Uniform Information

At Thornlie Christian College we hold our student uniform in the highest regard. Students are therefore required to purchase their uniform directly from our on campus uniform shop.

It is the desire of the College to honour and bring glory to God. We believe that we can contribute to this in our personal presentation, dress and behaviour. Students wear uniforms to build unity and to identify themselves with the College.  The College uniform also assists with issues of personal safety, peer group pressure, social background and even job preparation, since many workplaces require employees to abide by dress regulations. 

Students are required to wear their uniform to and from the College each day, at College and to all College excursions and functions unless otherwise advised. 

Students are required to wear the complete College uniform without any additions (e.g. non-uniform items, make-up and jewellery) both at College and when in public such as when travelling to and from College or in public places. 

Student uniforms should be in good repair, clean and presentable at all times. (Black leather lace-up school shoes should also be regularly polished.) 

We believe that it is important that parents/guardians support the College in ensuring that their child’s uniform is always complete, clean and worn with pride. This support will allow us to focus on the importance of providing students with a quality education and not spend time dealing with uniform issues. 

More uniform information can be found within The Hub:

Uniform related enquiries can be directed to Robbie via