain some extra help and guidance from staff and senior students. The Study Café will commence Wednesday, Week Two and parents will need to register their interest to attend. If your child is interested in attending, please complete the online registration form giving permission for them to attend. The form can be found on SEQTA Engage under Important Links. We have a cut-off number who can attend and so it would be advisable to register them as soon as possible.


Tutoring by all teachers will once again be offered and you are advised to check the times and days on SEQTA. We encourage all students to avail themselves of the opportunities being offered.

Course Overviews

Course Overviews are also online on SEQTA so that parents can follow the syllabus in each subject and course and see what is being taught each week and when assignments are due. Both Student and Parent can access these.

Diaries for 2019

All Middle School students will be issued with a hard copy diary for them to set new goals for the coming term, to familiarise themselves with important information which is written at the front of the diary, record homework and records of assignment results. There is also a couple of pages of blank absentees notes should parents want to use these when their child is absent.
In addition to this, all Middle School students are asked to print off a copy of their timetable and stick this in their diary and record their goals on SEQTA.

In the Senior School, students do not have a hard copy diary. All important information that has previously been in the diary is now on SEQTA. All staff will be recording what homework/study has been given for their subject area, and both student and parent can access this. This will also happen for Middle School students. It will assist students to know at all times what it is that they need to do before and prepare for the next lesson. Parents are encouraged to check on this as well.

The College Assessment Policy and the ICT Policy can also be accessed through SEQTA. The Acknowledgement Forms for both of these can now be completed and signed on SEQTA.

We have suggested that if students in the Senior School would like to have a hard copy diary that they purchase a cheap one from a retail outlet.

What our College is Providing

As a College, we believe that we offer everything possible for a child to learn, to be successful and prepare them for life after school. The following is an example of what the College provides:

  • All of our staff have expertise in their area of teaching.
  • We offer a variety of courses to study and a very well balanced selection of courses and subjects.
  • The opportunity to select courses to obtain qualifications to fast track to TAFE.
  • Every subject/course is taught from a Biblical perspective.
  • The staff offer tuition in every subject/course.
  • We offer a Study Café for students to do homework/study/research or help from staff and senior students.
  • We offer an Assignment Fast-track programme to assist in assignments being completed on time.
  • We keep a track of how students are progressing and inform parents of any concerns either by SEQTA, email, telephone, their dairy or a performance report.
  • Students have the opportunity of learning many digital technologies and have access to the latest technology in our Media and Technology Centre.
  • Tuition is available for students who would like to learn a musical instrument.
  • Opportunities to perform in College Drama and Musical Productions.
  • Opportunities to be involved in extracurricular Sport, Dance and the College Choir and College Bands.
  • The Year 12’s are offered a supervised Private Study Module.
  • All Year 12’s have a teacher Mentor to walk through their final year with them and provide Counsel.
  • The College offers extensive opportunities for Student Leadership.
  • Staff assist with counselling for their studies, tertiary education and the Chaplain with spiritual counselling and the College Counsellor for emotional counselling.

Reflections 2018 Year Twelve Students

2018 saw our next group of Year 12’s, 57 in all, exit the College and it is important that at the beginning of each year we inform the College community of their overall performance. Mr Innes in his message has mentioned our success from a statistical perspective. The following is some additional information that may be of interest.

The following students have achieved a ranking of 90 or above:
Shalom Kee 96.85
Timothy Higgins 95.00
Ben Jones 92.00
Zi Kang 90.80
Mid – High 80’s
Christopher Hartono, Dani John Cherian, Ben Reid, Caleb Spencer, Dustin Tadawan
The results for Year 12 2018 reflect an enormous amount of dedication from Staff, commitment and hard work from the students and the support over many years from their parents.

It is at a time like this that we like to recognise every teacher and staff member that has played a part be it small or large into the lives of each of these students. This has been a team effort.


As we have mentioned previously there is an unfairness of the statistical reporting of newspapers were they do not report on schools with a course with less than 10 students nor take into consideration the many other programmes that support the academic curriculum offered in a school such as ourselves which assist in preparing young people for life, giving them a good rounded education, building up their confidence and self esteem and providing each with a sense of purpose and a solid set of values. It does not give credence and does not accurately portray levels of improvement and commitment at an individual level.

It is therefore important as a College community to bear in mind that success is not only measured in terms of course grades, rankings and subsequent offers for students to pursue further study or begin a career. It is the students’ success in broader terms as well, in their development as a responsible individual with an intellect and a moral sense which will engage with our complicated world and seek to contribute to its improvement. It is also important that they reflect what our College stands for, for Godly character and principles, values of compassion, respect, quality, courtesy honesty, courage, unity, wisdom and are resilient and know what their purpose in life might be. Students are also involved in Service and Leadership programmes both within the College and the community, establishing the development of skills in leadership and the satisfaction of being of service within and outside the College. It is our prayer that all leave the College having achieved to the best of their ability, come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and will be an influence to all those that come in contact with them in the community.

We congratulate all of the 2018 students on their achievements and thank them for the contribution each has made in so many facets of College life. We wish them well as they prepare and plan for the next important chapter in their lives. A special thank you to the very supportive parents who have worked together with us to ensure their goals were achieved. Also to our very dedicated and competent staff who were there to listen, advise and inspire and whose prayers, care and expertise certainly helped to well prepare each of them for the rigours of further study or entry into the workplace.

Every student is the bearer of great fortune, and it is our responsibility as a College to foster a lifestyle which recognises and acts upon the values of Christian service so that when their time comes to leave, they will be ready to be a “person of influence.”

I look forward to another year where we can continue working in partnership with you and your child to ensure that we honour God in all that we do.

Mrs Helen Balding
Head of Secondary

Community News

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