Early Learning

(Kindergarten and Pre-Primary)

At Thornlie Christian College, our early learning programs provide children with an excellent start to their educational journey. The Early Learning Centre provides children with a broad-based introductory program, giving them a tremendous introduction to formal learning and the College community, under the direction and care of Christian teachers.

Socialization skills such as sharing, working together, courtesy, honesty and respecting others are reinforced. The curriculum introduces important fundamental Christian values through the sharing of Bible stories and themes. These are reinforced through the learning of scripture songs and memory verses. Children are also encouraged to pray together and for each other during daily devotions.  

In our early learning programs we cater for the diverse learning needs of this age group. The combined program provides our children with the opportunity to be involved in learning activities that are designed to meet their individual learning needs, while offering opportunities for reinforcing and extending learned concepts and skills.  

Parents play an important role in the early learning of their children and are therefore encouraged to participate on a rostered basis in the daily program. This partnership with parents is fostered throughout the College and is important in achieving success for our students.

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