Senior School

(Years 10-12)

Senior School life is challenging, varied and exciting, providing a variety of new possibilities for our students. The Senior School curriculum builds on the foundation laid by the academic and Interest subject  programmes offered in Middle School. In Years 10, 11 & 12 we fine-tune those skills by offering students a wide range of learning experiences and the support of enthusiastic Christian teachers who are there to listen, advise and inspire.

Our students are encouraged to strive for educational excellence, endeavoring to achieve to the best of their ability and are well prepared for Secondary Graduation and a pathway to University, TAFE or the workforce. The College is recognised for its innovative and flexible programming, providing students with the opportunity to plan and select the ideal direction for achieving their personal goals. By combining a selection of units from accredited Courses and learning strategies from the three distinct pathways – Tertiary Entrance, Vocational and Ministry - a course is structured specifically to suit the strengths and abilities of each student.

Our Senior School students have the positive support of committed teachers in small, focused classes. Our students benefit from the close attention that small classes afford and are well prepared for the rigours of further study at tertiary level, or entry into the workplace. Students also enjoy the pastoral care and support of Form Teachers during these pressure-filled final years of their schooling. In addition to the core  academic studies of English, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities and Health Studies,  the College encourages Senior students to pursue other interests. Programs in Biblical Studies, Sport and Recreation, Hospitality, Creative Industries Media, Information Technology, Materials Design and Technology, Children Community and the Family and the Arts all of which provides a balance to their study programme. Our Senior students are also encouraged to participate in service and leadership functions within the College community, including mentoring younger students, leading College worship, serving as Prefects and Chairpersons of a variety of committees, or serving on the College Student Council. Serving in this way reflects the College ethos, encourages the development of leadership skills and gives students the satisfaction of contributing to the College community.

Senior students at Thornlie Christian College have the full support of a close knit and caring team of staff who are committed to helping them set and achieve their goals and bring this stage of their learning journey to a rewarding conclusion ready to be a person of influence and engage life from a Christian worldview utilising the skills to succeed in their life and calling.

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