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Thornlie Christian College Aims

Thornlie Christian College, in its commitment to developing Christian character in its students, aims to:

  • Encourage students to value and appreciate the benefits of a lifelong commitment to learning
  • Assist each student to achieve to his or her full spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social potential
  • Provide a curriculum that teaches students to think as a Christian and develop a Biblical world-view against which life’s issues can be measured
  • Guide students in growing towards Christian maturity and instil in them the principles of Christian living
  • Provide an environment where every student is encouraged to come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Promote self-discipline through goal setting, responsibility and self-motivation and self management
  • Assist in personal development, giving emphasis to those characteristics that are important for meaningful relationships and successful socialisation
  • Emphasise the unique nature of each child as a creation of God
  • Develop an understanding of our relationship with our fellow human beings and an appreciation of the individual student’s place within God’s eternal purpose and plan
  • Provide a range of educational experiences and training allowing each student to discover, develop and balance their personal gifting with academic learning
  • Provide students with access to cutting edge technology
  • Create opportunities for the involvement of parents and community members in the life and activities of the College
  • Integrate local community and career related experiences into the curriculum of our Secondary
  • Teach the principles of leadership, the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, and the Biblical standards required of a Christian leader
  • Assist every student to embrace 21st Century Learning through the development of their analytical, creative, collaborative and problem-solving skills that can be applied across a range of learning and life experiences

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